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BUS101: Case Study Report Writing - Business Law Assessment Answers

November 28, 2017
Author : Julia Miles

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Business Law Assignment Help


A good introduction leads the reader from general knowledge into details: by doing so unites the reader’s purpose with that of the writer.

Tip One – write it last. The introduction is a summary of what is contained in the report and you cannot summarise what is in the report until you have finished it.

Tip Two – keep it short – your introduction should be only a few paragraphs long. It is designed to tell the reader what the report covers.

Tip Three – include all the relevant information – the introduction should answer the following questions:

  • Why has the report been written?
  • What is covered in the report? Detail the scope of the report and, if need be, say what is not covered too.

Company Description

These are ideas for headings but you should adapt these to suit your particular company and case study.

Company History

Organisational Structure

Company Mission & Vision Statements

Company Programmes/Activities

Customer Segment

Company Financial Report

Company Audit

Company Legal Structure

Registrations: (Business Name, ABN, company)

Legal Structure: (Sole trader /partnership/company/trust/not for profit/charity etc)

Business Address:

Key Personnel:

Regulatory Framework

Legal Requirements: (Licenses & permits required, regulations, laws)

Insurance Requirements:


Human resource & taxation laws

Evaluation of Company Legal Structure

Not For Profit Status

Facilitating the Mission

Deductible Gifts

Shareholder Report / Accountabilities


1) Recommend actions

This is one of the most common techniques. However, it is frequently combined with one or more of the other techniques listed here.

2) Repeat the major points

The longer and more complicated your report is, the more important it is to conclude by summarizing its major points.

3) Summarize the entire document

Sometimes a report does not break down into major points very conveniently. In this case, you should write a summary to be used as a conclusion.

4) Re-emphasize the importance of the topic

Re-emphasizing the importance of the topic will help to pull the reader out of the “details” of the report and regain a sense of overall perspective.

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Solution:Business Law


The term Business law is crucial to any society. It contains the all possible rules of interaction through which peoples and their businesses can interact. Business Law touches nearly the all-purpose of a business area. The business law is the blueprint of law by which a company deals with its issues and maintain the total business structure. This law can be measured as a part of the civil law and as well as it contracts the all issues of two other laws. The laws are Private law and public law. Business law contains all possible business contracts. Also business law maintain the practices as well as the manufacturing of all the company products. It maintain the total sales of consumer products. Almost all countries can contain the civil codes. The civil codes contains the complete statements which contains the all possible business law. The contracts can be enter into the purchase law to ensure that, the all products of the company are safe and it dispose the plant wastage. A business law also concern for promoting a product and judge its price according to the cost of making. It also provides the warranty of all products. The main part is after sale service which provides in the law customer satisfaction.

The report covered a full description of a company. It contains the entire organizational structure of the business and also the mission and vision statements of the enterprise. All the company programs and activities stated here in the report. The report contains customer segment and shows the full financial report of the enterprise. The company audit will be determined by this report. It also shows the company legal structure.

Company Description

Company Name

Apple Inc.

Company History

The company named Apple Inc. was established by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Apple established in the year 1976 on April 1. At first a common microcomputer board can be decorated and sold to start a small business by the owners (May et al., 2012). The owner can make a microcomputer kit which is called Apple I. This product is the first product of the company. After one year to make the product Apple I, the company Apple was integrated as “Apple Computer Inc.”. At the same year the first commercially popular computer has made by Apple. By containing color graphics and also an open architecture, Apple can beat their rivals. Apple is also for its easy use of products. The company is also efficient for its great features and also expandability (Isaacson, 2011). The graphics user interface of Apple products is more efficient for satisfying a customer and it also reaches the customer demand. The Macintosh is constructed by Apple in 1984. The product contains very advanced graphics on its graphical user interface. On September 7 in 1984 the company Apple introduced a new product named Apple II. It also decorated personal computers. Portable music player, system software, mobile phones can be made by Apple. The company has more than 250 stores in worldwide.

Organizational Structure

The executive structure of Apple is one of the best structure among all successful companies. Organizational structure of a company can be represent the main opportunity for business growth. The structure also visit all the restrictions of a business and concern the development of the business (McClure, 2012). The organizational chart of Apple very efficient with some basic types of business structure.

