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BSBWHS401: Marcadian Case Study - WHS Policies, Procedures and Programs | TAFE Assingment

July 21, 2017
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Question: Implement and Monitor WHS Policies, Procedures and Programs

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In the last few months there have been several workplace health and safety incidents at the Marcadian organisation, in the office, where workers have been injured or in pain. Management have received numerous complaints from staff about a lack of consultation with regards to their computer workstations being uncomfortable to work at and that their hands or arms becoming quite sore at times.

In response, senior management at Marcadian have decided they must increase the workers understanding of WHS issues and address this particular hazard.

You are a supervisor at Marcadian in the office. Your role includes WHS responsibilities for a particular work team. One of your colleagues been unable to use their arm/shoulder and you must fill in an incident report.

The employee has brought in a doctor’s report with the information that the employee’s injury is a result of excessive use of the mouse from overtime the day before, and that employees need to spend more time taking rest breaks, performing ergonomic exercises and varying their work tasks, as per WHS Government recommendations. Other employees have been reporting similar problems during the year.

Fill in the report with you as the witness and reporting officer. Use one of your fellow student’s details as the person who was injured.

Management have asked for your advice with regards to how to address the situation and meet the organisations WHS responsibilities. They have asked you to create a report addressing the following points:

  1. Explain the consultation procedures that you would apply to facilitate participation of the work team in managing the work area hazard. (ie how do you get everyone to participate in managing work area hazards to fix them – explain several different ways.)
  2. Explain how you would promptly deal with issues raised through consultation, according to organisational consultation procedures and WHS legislative and regulatory requirements. (what do you do to fix harzards or whs problems at work)
  3. You decide to hold a staff meeting to consult with the workers with regards to their concerns about the new flooring.

  4. Explain why it is important to consult with workers. (why is it better to work with all the workers to try to fix WHS hazards and problems together)
  5. Explain five different methods you could use to communicate to the work team the outcomes of consultation over WHS issues. For example, will you provide an email with the outcomes? List five different methods and then describe how each of them work.
  6. WHS

    Following the staff meeting an employee sends you an email

  7. Management at Marcadian have asked that you ensure that the ergonomic hazard has been identified and reported correctly according to WHS policies and procedures, and WHS legislative and regulatory requirements.

You discover that there is inadequate risk control and decide to complete the required WHS reports to address this inadequacy. (A risk register needs to be filled in and a Risk plan as well). You also need to know what documents are available from the government in WHS prevention and control ie the Law, Regulation, and any other notes produced.

You will use these completed forms as an example, to both the staff and management, of the types of procedures that need to be followed. Complete the following reports and include with your main report.

  • An incident report (see Marcadian’s example template)
  • A risk report including suitable control measures to address the risk (see Marcadian’s example template)
  • A ‘hierarchy of control’ plan (see Marcadian’s example template)

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Solution: Marcadian Case Study

Answer 1.

Consultation forms a mandatory part that comes under the WHS or the Work Health and Safety Act of 2011. The main aim of this consultation is to make sure that the matters pertaining to health and safety of the workers in an organisation are taken care of. It also deals with execution of risk management plans, coming up with changes in the safety procedures for the welfare of the workers (Stranks, 2010).

The most necessary thing that needs to be done is to make certain that all the workers are aware of the hazards that are present at the work area. Once they have been made aware of the hazards that are present and the impact that these hazards could have on the lives of the workers it could help in making sure that the people of the team who are managing the hazard will work together to solve the problem. Also as per the guidelines that have been mentioned by the WHS it is important to have discussions with the other duty holders who are a part of the organisation so that they have a knowledge of the impending risks, the people who have been effected by the risk in some form, what measures need to be taken and how the duty holders need to work in sync with one another so that the work and health safety of all the workers of the organisation can be improved to have an environment that is safe for them (Stranks, 2006). The following ways can also be implemented to make sure that all the workers in the team are participating for solving the problem:

  • Identification of the hazard
  • Finding a practical solution for it
  • Taking inputs from the duty holders and workers so that they can contribute in the decision making process
  • The outcomes of the solutions should be communicated in an effective manner.
  • Election of a health and safety representative so that the numerous work groups can be made to sort out the issues of health and safety.
  • Establishment of a committee of health and safety the prime concern of the committee is to work along with the workers of the organisation and the organisation to come up with the appropriate safety standards that need to be followed for the well being of the workers.
  • Regular meetings with the representatives
  • Team meetings with the work groups
  • Face to face discussions
  • Training seminars on safety and briefing sessions for all the workers is essential.

There can be more forms of agreed arrangements that can be suggested by the workers that can help in improving consultation that in turn leads to an enhanced decision making process (Spurgeon, Harrington and Cooper, 1997).

Answer 2.

As per the legislations of the Work Health and safety Act it is imperative to identify correctly all the hazards that are present in a work place and also the potential risks that arise from it so that they can be removed completely or controlled. Risk management is thus and essential feature of the WHS act which is mandatory for all organisations irrespective of their size. It includes the following steps to deal with a WHS issue at the work place:

  • Identification of the hazards
  • The seriousness of the hazards
  • What measurements need to be taken to control the hazard?

The process of risk management is composed of assessment of the risks that could arise from the hazards and then the steps that need to be implemented to control the risks so that it is eliminated completely. Also it is crucial to have a periodical checking of all the control measures that have been enforced to make sure if the problem at the work place has been fixed (, 2016). It can also include conducted health and safety checks from time to time, audits with the workers and regular team discussions to be aware of the impending issues.

Answer 3.

Consultation with the workers:

It is better to work with all the workers while trying to fix the WHS hazards and the problems together as the changes that need to be implemented in the organisation are for the welfare of all the workers of the organisation. For instance providing better flooring in the office so that no injuries take place, or having better designed work station to minimise the risk of any muco skeletal injuries, proper drinking water and first aid (Landsbergis, 2003). It is important to have the point of view of the workers while implementing such changes so that the workers are aware of the fact that the organisation takes their concerns in serious manners and also understand the impact that the changes could have on the lack of the facilities for the workers. Consultation with the workers will make sure that the team for implementation of the WHS protocols is in the right direction and all the small issues such as the number of workers, the kind of work that is being carried out and the size of the workplace are all given consideration. By working together with the workers it will make sure that they are aware of the importance of the safety concern of all the employees and how they can all work as a team to change their organisation into a safe environment for their betterment. While making changes consulting with the workers is essential as it has an impact on their health and safety at the work place for example:

  1. While making changes to the shift rosters
  2. The work environment of the organisation
  3. The implementation of new projects.
  4. Buying new equipment for the work place
  5. Restructuring of the business

Development of the procedure needs to be done in sync with the workers as it helps in monitoring the progress of the worker’s health and safety in the organisation along with the appropriate training them on the importance of safety at the work place (Hughes and Ferrett, 2003).

Answer 4.

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