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Detergent Powder for Tradeswomen - Marketing and Advertising Assessment Answer

November 01, 2018
Author : Andy Johnson

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Question: Marketing Case Study

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Marketing and Advertising Assignment

Task: - You are to present a persuasive advertising pitch (presentation) for 12

minutes and this is to be supported by a 2000 word summary report. Your

topic is “Detergent Powder for Tradeswomen which is helpful in removal of

harmful chemicals, stains, grease oil from tradie clothes and is not harmful

for kid’s clothes as well.”

The product is fictitious and will require you to make all the decisions

associated with it e.g., name, price, packaging etc. Your presentation will

describe the product, the target market, the communication objectives and the advertising campaign in detail. Your campaign will run in Australia only for the period of 12 months. You do not have a budget but you must be realistic and make sound decisions in your campaign if you are to gain the confidence of your proposed investors. Your written hand - in must be professional as your investors will make their decision based on your presentation and your written material.

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Detergent powders are referred to as surfactants. They are synthetic in nature. They are products that are very important to the laundry cleaning. They are made from the synthetic surfactants as opposed to the use of the metal fatty acid salts that are used in the process of manufacturing soap. They are retailed as the laundry powders, cleansers used in cleaning hard surfaces and utensil cleaners (Alon, Jaffe & Vianelli, 2013). The chemistry of the powder detergents has soap as one of the component mixtures; however, its functioning is lesser as a surfactant but more as foam depressants.

There is the high rate of detergent used globally. For example, across India, the per capita detergent consumption is approximately 2.7 kg per year. In places like Malaysia and Philippines, the per capita consumptions are approximately 3.7 kg. In the USA, it is approximately 10 kgs. Therefore, with the global population growth, the detergent demands and consequently the markets are expected to grow (De Mooij, 2013). For instance, the detergent demand in India is expected to show growth in the volume rate of approximately 7 % to 9 % per annum.


The proposal is aimed at finding out the market share and improving the perception of the powder detergent. The study will also attempt to evaluate the means of improving the levels of customers’ satisfactions on the detergent product prices. It will provide a comparison of product prices and the effectiveness of the alternative detergents on the market. It will attempt to improve on the effectiveness of marketing strategies through the formulation and developing suitable marketing strategies that are applicable in marketing the powdered detergent (Galician, 2013). To achieve the goals, it is required that data is collected from all the outlets that sell the powdered detergents together with the consumers. But for cost, time, and other limitations that data is collected from the markets across Australia.

The objectives of the study include:

  1. To estimate the levels of demands for the powdered detergent.
  2. To determine a suitable tool, that will be effectively used for advertisements across Australia.
  3. To provide analysis of the satisfaction of the customers.
  4. To determine the prices that will be effective for the powdered detergent.


There is a need for the powder detergent to be promoted and distributed among the Australian citizens. The investigation of the benefits of using the brand among the target customers is essential in understanding the popularity of the detergent. The factors that are considered include the perceived price, the distribution intensity, and campaigns targeting the advertising and sponsorship activities that are conducted for the powdered detergent.

The campaigns target to positively promote the popularity of the detergent, improve the perception through the process of offering price deals. It is very necessary to promote the use of the products through an advertisement that plays an important role in influencing the equity of powder detergent in the markets and among the consumers (Merenski & Lewis, 2015). Advertising enhances the awareness that positively affects the detergent popularity and associations. The brand equity is improved by both the non-monetary and brand monetary promotions.


The use of powdered detergent is increasingly being used as a substitute for laundry soap since its introduction to the customers in the market. People nowadays prefer the use of powdered soap in washing their clothes with laundry soap because of the easiness of the washing process. To market the powdered detergent, there is a need to develop advertisement programs that will be used in improving the popularity of the detergent. The study proposes an initial research to help in the determination of the market share of powdered detergent competitiveness in the market.

The competition will determine the level of satisfaction regarding the product prices and the effectiveness of the substitute's prices. The prices also provide insight in determining the level of satisfaction for the prices of the detergent product in comparison of the substitutes from the competitors. It also helps in determining the effectiveness of the strategy in the current marketing approach (Sheehan, 2013).

The popularity of a product can be improved through the process of sales promotions. It is used to in stimulating and creating instant consumer demands when they are properly designed. The sales promotions can be described as a technique that is used in marketing in an attempt to generate and increase the short-term sales. It involves the process of offering the incentives and the extra values of the detergent to the customers on the purchase of the powder detergents. The promotions will be considered successful if it results in greater and improved perceptions of the powdered detergent among the Australian citizens.

The sale promotions in the consumer market include sampling, price-off deals, event sponsorships, rebates, gifts and phones loyalty/ frequency programs. Sales promotion can also be regarded as creating a direct inducement to the customer with the aim of offering extra values or incentives for the powder detergent to the sales force, among the distributors, with the fundamental aim of creating large volumes of sales. The use of sale promotions is important in attaining various business goals. The promotions of the powder detergents help in offering the coupons or price discounts in an attempt to generate more short-term sales (Turban et al., 2015).


