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CHCINF403E: Co-ordinate Information System- Research Report Assignment Solution

June 18, 2017
Author : Kristy

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Question:Co-ordinate Information System Report

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Research Report Assignment

This project is divided into two parts

Part One

You are to undertake research and develop recommendations to present in a report. The report must be word processed and may include: tables, charts or images that support your recommendations. Your report should be between 800-1200 words.

Read the following scenario and criteria carefully prior to completing part one of this project.


You are a team leader at a new low care facility that provides support to elderly clients. The

government has just released extensive funding for the aged care sector and the owner of the

facility has requested the money be used to establish a Specific Diversional Therapy section and

has given you the primary responsibility for investigating the operation and making

recommendations for how it could be implemented.

Address the following criteria:

  1. Introduce the organization, the purpose of the program, the proposal and your audience
  2. How will this benefit the clients, relatives, care takers and staff
  3. What support will you get from the organization and infrastructure
  4. Address privacy and confidentiality, access and equity issues
  5. Do you have trained staff?
  6. Outline the plan and how it will be implemented – timeframe
  7. How and what information will be given to and received from clients, families and care takers
  8. Part Two

    Read the following scenario and instructions carefully prior to completing part two of this project.


    You have recently been appointed as a member of the OH&S committee at your workplace.

    There have been several outbreaks of gastroenteritis in one section of the facility in the past few weeks. You have observed the infection control measures and noticed that some of the most recently appointed members of staff are not wearing their PPE or washing hands between client’s personal care.

    • Prepare a report including recommendations and proposals that you could present to the next committee meeting. Your report should be between 800-1200 words.

    Prepare a report including recommendations and proposals that you could present to the next committee meeting. Your report should be between 800-1200 words.

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Introduction to the concern

The concern of acquiring infection by the employees at XYZ medical setting is one of the highlighted issues in recent months. In particular, the incidence related to gastroenteritis among workers has increased by virtue of risk factors at the workplace. The scope of present report is based on identified factors that are integral to the work procedure and are responsible for generating risk for contracting infectious disease. Additionally, the control measures are also not found to be adequate, that results in increased health burden to workers, reduction of productivity, and negligence in the measures by occupational health and safety program (Massoni, Ricci & Ricci, 2014).

Observed factor that prevail the risk for gastroenteritis

The scope of work practice at XYZ medical setting is found to acquire outbreak for gastroenteritis. The reason is lacking training modules, efficient and safe work practices, and lack of awareness among the employees. Discussions of identified issues in this context are made in the present section.

Lack of training: The administrative committee is found to be negligent for the training of

newly recruited employees. For safe and efficient practices at the workplace, there must be a proper training schedule that ensures safe and proactive measures during routine work procedure (Laws, St George, King & Rissel, 2013).

Lack of monitoring for efficient work procedure: The requirement of safe and healthy work practice must include proper measures such as use of personal protective equipment, washing hands between the client personal care, checking the hygienic condition of food, quality inspection of consumable water, and other related measure that are directly linked with health concern (Laws, St George, King & Rissel, 2013). In addition to these monitoring schedules, there is also evidence of lack of record maintenance for the safe work practices.

Inadequate measures for education session: Prevention measure with the educational session

is pre-requisite for reducing the health burden at the workplace. The scope of such session should be indicative towards prevention of transmission of infection diseases, reporting of the incidents, first aid measures, the control strategy for further transmission, early detection of concerned risk, monitoring framework, and future implementation scope for health restoration and management at the workplace (Walsh, 2012).

Recommendation relevant to the present work practice

Based on the mentioned faulty work procedure as well as irregularities in maintaining the guidelines determined by OH&S Committee, the outbreak of gastroenteritis is believed to occur at XYZ medical setting. With reference to these complications, the committee has committed to implement certain measures for the objective to maintain good health condition and safe environment at the workplace.

Framing and evaluating infection prevention and control program (Walsh, 2012; Laws, St George, King & Rissel, 2013):

  • Assigning responsibilities to officials that can ascertain the role of planning and management for the infection control program at XYZ medical setting.
  • Identification of risk associated with the working procedure and performing an assessment for same that in turn can ensure appropriate health management at the workplace.
  • Determine exposure control plan as per the OH&S guidelines with the intention of controlling hazardous chemical, pathogen, accidental risk, and related complication that are probable to arise based on routine work practice.
  • Implementing education and training modules for newly recruited employees. The scope should also include regular employees for frequent evaluation and safe practices.
  • Health protection measure such as using personal protective equipment, washing hand, quality inspection for food and water, maintaining clean and hygienic condition, and other related issues.
  • Maintain the record that should be reflective towards training schedule, monitoring, and evaluation paradigm for the health management at the workplace.
  • Timely assessment of the control program, with the identification of entire issues related to health and safety of employees.

For the responsibility concern, the managers need to identify all the job types and concerned risk of exposure to the viral source should be determined (adenovirus, rotaviruses such as norovirus and sapovirus are responsible for gastroenteritis). The optimum procedure of risk identification and assessment need to be followed, such as for equipment, cleaning, optimum work procedure, food and hygienic factors. The implementation of adequate working

procedure should be completed in conjunction with written documents (Laws, St George, King & Rissel, 2013).

The record for the related procedure, maintenance, training, and evaluation framework need to be maintained and are subjective for future evaluation purpose. These records and written documents are necessary to maintain based on compliance and/or non-compliance format. The managers of the prevention and control program are also requisite to consult with the joint OH&S committee that are scheduled for the infection prevention and control objective at XYZ medical settings. For the present outburst condition, the meeting as detailed in the recommendation plan must be fixed at monthly basis. Subsequently, the meeting and discussion related to prevention and control plans can be held at twice or once a year, based on the record evaluation (Rothmore & Boucaut, 2015).

Proposal to control and prevent further health risk of gastroenteritis

Point 1: the Immediate framing of managers and team for the responsibility sharing of task related to health monitoring, work procedure monitoring, screening of employee’ health status, and reporting, at XYZ medical setting is requisite.

Point 2: The discussion scope with joint OH&S committee must review following objectives (Rothmore & Boucaut, 2015):

  • Ensuring safe and optimum work procedure.
  • Evaluation of record maintenance procedure and timely implementation.
  • Ensuring education and training framework, against pathogen responsible for gastroenteritis. Likewise, other pathogenic and chemical hazard consideration should also be included within this scope.
  • Consulting with the joint OH&S committee, related to prevention, control, implementation, and identified challenges.
  • Timely reporting of all the infectious, incidence cases, and their corresponding control measures to the joint OH&S committee.

Point 3: Safety concern for the employees

Following planning and implementation measures are requisite to be followed by the employees at workplace (Rothmore & Boucaut, 2015):

  • Following safe and healthy practices in the workplace for the prevention, control and minimization of exposure to the infectious disease.
  • Proper and mandatory usage of personal protective equipment as per the instruction.
  • Participation in the training and education program for safety and efficacy towards health concern.
  • Strictly following the response procedure and cleaning measure at the workplace.
  • Reporting all the incidence, medical reports, and infection cases to the employer.
  • Following the specifications (for both pre- and post-exposure condition).
  • Preparedness to obtain first aid and relevant medical treatment to prevent infection and/or to achieve symptomatic relief against the infection.

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