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CENTER LINK: Reflection Essay Writing Assessment Answers

January 03, 2017
Author : Julia Miles

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Reflection Essay Writing Assignment Help

write about the visit to the public waiting area of human agency observation and reflection essay including the physical location and layout, available information, and atmosphere and ambience.

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On 1st August 2016, I visited centre link’s public waiting area. Centre link is a community centre located in Woodridge that caters for the local LGBT community. I made observations regarding its physical location, its layout, the information displayed on its various walls as well as its ambience and atmosphere. In this essay, I will discuss those observations.

Centre link is located approximately 150 meters from the train station. This makes it easily accessible for people who do not have the luxury of personal transportation. For people with their own cars, the centre is also easily accessible because it’s only a few minutes of the highway. Further to this, its parking lot can sit approximately 300 cars. The centre has both a staircase and a wheelchair ramp that caters for clients who use wheelchairs.

At the foyer, there is a notice board that contains information regarding the multiple activities that are happening in that particular month. Alongside that are posters that discuss the purpose of the centre in the Woodridge community. I noticed that people constantly went to the notice board for information.

The reception is a brightly coloured airy room that gives the impression of a laid back and welcoming space. The waiting room gives an illusion of space with its large windows and high ceilings. The reception desk is located at the corner and rather than seeming imposing, it has been built in a way that makes it seem approachable.

The waiting area is filled with large cosy chairs and magazines are strewn on large coffee tables. These chairs further enhance the welcoming atmosphere that one feels when they enter the reception area. Further to this, soft music plays in the background, and occasionally one will hear announcements being over the music.

The reception walls are filled with posters that illustrate and discuss the various services they offer. This information is also conveyed by the different artwork that has been placed in different corners of the room. All the posters and artwork seem to be passing on a message of freedom and acceptance for all.

This information is also available in the brochures that are on the tables and at the reception. These brochures contain information regarding Centre link’s purpose, their core objectives and their core values. Further to this, the brochures offer information regarding the various activities that are available for people who want to join the centre and the contact information of the different departments in the centre. However, their internet presence is minimal; it is difficult to get accurate information regarding their activities and working hours online.

All employees of Centre link sports Navy Blue polo shirts. These shirts have the logo emblazoned on and clearly distinguish them from the clientele. Further to this, they all wear identification badges that clearly state the names of the employee and their designation. For instance, the people who work at the reception are clearly identifiable.

In addition to reception, there are other rooms where people go for further assistance. When a person wants to see a counsellor, they are led to a back room where they are able to seek help in private. These rooms offer privacy and confidentiality for all the people who visit Centre link. The waiting rooms all use natural lighting during the day. This is because the windows are all large, and the room has high ceilings. The walls are also painted with bright colours which further enhance the natural lighting. Due to these windows being open, the room’s temperatures are average. It is never too cold or hot. On the day of my visit, the centre was very busy. I arrived at 11.30, and there were approximately 30 people sitting in the waiting area at that time. Every five minutes one of the waiting persons would get called into a counsellor’s office, and they would leave before 10 minutes were over. Overall, the service seemed to be brisk and efficient because by the time I left the centre an hour later, the people I had found sited had reduced marginally.

I found the general atmosphere of the centre to be welcoming. It seemed like a warm place and the people there served the clients with a smile. There was a feeling of calmness that was further enhanced by the soft soothing music that was being played through the different speakers in the room. Seeing all this, I now understood why Centre link was the most preferred community centres by the LGBT community in Woodridge.

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