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BMC Infectious Diseases: Travel Risk Behaviours- Tourism Essay Writing Assignment

May 25, 2017
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Question: Travel Risk Behaviours

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Tourism Essay Writing Assignment



Forward planning and preventative measures before travelling can significantly reduce the risk of many vaccine preventable travel-related infectious diseases. Higher education students may be at an increased risk of importing infectious disease as many undertake multiple visits to regions with higher infectious disease endemicity. Little is known about the health behaviours of domestic or international university students, particularly students from low resource countries who travel to high-resource countries for education. This study aimed to assess travel-associated health risks and preventative behaviours in a sample of both domestic and international university students in Australia.


In 2010, a 28 item self-administered online survey was distributed to students enrolled at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Multiple methods of distributing links to the online survey were utilised. The survey examined the international travel history, travel intentions, infection control behaviours and self-reported vaccination history.


A total of 1663 respondents completed the online survey, 22.1% were international students and 83.9% were enrolled at an undergraduate level. Half had travelled internationally in the previous 12 months, with 69% of those travelling only once during that time with no difference in travel from Australia between domestic and international students (p = 0.8). Uptake of pre-travel health advice was low overall with 68% of respondents reporting they had not sought any advice from a health professional prior to their last international trip. Domestic students were more likely to report uptake of a range of preventative travel health measures compared to

international students, including diarrhoeal medication, insect repellent, food avoidance and condoms (P < 0.0001).

Overall, students reported low risk perception of travel threats and a low corresponding concern for these threats.


Our study highlights the need to educate students about the risk associated with travel and improve preventative health-seeking and uptake of precautionary health measures in this highly mobile young adult population. Although immunisation is not an entry requirement to study at Universities in Australia, large tertiary institutions provide an opportunity to engage with young adults on the importance of travel health and provision of vaccines required for travel, including missed childhood vaccines.

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Tourism leads to risk to public safety


The relevance of tourism is increasing very frequently, not only to the developed countries but also to the developing countries. Since past few decades, the relevance has been changed. Now, tourism is leading to risk to public security due to many reasons (Chen & Wilson, 2013).It is becoming a reason of social instability and has a negative impact on public of a particular destination. There are many examples from past that depict tourism as a risk to the society and public safety. Thus, the major aim of this essay is to focus on dark side of tourism in a country and possible consequences of it on society. To analyze, whether tourism leads to risk to public safety an insight of literature would also be taken. To undertake this essay effectively the reasons behind this would be discussed with evidences and examples and after that the claim would be reconfirmed. In this way, the result of thesis with implications would be known.

Background and reasons

This is a bitter truth that tourism is now becoming a great threat to the public safety. There were times when it was a profit making business to local communities residing near the destination as well as to the country but this trend has been changed now. Tourism is now posing risk to the local communities and the public residing near that destination and due to that the credibility of the country is on the stake. The reasons behind this claim are many. In general there are many safety and security issues such as medical tourism, increase in terrorism activities, increase in crime rates, instances of theft and eve teasing with public, usage of drugs, sexual risk due to alcohol, etc (Guilamo-Ramos et al., 2014). These factors have potential to create instability in the society of that particular destination. Of these reasons the most specific reasons that have huge impact on public safety are medical tourism and terrorist activities. Medical tourism refers to the tourists who go to other countries for medical treatments (Heywood et al., 2012).This is a threat to public because there are chances of infections, HIV etc. Due to carelessness of tourists who come for treatments, the chances of infections become substantial and thus local community has to suffer. The other reason is increase in terrorism activities. This is due to the fact that terrorists obtain tourist visa and then they enter into a country and harm people there.

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