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Common Business Communication Problems - Literature Review Assignment Help

December 31, 2017
Author : Julia Miles

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Solution:Common Business Communication Problems

  • Introduction

Effective Communication acts as lifeblood for any business, irrespective of its size, form or type. There are a lot of situations which are caused by communication issues, which arises due to ineffective use of communication techniques.

Poor communication is the main foundation of different kinds of confusion, misunderstanding, conflicts, loss of trust among employees, reduced team activities etc. For a business to grow it is important that management practices effective communication techniques, channels and process.

An organization needs to develop a workforce that understands and practices proper communication channel, either written or verbal. For output to increase, mistakes to decrease, and business to run smoother workplace diversity should be managed through good communication skills. Nurturing affirmative associations helps employees to know and value their role as a team and boosts their morale to work effectively in a global market environment.

It has been identified that various academic educators as well as business managers have discussed the importance of Business communication, especially in a workplace. The aim was to identify, learn, develop and validate basics, strategies and skills of effective business communication. There is an urgent need for change for organizations. Thus for organizations to create a workplace environment, which can deal with with the rapid change process is a major challenge. In this report, the reference source has been analyzed for common business communication problems.

  1. Determining what has been written on a topic

In one of the journal article author has argued that communication can be used as a strategic tool in the overall change process. For an organization, to be successful in the change management process is through establishing and practicing good information and communication strategies (Christensen M 2014). The authors line of though involves, evaluation of current practices to determines the gaps as well as steps needed for improvement. This evaluation can be done through auditing the current communication.

The second research article points out the importance of critical thinking skills for an organization. According to Melinda Knight, managers have realized the importance of critical thinking for example a hiring manager in talent search. Marisa Taylor a Wall street Journal reporter also argued that critical thinking skill which is vital for any organization lacks in employees (Knight M 2014). Thus the journal article aims to finding ways to teach critical thinking for a business communication.

The author of the third study Dwyer J has discusses the various factors of business communication. The importance of intercultural communication, the cultural differences in an organizations needs to be taken into consideration, importance of non-verbal, listening and effective feedback skills, importance of oral business presentations, communication through and use of visuals for maximum impact, business writing and its process, long reports and academic writings, various levels of business meetings with the use of electronic media and important employment communications like finding, applying and interviewing (Dwyer J 2008). The fourth article discusses the complexity of a business environment, adaption and selection of words, basis of report writing, business research methods, cross- cultural correctness etc (Lesikar R & Flatley M 2004).

  1. Overview of the key concepts from the sources

The key concept of all the research is to identify, advance and define the communication content. The reality and views of these tools, and how effectively it can be used to accept change, assist in critical thinking and eliminate problems. Efficient business communication can be used to as a problem solving technique, formal and informal networks of communications.

The first study was conducted to find out the barriers to improvement. With the growing global competition there is an immediate need for organizations to change every day. These changes involves challenges, identifying and taking measure to overcome these challenges while implementing the changes is a successful approach method for any organization.

The second article focuses on the importance and finding out way of teaching critical thinking. According to the author, critical thinking needs to be consistently integrated all through the business model, also selecting an available and easy model of critical thinking and clearly defining it can help in successful implementation of critical thinking, among students and employees. The second and third method here suggests oral exams and impromptu speaking assignments for students. The fourth method discusses an unexplored area of business i.e. analyzing termination documentation in four part process. Types of assignment, delivery mode, topics covered and determining the ideal size of the class.

The third article addresses the new generation media skills that are expected from an employee. By linking realistic skills and practices the author has presented comprehensive communication strategies.

The fourth article presents the communication factors, importance of fostering positive relationships, leading and managing people and importance of critical thinking etc. Unlike other authors the author Lesikar R & Flatley M argues that the factors impacting communication are Nature, size and complexity of the business, environment of the industry, Geographic dispersion and organizations culture.

  1. Identify major relationships or patterns

All the articles presented follows similar pattern and arguments of strategies and skill of communication. The strategies needed for the change process, critical thinking in business or in basic organizational communication In the first article the authors presents factors like organizational communication, change, measurement and validation of these changes. It focuses on how effective communication can be used as a strategic tool in the whole change process.

According to the author (Christensen M 2014), diagnosing, measuring and analyzing the quality of communication being followed in an organization, is an important communication practice. Several communication auditing instruments has been developed on the basis of this idea. Some of the known validating instruments which have been used recently is Communication satisfaction questionnaire. It focuses on employee’s communication and job satisfaction. Communication Audit survey also know as International communication Association (ICA) audit survey (Christensen M 2014).

Knight on the other hand has discussed that it is of universal agreement that critical thinking is essential for survival of any business. According to one of the survey a blend of critical thinking, ability to think independently and problem solving skills are the 3 major skills which need to be improved right from the college graduates to employees. The article presents ways to implement critical thinking and not analyzing the communication being practiced.

Judith Dwyer on the other hand presented a comprehensive method to understand communication and its principle and the ways to apply them in business environment. The author also presents the importance of critical thinking, arguments, logics and opinion and how it impacts others change thoughts and act. (Dwyer J 2008). Like the other above mentioned studies Dwyer too has explained the importance of critical thinking in an academic work.

  1. Identify strengths and weaknesses

As stated earlier use of strategies, skills and critical thinking for effective communication is an important factor for any organization. Though the application of various auditing methods for proper use and flow of communication through various channels is essential. Some of the strengths and weaknesses of communications has been identified. A communicator can evaluate the audience on various factors like mood, level, context and situation etc. Also apart from evaluating the audience a communicator can also evaluate all the possible channels available and identify the best suitable medium. This further helps in minimizing common problems of communication thereby successful delivery of the information to the intended audience.

Weakness in communication is to passably consider the needs of the audience. Not analyzing the need may lead to problems like information overflow, lose of important points etc. Also effective communication depends not only on proper flow or correct channels, it is also affected by physical distractions and language used.

Thus it is essential for any business managers to smartly encourage the communication strengths by practicing good communication skills, use of language that audience can understand, avoiding jargons, slogans, short cuts and confusing expressions etc. It is also important to encourage a culture of listening to audience for questions and confusions, feedbacks and assurance that the intended information has been successfully understood.

  1. Identify any gaps in the research

Organizational change is an ongoing process, it is not inert in character. It develops, update and fluctuate with time. Thus different scenarios have different impact on employees during different phase of communication change process. Though there are various instruments for measuring but none of them has been used for more than once in any organization. Moreover it is important that the organizational change process is followed overtime in an organization. The replication of the research study needs to be practiced and is recommended. It is also clear that it is impossible to measure the beginning and end of changes process in an organization. Also it would be of great importance but at the same time difficult to involve the same set of employees during the study of change process.

  • Conclusion

The review literature presents the critical role of business communication in a good workplace environment. Even though there are already good sets of instruments available to measure the communications change process. These instruments are diverse in nature and does not exclusively relay to measuring the change process. Communication is knotted with organizational activities and its importance goes beyond change factors. The studies presented will provide students with different tools that can be used to navigate through the complex business environment. Both academic and business oriented examples and theories will help students and employees, to get ahead of the curve of growing workplace communication importance.

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