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Critical Essay And Plagiarism Reflection - Critical - Essay Assessment Answer

November 10, 2018
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question:Critical Essay And Plagiarism Reflection

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Critical Essay And Plagiarism Reflection Assignment

Assignment Task


Choose one of the topics in the attached Word document, read the four readings on the topic, and write a 1000 word critical essay on the topic. The word "critical" does not mean to simply criticise in a negative manner, but rather it is your ability to question the information and opinions in a text and objectively evaluate the text. This means that you weigh the coherence of each reading, the completeness of its data or facts presented, the consistency of its argument, appraise any bias, and so on, before you accept or reject the ideas expressed in the text.

Briefly state your position on the topic and why the issue is important. Identify or list the main arguments or ideas to be discussed in the essay in the order in which they will appear. Consider these tips while writing your essay:

  • The critical essay is informative. It is not simply a summary of the content of the readings. In this kind of writing, all claims made about the topic or issue need to be supported with evidence.
  • The difference between your opinion and facts is simple - it does not matter what you believe about the topic or issue; what matters is what you can prove about it, drawing upon evidence found in the readings.
  • Criticism does not mean attacking the readings or the authors; it simply means you are thinking critically about it, exploring it, and discussing your findings.
  • The tone is objective and serious.
  • Key terms and concepts should be explained or defined.
  • Be specific about the points you are making and back up those points with evidence that is credible and appropriate.
  • It is not necessary to cover all points. Focus your discussion on the major ideas and develop them well.
  • Be sure your discussion is clearly organised. Each paragraph should support the main idea and logically flow. Within each paragraph, sentences should be connected to one another.
  • Ensure your essay is free of mechanical and stylistic errors.
  • Make sure you reference throughout your essay and at the end in a reference list (on a separate page) in alphabetical order using APA 6thedition.The reference list at the end does not contribute to the word count.


Once you have completed your final draft ofyour essay, submit it throughPlagiarismat least 24 - 48 hours hours before it is due. Then, once your Originality Report has been generated (this can take up to an hour or more if it is your first submission and 24 hours if it is your second or subsequent submission),write a200 word reflectionon your experience of usingPlagiarismto submit your assessment.Include an interpretation of the score you received and identify any issues in your Originality Report. Explain howyou addressed these issues in your assignment. Include your view of the benefits and challenges of usingPlagiarismto submit assessments at university.This reflection is written on a separate pageafter your reference list at the end of your essay. Since this is about you reflecting on your experience of usingPlagiarism, you can use personal pronouns, such as 'I'. However, you still must use correct grammar and punctuation (e.g. do not use contractions, such as 'can't').

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Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing

In past few years social media marketing has came out to be the most dominant tool for marketing. These days a substantial number of individuals have an access to internet and maximum of them are using some sort of social media platform to get connected with the world. With the advent of social media it has became very easy for the companies to market their products and reach huge customer base without much efforts. On one side where maximum companies are taking benefits of this, there is another side where a number of researchers are questioning the relevance of social media marketing for companies. In this way there are a number of advantages as well as disadvantages of social media marketing. The literature presents a number of facts and figures on the usage of social media marketing and the impacts of this on companies.

Social media marketing is a strong tool of marketing in front of companies and it is very useful in increasing the brand awareness (Monica & Bala?, 2014). This research suggested that a company can’t afford to be absent on a platform where it can get millions of potential customers for its products. This is indeed a fact that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have millions of customers and a company can launch a campaign on social media to create the awareness for brands. This is the most significant advantage of the social media platforms. A company can get large number of customers here and social media marketing is a cheaper option than that of other sources of marketing. Thus, a company can save time, cost and efforts by using social media marketing. But this is now getting questioned. The companies that are focusing on social media marketing are required to hire experts who are proficient in handling these platforms otherwise the results can be fatal for the company. This research also argues that Facebook has been able to arrive in poor countries as well and in African continent there are over 100 million active Facebook users and this is why the companies shall use Facebook to target customers. But the point here is that these poor customers may get aware about a product but there are fewer chances on them buying this product. So, ultimately the objective of the companies will not be fulfilled.

In this series a research attempted to establish whether social media marketing is a necessity of the companies or it is a myth (Whiting & Deshpande, 2014). There are several opponents and several proponents of the social media marketing. There are many companies who have successfully used social media marketing and gained popularity and huge market share. These companies include Lays, Starbucks, Google, Coca-cola, etc. But at the same time there are various companies that ended up losing their image in the market by using social media marketing. There are many companies who used aggressive social media marketing and that brought them various disadvantages. It is important for the companies to use social media marketing with great care. If they will use it in a reasonable manner with care then there are chances of getting success in it otherwise it may deteriorate the image of the company forever. Social media marketing can only be valuable if the companies will not get aggressive over there. Many companies such as Blackberry, Bic, Seattle Seahawks, etc. have failed to use social media marketing in a productive manner. It was disadvantageous for them because of negative publicly on social media about their products. The major pint to be noticed here is that when companies get benefits from social media they also face various consequences because people share their reviews on social media and one negative review is worth 100 positive reviews. This is why it is argued that companies need to take great care.

Social media marketing is majorly advantageous when the target market is youth. This is because of the reason that youth are connected with internet more than any other age group and it is easy for companies to influence them. A similar study in Egypt on fast food marketing on Facebook and its effects on youth suggests that advertising on Facebook is able to capture huge market and the sales of companies also increased due to that (Gaber, Rasheed, & Wright, 2014). But the point here is that the target customers of fast food is not only youth but various other age groups as well. In this case the fast-food company will have to adopt other sources of advertisement as well. In this case the company may end up losing other potential customers by getting diverted towards a specific target group. The present research has talked about a number of benefits of using social media as a tool of marketing on the basis of focused group study I two cities of Egypt. This research is criticized on the ground that it was only specific to a region and the results of it can’t be generalized to claim that social media marketing is advantageous.

Besides this there are evidences in the literature that social media marketing is an aspect that is not fully understood by all the companies and because of that they are not able to see that there several risks associated with it (Evans, 2012). This section talked about the relevance of social media marketing and adoption of this concept by the companies rapidly. The author argues that it is important for a senior person of the company to spend time on social media to manage the brand image of the company and use it as a platform for advertising. But the critics of this aspect are that a senior person may not get time for these activities and even if he gets then this will be opportunity loss for the company.

Reflection on Plagiarism Report

My overall experience of using Plagiarism was very knowledgeable as well as challenging. First of all I submitted my report on Plagiarism and then waited to get the results. I was a bit nervous as to whether I will get 100% originality or not. Once my report was checked it came out as a surprise to me. I saw that there is 10% plagiarism in my report. I could not understand the reason behind this because it was my original work and I did not copy anything from anywhere. But then my agenda was to make it 100% original so I again edited the parts that were highlighted in different colors so that I can make this work original. After editing it I again submitted this report and waited for results. This time I got 6% plagiarism which was again unacceptable to me. But then I learned that some common phrases and sentences always come in plagiarism due to their usage in multiple documents. This way I got to know that even if we do not copy some parts come into plagiarism and those parts can simply be edited to maintain the originality of the work. This way I found Plagiarism very useful for my work.

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