The crucial Apple management areas are-

  • Marketing

The primary part of the management can be made by Apple.(Apple Advertisement, 2012). The purpose to build the part is mainly introduced to know the main requirements of customers and solve the issues.

  • General Counsel

To check the work of the organizational departments of Apple the general counsel part can be coordinated. IPhone software can be made on this.

In Apple industry iphone is very crucial product. The product can increase the company growth among all management software. The same software can be used in ipad, which is new device of Apple.

  • Industrial Design

Industrial Design is mainly accountable for industrial appearance of the maximum products of Apple. It includes contains the Macintosh computer line of Apple.

  • Device Engineering

Maximum problems can be solved by the device engineering management part of the company management. It can solve the production line of Apple. Some tasks can be managed by some other departments. Such as Software and hardware skill and the tasks on production.

  • Retail

To maintain all the business channel, some fundamental mission can be made by Apple. It contains in the Apple Store.

  • Software Engineering

Software engineering part is mainly introduced to develop an operating system and also some other software of Apple. iWork is a software like that.

Company Mission& Vision Statements

The company is dedicated for carrying personal calculating experience to students and as well as original specialists. The teachers as well as consumers everywhere the world through its groundbreaking hardware and software. (Studying Mission, 2014).

The goal statement of Apple processers enhances a single core value. Apple obviously aim to beat their contestants. Industry changes can make no matters in the industry standards. It mainly provide to send innovative idea to the stakeholders. (O'Grady, 2009)

Company Activities

Apple shall assume specific corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) schemes and agendas,

As approved from time to time called by the Board in its volume as the CSR Committee of the Company,

Within the following CSR categories:

  • Promoting education which contains the crucial education and service.
  • Occupational skills and living improvement projects (Dormehl, 2012).
  • Guaranteeing ecological sustainability.
  • Indorsing gender equivalence and women’s enablement.
  • Refining health care counting preventive healthcare.
  • The involvement of technology incubators located within theoretical establishments which are accepted of India from time to time by central government.
  • So long as tragedy relief under appropriate products in Schedule VII of the CSR Supplies.
  • As long as financial help to trustworthy non-governmental organizations working in Any of the above designated areas.

Customer Segment

There is no particular way to section a market. The dealer has to try diverse segmentation variables alone as well as in grouping that needs to find the finest method to observe the market structure. It summaries the significant variables that is utilized in segmenting customer markets (Gallo, 2012). There are some types of customer segmentation such as demographic segmentation, geographic segmentation, behavioral variables segmentation as well as psychographic segmentation (HTC EUROPE CO. LTD v APPLE INC and APPLE INC v HTC CORPORATION, 2013).

Company Financial Report

The financial report of Apple is based on the recent result. On 26th April, 2016, the company declared their financial consequences for its monetary 2016 second quarter. It finished on 26th March, 2016. The organization forwarded quarterly income of 50.6 million dollar as well as quarterly total income of 10.5 billion dollars. The gross margin of the organization was 38.4 % as compared to 41.8 % in the previous year quarterly. The worldwide sales were justified for sixty-seven percent of the revenue for the quarter (Gent, 2014). Apple has declared that their Board of Directors has sanctioned an increment of fifty billion dollars to the package of the organization for returning the capital to shareholders.

Company Audit

Range of Price of Mutual Stock

The range of price for each share of mutual stock presented below characterizes the lowest as well as the highest sales prices for the mutual stock of the Company on the NASDAQ Global Select Market at every quarter of the two supreme current years.

Fourth Quarter Third Quarter Second Quarter First Quarter
Fiscal 2011 price range per common share

$ 422.86-$327.25

$355.13-$310.50 364.90-$321.31

$ 325.72-$275.00

Fiscal 2010 price range per common share $293.53 - $235.56 $279.01 - $199.25 231.95 - $190.25 $ 209.35- $180.70


According to October14, 2011, there were twenty-eight thousand five hundred forty-three stockholders of record.


