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COIT11226 - Information system - System Analysis and Design Assessment Answer

November 26, 2018
Author : Celina

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Question: Marketing Case Study

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COIT11226 - Information system Assignment


  • Explain your choice of the 3 most useful investigation techniques that you have used to investigate the new automated information system, TNS and the reasons for choosing them.
  • After you have analysed your collected information from TNS, produce the following UML diagrams for TNS as the specifications for a new automated information system, Tracksuit-N-Sportwear Information System (TNSIS).

Note that when developing each diagram, you may make some assumptions which will affect the results of your presented modelling diagram. For examples,

  • When analysing an organization’s business processes, there are usually some issues which need to be clarified before you can proceed, particularly when the issues affect the way you developed your models.
  • In practice you would simply ask the users. In this case you should make reasonable assumptions of what you believe the users would advise you and list those assumptions here

Right after a presented diagram, explain each diagram to your readers and your assumptions made in modelling it.

Please check that no task is missed out in the reporting document and it is a well written reporting document of analysis clearly free from content errors and linguistic errors before making your Assessment 2 online submission.

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Solution:COIT11226 - System Analysis and Design Assessment


In an automated information system, the investigation techniques for the system user requirements play an important and vital role, as an irrelevant data collection for the system analysis may lead to the last prompt that gives the invalid result which may affect the aftereffects of the information system. The techniques used for the data collection to investigate may change along a continuum effect the assessment. We are going to discuss in the task 1 about the three most useful and effective investigation approaches for assessing the user’s needs for the new automated system. Questionnaires or surveys, direct observations or User observations, interviews and reports for data collected for the information system are included in the methods of investigation for the system development needs from the users.

These important investigation techniques are used to specifically investigate what actually the users of the new developed system want in the system like what exactly requirements they required to be in the new automated information system for the Tracksuits-N- Sportswear Corporation. On the other hand, we also analyze that when there is the exact requirement of the information size and the kind of Taskforce, the registrations are executed. We studied about the UML models for the automated system for the information management in Tracksuits-N- Sportswear Inc. The variables that enumerators can gather in corporate discover, exertion, vessel/gears, operations, ecological variables, organic variables, the qualities and amounts of arrivals and deals or sales and various other activities like general ledger, account payable or receivable.



The questionnaires in the new information system are reviewed for customers and the new customers. Questionnaires are used in the organization Tracksuits-N- Sportswear Inc. to gather the routine information and also the specific information used in the organization standards. Whereas the information used in this segment is applied to every new customer and it will generally concentrate on the routine information that is being used in the organization. In this segment also the information related to the demographic qualities is incorporated to ask from the newcomers, it may include the general data being used by the fisheries including the concern for the family unit. Questionnaires have limitations as compared with interviews, in part because of their requisite simplicity (KENNETH E. KENDALL, 2010).


The interview is the principal technique for system data gathering throughout the systems analysis stages of a system development task. It is an expertise which should be understood by each system analyst. The interviewing abilities of the analyst regulate what info is gathered, and the depth and quality of that user’s information. Observation, Interviewing, and investigation are the chief tools of the specialist.

The interview is a detailed method of conference or meeting, and is typically restricted to two persons, the interviewee and the interviewer. In special situations there might be more than individual investigator or more than one examinee in presence. In these circumstances there must still be only single primary investigator and one major interviewee (KENNETH E. KENDALL, 2010).

Interviewing the users requires considerable skill and preparation. Interviews are a very rich but costly and time-consuming communication channel. This investigation technique is beneficial for the system analyst of the automated information system for the Tracksuits-N- Sportswear Inc. to work according to the pre-requisites that the corporation want to adopt for the efficiency and performance in terms of revenue and employee satisfaction. Since, the new system is automated and lessen the demand for the paper work so interviewing such aspects to investigate the employee’s demands helps us to implement and deploy the new system (Edwards, 1993).

The method of collecting the important data using the Interviews as a specific methodology is done with the help of request and data recording using the enumerators. For this purpose, the project manager needs to conduct specific meetings which are implemented and executed by the use of overview collective frames either with the assistance of open meetings or by composing data on the paper as notes during the conversation with the respondents taking part in the process. These collected data notes are further filtered and make them organized in a better way using further investigation and research on them. Interviews like open-minded interviews which must be broken down and interpreted in-between the meetings should be finished by the expert use of well-prepared enumerators or/and onlookers respectively (Sharma, n.d.).


The direct investigation techniques of questionnaires or interviewing offer valued user feedback founded on the questions examined of them; but, there are periods when straight observation might be better matched in user’s system requirement congregation. To accomplish a decent knowledge of system user in their in current workplace, the investigator may watch the client themselves. Client perception is useful in helping the expert by getting a full handle of how the client communicates with the framework, firsthand. At the point when the goal is to enhance an errand, the investigator can watch the client and how their environment influence their connection with the framework. Some of the time partners may think that it’s troublesome in clarifying what precisely what their errands comprises of and what their prerequisites might watch, the client in cases like these will give the necessities. User observation might also be valuable in authenticating statistics that had been earlier collected. Remain it in circumstances where users deliver misleading evidence, or cannot completely recall all of their responsibilities in how they utilize the system.


case diagram


class diagram


activity diagram




There are several different investigation techniques in requirement investigation process; all will have disadvantages as well as advantages. Time and Cost demonstrated to be the two supreme important aspects when determining which technique was to be cast-off. Numerous techniques were utilized in complement of each other. System user observation was trailed by questionnaires, interviewing, or investigating system requirement documents. We have discussed different useful approaches for the assignment that we have used while implementing our project. The technique in gathering and investigating the user’s system requirements might vary dependent on the condition and constrictions, but utilizing the different techniques to complement each other will support in achieving whole requirements (KENNETH E. KENDALL, 2010). We have explained the different form of diagrams and their related assumptions. The analysis of the a new automated information system, “Tracksuit-N-Sportwear Information System (TNSIS)” is modelled successfully using the diagrams that includes, state activity diagram, Use Case model, domain model diagram, and sequence diagram.

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