5.1 Sales Promotion vs. Advertising

The process of advertising and Sales promotion are very different from each other. However, both are strategies that are used in the promotion of a product or a service in the market. They are aimed at creating a stimulating effect that is short term on the state of consumer demand in the market inducing the trial of the products. Through the process of advertising, the markers of a specific product get an opportunity to create a long-term demand among the consumers ensuring the repeat purchases and loyalty to the products.

Through the sale promotions, products and brands provide the consumer with the opportunity of switching as compared to an advertisement that only promotes loyalty. The sales promotion provides highlights of price and the orientations of the product. Similarly, advertising is based on the product’s image or orientations of the features (Xiong & Bharadwaj, 2013). Through the sale promotions, the marketers and sellers can obtain an immediate and result that is measurable. The process of Sales promotion provides an effect of a financial appeal to the customers and consumers while product advertisements provide an emotional appeal to customers and the consumers.

5.2 Consumer Response

It is believed that consumers respond to advertisement positively. Through the advertisements, customers seek out to find the extra value on the products that are advertised by making purchases. The sale advertisements and promotions give consumers an opportunity of fulfilling their expectations through the act of receiving the incentives after making purchases of the advertised products. The strategy of advertising helps in improving the positioning of the powdered detergent regarding the value in the consumers' mind.

Due to the involvement in marketing, it calls for the process of offering samples, coupons, and bundle offer in an attempt to promote the powdered detergent across Australia. Marketing through the process of advertising can strengthen the equity of the powdered detergent and contribute a lot of the communications of the integrated marketing. Advertisements of the powdered detergent will provide support to the integrated marketing communications. It can also be used in increasing the consumers' interactions with the powdered detergent through the process of involvement that engages customers in offering premiums, sweepstakes, and contests (Xiong & Bharadwaj, 2013).


6.1 SWOT analysis

The strategy that will be used to in advertising the powdered soap is based on the modification of the SWOT analysis. It involves analysing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of marketing the powdered detergent.

  • Strength:

Marketing will be targeting the whole country of Australia with the aim of creating a broader customer base. The product has been developed with higher technology to have wider applications in usage. The country of Australia has a broad customer base that can be reached through the extensive and effective design of advertisements.

  1. Weakness

The presence of other substitutes in the market presents a tough challenge to the advertisement of the powdered soap. The competitors provide alternatives that are better for a price reduction. There might also be challenged and flaws in the advertisement approaches. Some of the Australian already are devoting their loyalty to other products other the powdered detergent. Thus, it becomes a challenge convincing them of the benefits of the product. The approach of using the free samples for promotions might not improve the popularity of the powdered detergents.

  1. Opportunities

The Australian population is expanding at a faster rate, therefore; provide a broader base for expanding the number of customers. The information that the customers are seeking involves quality issues. Thus, the Australians are becoming more and more becoming quality conscious. Consequently, these factors will improve the size of the customer bases when effective marketing approaches are used. There are higher opportunities in the rural areas where citizens need information on the benefits of powdered detergents.

  • Threat

The continuously changing political landscape is a threat to the economic status of the citizens. Therefore, it affects their affordability of new products that are available in the market for trial. There are also policies that are formulated by the government on trading. The taxes and levies that are targeted towards the advertisements, limit the extent of advertising. There are limitations due to higher revenue charges by the government (Sheehan, 2013). The competition from alternatives detergents on the market affects the performance and the perception by the citizens.

The competition comes from both the locally produced detergent and those imported into the country. It is a challenge to create and establish a strong base in the markets where other alternative detergents are established. Therefore, it requires more advertisements and sales promotions to increase the customer base. The more the advertisements and sales promotions, the higher the budgetary spending is needed.


The marketing of the powdered detergent will follow the approach outlined below.

  • Market research

The marketing of the detergent will start by conducting basic research on the Australian markets. It involves asking the current customers some basic questions about how they perceive the products and the reason that make them use the product (Sheehan, 2013). It also involves taking data and making considerations of the population demographics’ needs, preferences, and interests.

  • Budgeting

Before advertising of the product begins, it requires developing approximate budgetary allocations for the year.

  • Setting goals

The objectives about the advertisement of the powdered detergents that are targeted are written down ahead of time. The planning team will constitute and consider the objectives of a successful advertising campaign for the detergent.

  • Advertising venue

The ads can be placed on the TV stations, websites, radio stations, newspapers, and magazines. The venue of advertising is chosen after deliberating on it by the planning committee. Before advertising, the costs of the venues need to be considered, and the effectiveness in reaching the target customers.

  • Choosing creative

There is a need in finding right freelancers and designers for each aspect of the ad to be understood and convey the intended message to the customers.

  • Design and wording

During the writing and developments of the adverts, it requires constant reviews of the ads and signing off on the different stages of the marketing process.

  • Placing the ad

After designing and completing the development, it is the right moment to mount the ad in the venue for advertisement.

  • Evaluation

After mounting the ad in the venues of choice, there is the need for evaluating its effectiveness. For example, it involves counting the number of customers that bring in the coupons if it involves the coupons. For other ads, it can simply involve comparing the sales that are made after the advertisement to the sales that were made before the advertisement campaigns (Sheehan, 2013). Evaluation process requires much time in understanding how advertisement is working. The information obtained can help in improving the effectiveness of the advert in the campaigns.

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