The organization did not announce or dividends based on pay cash in either 2010 or 2011. Apple antedates that for the predictable future it will keep any salaries for usage in the procedure of its trade.

The Acquisitions of Equity Safeties by the Issuer as well as Affiliated Buyers



3 years completed

(24th September, 2011)


(In dollars)


(In dollars)


(In dollars)

Cost of Sales 25,584 65,430 40,551
Net Sales 64,221 107,250 43,904
Gross Margin 17,245 45,845 25,641
Expenses on Operation:
Improvement and Research 1,342 2,450 1,780
Administrative, General and Selling 4,150 7,540 5,541
Net Operating Expenses 5,480 10,030 7,543
Income on Operation 11,750 35,750 20,359
Other Expense and Income 350 450 156
Provision for Income Tax 3,850 8,245 4,506
Income prior to provision for income tax 12,054 35,256 19,546
Net Income 8,563 25,956 15,014
Earnings per common share:
Basic 9.50 28.45 16.50
Diluted 9.04 37.56 15.45
Shares utilized in the computer earnings per share:
Basic 895,015 942,580 907,456
Diluted 905,456 936,546 925,758

Shareholder Report / Accountabilities

The board of directors of Apple has declared that a cash payment of 0.52 dollar for each share of the mutual stock of the organization. The dividend is payable on February 11, 2016, to stockholders of record as of the adjacent of company on 8th of February, 2016. The success of Apple is halfway because of its capacity to fulfill partners as well as CSR or Corporate Social Responsibilities. The group of stakeholders force requests that mean Corporate Social Responsibilities. It impacts execution of the firm. Based on the situation of Apple, the shareholders altogether impact the business according to the client observation as well as deals incomes. According to the proceedings with a high approximation of its image, the company adequately signifies partners in its techniques and arrangements.

Company Legal Structure

Regulatory Framework

The regulatory framework consists of information related to tax. It also includes essential regulations and also other significant information such as pertinent laws, rules as well as regulatory frameworks. The regulatory frameworks are vital tools for the business. It is important to Apple because these structures outline the measure of burden new and innovative businesses. It must be conscious of where the company begins for establishing their enterprise.

Not for Profit Status

Apple is not a non-profit organization. The organization does not offer discounts. The non-profit organizations provide the discounts. If anyone wants to buy in quantity, the Apple retail store may do some help to reduce the price otherwise not.


The organization paid eight five million dollars in the income tax of Australia in the last year. Their tax bill is marginally up from the year previously when it remunerated 80.3 million dollars. The organization recorded higher sales when it was under the audit by the Australian Taxation Office (Harnish, 2012).

Deductible Gifts

The company provides a volunteer grant program where it offers grants to non-profits where the employees volunteer on a daily basis. The deductible contributions mean a company serves the customer free of cost during a particular service such as one-year hardware repair coverage of Apple products even after the warranty period.

Facilitating the Mission

Like every company, Apple also facilitates their mission. It means the company facilitates mission by designing the Macs which is one of the best PCs internationally along with the OS X, professional software, iWork as well as iLife. They also facilitate their mission by processing revolution in music with its iPods as well as iTunes online store.

Evaluation of Company Legal Structure

The portion shows the working of the tax structure of Apple. The European Union's declared that the duty bargains allowed to Apple Inc. in Ireland add up to unlawful state. It helps gives an additional window into how large organizations utilize outskirt skipping structures that avoid most corporate wage charge, especially in Europe. It thus paid €205 million for merchandise in 2012, and posted a €18 million misfortune in the wake of staffing and different costs, the recording says. Apple Retail Germany doesn't take the cash. An Apple representative said the organization has not got different treatment and pays all the duty it owes, referring to the organization's rising expense installments.


The overall report is based on the company Apple. In the first portion of the report, an introductory explanation of the company is provided with its mission and vision. The organizational structure with its activities and customer segment are also described. A financial report with the company's audit is also provided. Stakeholder's Report of Apple is also considered in the first portion. Secondly, the legal structure of the company are provided and under it Regulatory Framework, Not for Profit Status Taxation, Deductible Gifts, Facilitating the Mission are provided.

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