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CMNS1000: Digital Communication - Faculty of Science and IT - Website Analysis Assessment Answer

December 31, 2018
Author : Andy Johnson

Solution Code: 1ADCH

Question: Faculty of Science and IT - Website Analysis Report

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Assignment Task

What are you doing?

You will choose two WordPress blog sites that belong to professionals in your discipline* or major** area and will be allocated one web site from a fellow student. You are to write a 1500 word report analysing the sites using narrative theory and design principles.

During tutorials in Week 6, students will be allocated a fellow student’s blog site to include in this assessment task.

Students will have the opportunity to discuss their chosen professional websites with their tutor in class in Week 6. Time will be allocated in Week 6 tutorials to discuss and approve each student’s choice.

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Websites play a significant role in enhancing online communications between producers and their customers. Clients can understand the company and the nature of their products by visiting particular sites. A good website is one that is user-friendly with all the information readily available and understandable. By having a glance at a company web, one should get the necessary information about the products they are interested in without a struggle. The more a website is organised, the easier the access to information. It is important that the information is managed so that, the users are engaged in the content rather than just reading and listening to the sources (Woods, 2014). The essay analyses two websites; “5 hot new ways to use JavaScript” and “supercharge SVG animations with GSAP,” compares them to determine how the authors have effectively utilised the principles of effective web-based communication and the narrative theory to present an idea. Considering the two approaches, the analysis aims at proving that “supercharge SVG animations with GSAP” is a better site as compared to the “5 hot ways to use JavaScript”.


A comparative study of the two sites brings out the similarities and the differences as seen by the content organisation. Considering that a narrative gives a personal perspective of the environment, it allows one to see things from diverse points of view more so visually and emotionally. The narrative theory provides an analysis of the content as provided in a website as perceived by the author, whereas the principles of effective web-based communication enable one to understand better the effectiveness of a website in presenting its content to the user. A well-designed website utilises the elements of web-based communications that include spacing, navigation, clarity, consistency, precedence, typography, usability, alignment and design to build(Woods, 2014).The aspects determine the perspective of the readers that in turn shapes that of the website. An analysis of the two sites provides diverse outcomes as below.


The better website, “supercharge SVG animations with GSAP”, as designed and presented by Sara Soueidan, with the core information being a highlight on how to use the GreenSock to make an animated SVG banner. The first picture on the website emphasises that indeed the information provided are tutorials for making animations as the image shows a book titled ‘step by step training’, also, beside the book are gadgets with screens displaying the animations to be created. The first glance on the website informs the user of the content, hence creating interest to proceed. The picture is eye-catching and acts as a logo allowing the user quickly know what the site is up to. The title is written clearly with easily visible font thereby providing a clear navigation and an attractive environment on the site.

Scrolling through the website, it is evident that pictures are enormously used before explanations are made hence maintaining the interest of the reader and aiding in better understanding. In addition to the images, are thumbnails, and icons, pictures being the supportive features, the white background used acts as a basis for comparison and hence the attention of the reader is maintained as they scroll through the page. The pictures used creates an interest to learn more about the animation design process, thereby making the reader read the accompanying literature for more information. The paragraphs are short and easily understandable thus loss of concentration is avoided. Consistency is maintainedon the website; after a picture, there is an explanation accompanying it. In addition to the photos, the author engages the user on the internet site by providing sample codes for simple animations, with the resulting animations shown in the form of images. The scenario forces the user to try on the functionality of the systems and hence engaging in the activities of the author. Participating in the design process helps, the reader understand the content better as intended by the author. By employing the various aspects of web design, the author manages to bring out quality as perceived by the user, and in appreciation of the techniques, it is eventually the better website.

On the other hand, the wronginternet site, “5 hot ways to use JavaScript”, is designed and run by Sergio Cruz has also used pictures and explanations to attract the user. The first picture that welcomes one to the site is more exaggerated with many excessive colouring and items. The title in itself is not appealing despite creating curiosity on the reader to know more as highlighted. The picture acts as a logo, guiding the user of what information is presented on the site. The title talks of applications of JavaScript and yet the picture simply shows the product that has no common connection with the coding language. By someone looking at a functioning robot, it is hard to confirm on the type of code running in the system. There is inconsistency in the content as presented by the author; some of the explanations have images to emphasise on an application whereas others are just in literature form only.

The site appears as simple to understand but on the other hand, it is shallow in content leaving one with many questions to ask. Also, the site does not engage the reader in the content, leaving them to be just readers. The situation makes one lose interest in the information and thereby failure on the part of the author to attract the attention of the audience. The combination of colours used by the author makes the website blunt; an example is the first picture that has many bright colours over a black background. The lack of graphics to simulate physical gratification, the users gets discouraged from getting the information due to the website being too wordy. The fact that users do not read information, but rather a scan, makes the web design a failure. Basing on the principles of web-based design, the website fails to provide effective communication to its users.


After looking into the two websites analytically, it is agreeable that the images used before each explanation in the “supercharge SVG animations with GSAP,” forms the main attraction of the site and presents the information creating interest as intended by the author. Considering the standards for usability of websites where users are mostly impatient hence requiring instant gratification, thereby looking for easily identifiable points leading them to the main ideas. The organisation of the information is thususer-friendly.

In contrast, “5 hot ways to use JavaScript”, is less user-friendly with the information being wordieras compared to “supercharge SVG animations with GSAP”, and hence requiring the user to spend more time getting the content and in turn losing interest. With the clearly presented information, Sara Soueidan can attract the interest of all groups of people including non-software developers due to the following explanations and guidelines on the creation of animations. Despite the works by Sergio Cruz would have attracted the interest of a bigger audience due to the information being based on a final product, his method of presentation fails due to excessive wordiness. The best approach towards a better performance would be to use more pictures and animations. In the two websites, the creators have provided for means of engagement with the public. Most of the contact channels provided are through the social media and thereby giving the users easier methods of presenting their views. Both of them have comment sections after each of their posts, thus allowing for immediate feedback about a particular topic and based on the response, they can quickly note on the effectiveness of their modes of presentations. Finally, the information presented by Cruz is too shallow raising concerns on the purpose of the information and the authenticity as compared to that of Sara who is more elaborative and straightforward in the presentation.


An examination of a particular website should not be more focused on the content of the site, but rather on the experiences delivered by the site; the design of the site should thereby be the focus. The specific characteristics forming the websiteneed to be singled out and analysed independently hence the balance between the elements of effective web-based communication as well as the narrative perspective of the article is considered for a conclusion to be made. Looking into all the aspects of website design, the essay concludes that accomplished the requirements, making it the better of the two. Also, websites sometimes have insightful knowledge that is needed in the current digital age hence demanding an accorded organisation with proper content management so that the users can appreciate the information and use them as intended by the user. The design of a website is thereby a core determinant of the success of communication between the source and the user.

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