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Describe the Industry you want to Enter, and Examining the Skills, Qualities - Necessary to be Successful in Becoming a Professional | Industry Analysis Assignment

July 27, 2017
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Analyzing the Industry you want to Enter, and Examining the Skills, Qualities and Values that will be Necessary to be Successful in Becoming a Professional in that Industry

Question: Industry Analysis

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What is required?

  • You will write a brief overview of the industry you want to work in after you graduate, and describe the knowledge, skills, qualities and attitudes that are valued by professionals in the specific role or field you aspire to within that industry.

What will it look like?

This task should be written in an essay style, in full sentences. You can use first person if you like (eg. “The industry I aspire to work in is…”). You should address each of the following 4 sections, and you may use sub-headings if you choose. Several guiding questions have been included below for each section. You do not need to address every single one in order, but they give you a sense of what kind of information will help you address that section.

Present an analysis of the industry you intend to work in when you graduate, giving a clear sense of its place in society and significant influences on the industry.What industry do you aspire to work in after you graduate?

What does this industry do? What kind of contribution does it make to society?

How does it assist the inclusion of indigenous communities?

Does this industry differ according to country across the world?

How many people are involved in the industry?

What kinds of roles or professions do they have?

How has this industry grown or changed since it was first established?

What associations or peak bodies represent this industry?

How is it viewed by the broader public?

Professional Skills (~400 words) – Focus on the more specific profession you wish to work in, and describe the skills, qualities, attitudes or knowledge that are valued in that profession and required to be successful in it.What area or role do you aspire towards within this industry?

Are there requirements for professionals within this industry? (eg.) Competency standards, Code of Conduct/Code of Ethics, or Registration standards (see readings).What do professionals within the field state are valued or necessary to be successful?

Interviews with a variety of professionals have been recorded for this unit and are available on Moodle. You might find it useful to look at current job advertisements for the field you aspire to, looking at the skills and qualifications that are desirable.

Personal Skills (~100 words) – Reflect briefly on which of the skills/qualities/attitudes you have identified as valued in your profession are currently strengths or weaknesses for you personally.You might like to consider your personality and learning style, as well as skills gained through work experience, co-curricular activities and so on.How do you know these are your strengths/weaknesses?

What prior experiences have lead you to think so?

References (not included in your word count)Ensure that throughout your work any information or claims you are making are based on evidence from credible sources of information.

You must include formal references for this task, both in-text and in a reference list at the end.Consult a wide variety of sources of information and consider whether they agree or disagree. As a guide, at least 6 different sources.How will it be marked?

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Solution:Industry Analysis

The nonprofit industry

I would like to be associated with the non-profit industry. The non – profit organizations cater to the enhancement and development of several aspects including human beings, animals, and the environment and so on. Out of these broad headings, one of the largest sectors in this domain includes that of healthcare. One of the significant benefits of joining the non-profit sector is the consolation that my life is spent in the improvement and the welfare of the society. It will help me in interacting with individuals from backward classes and those residing in remote and rural areas. I would like to begin my career in community development and reach out to the backward classes. Especially, I would like to cater to the health sector taking care of the health of mother and child (Oberholster et al. 2013).

My interest in the non – profit sector first arose when I saw one of my seniors working in the Aloha foundation on maternal and child health project. She sent me case studies of the manner in which improvement work had been done in Timor – Leste. This intrigued further and I started perusing through non – profit websites like USAID, DFIT, GIZ and the like. I also found that those working in the social sector need to have a blend of steadiness and balance of purpose in extension to the notions of resourcefulness, innovation, tolerance for risks and recognizing opportunities (Peredo & McLean, 2006). Especially in Australia, catering to the health and well-being of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders involves a lot of work. There exist several governmental bodies including Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC) and National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) that caters to the specific needs of this community (Australian Government, 2016). I would like to support in community development services and for this I will continue pursuing my higher education in social science. Interacting with these people will help me in developing a comprehensive view of the problems experienced, stigmas attached and the manner in which we may extend social welfare by introducing innovative means for enhancing the health of new born, children and mothers. One of my main facets of work will be to determine the social health inequalities with respect to community. Especially in working with the health determinants of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders will entail in finding information on health equity by perusing through figures published in government websites. This will involve in extensive interaction with government officials to find out ways in which innovative activities are conducted to enhance the health of mothers and children in this community. With experience, I will be able to pursue social development across nations (Blas et al. 2008).

Several governments including those of U.S.A., U.K., Australia and European nations offer funding to work on projects specifically designed to improve the lives of the underprivileged in developing nations. Working with these governmental non-profit bodies including USAID, and the UN and associated organizations will help me in extending the scope to offer quality services in improving the lives of infants, children and mothers. I would like to work in the Indian sub-continent as well as the African nations in uplifting the society.

Professional skills

One of the main skills that I need to develop is to obtain an advanced diploma or a degree in social sciences. Furthermore during the course of my work, I can pursue a graduate certificate course in community development. The University of Canberra provides several courses ranging from certificate course, to graduate courses in the domain of community development services. One of the main advantages is that these courses are online and help students to pursue them along with employment opportunities. I would like to join a non-profit firm in Australia and at the same time pursue the Certificate Course in Community Development provided by the University of Canberra. This will help in acquiring theoretical knowledge about extending social work in enhancing communities as well as a practical experience (Canberra Institute of Technology, 2016). Other than this, I need to acquire leadership skills in order to provide guidance and implement innovative processes in the development of communities. The next course that I will undertake may be postponed until two to three years or till the time I have had acquired ground level experience. Such courses equip personnel to challenge the ongoing public outlook especially by emphasizing on the service delivery on front – line issues. It is essential to continuously train and learn new skills so as to enhance professional development. This entails in conducting myself in working towards diverse roles by engaging in multi – tasking. Especially working in the field will entail me to record data, use emotional intelligence to convince and counsel people, devise innovative approaches to healthcare management in communities and interact with diverse individuals including community members, women belonging to those communities and government officials (Wenzel 2015). Entailing in emotional intelligence, will help me in identifying my own abilities as well as the capabilities of other individuals so as to differentiate between diverse emotions and accordingly use intuition and emotional intelligence to guide conduct as well as emotions.


One of the major skills that I need to work on is focusing on my multi-tasking abilities. This will require me to minutely examine documents and data, think and devise the most effective tactics while communicating with community members, women as well as government officials, prepare myself to give speeches, hold counseling sessions as well as draft reports. Hence, I need to have thorough knowledge of computer skills and enhance my social networking skills. I need to be extremely patient and display self – confidence. This is because I must understanding that bringing about cultural change is not an easy job. It takes centuries for nations to do away with social vices and this is what I need to understand in order to enhance my career.

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