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Digital Branding - Blogging Project Assessment Answers

December 06, 2017
Author : Julia Miles

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Building a digital brand

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Solution:Digital Branding

Understanding Digital Branding

Businesses require the services of branding to help them grow further in their respective economic industries. Branding refers to the task of assigning a name to something. For example, a company can produce a product and brand it with a name. This can be done in the social media arena with the intention of acquiring as much coverage as possible. Today, the social media is estimated to comprise over 60% of the world’s population (Ellis & Garvey, 2011). In this perspective, Digital branding refers to the process of creating an image or a name for a company using the digital platform. It is the creation and distribution of content using a digital platform. The world’s digital platform is filled with numerous social media platforms (Teixeira, Wedel & Pieters, 2010). More companies are beginning to adopt online marketing as a mainstream form of marketing. For this reason, social media plays a crucial role in promoting digital branding.

Companies have a crucial role in developing a good brand for their product on online platforms because this is what will distinguish them other competing companies. Social media has in the recent past taken the position of one of the most powerful marketing platforms in the world. A larger number of people now prefer to use online platforms to conduct their activities because they are highly efficient and effective to use. For example, one can access their favorite social media website through their mobile phones. This can be done during their free time, thereby not interrupting with the normal routine in the workplace (Ouellette, 2012). For this reason, the level of convenience is greatly increased for the consumer regarding accessibility. A company that uses this platform to showcase their brand will have an opportunity to access a large number of potential customers, at virtually no extra cost.

The design of social media and digital platforms ensures that users gain unlimited access to it at virtually no cost at all. However, a user only requires having internet access and a device from which to access the internet. Digital marketing can be termed as an advanced form of direct marketing. This is because producers market their products directly to the potential consumers through the use of social media platforms (Schneider, 2012). For this reason, companies should strive to develop a brand that will easily be remembered by the millions of internet users across the world. Also, digital marketing will help a company to gain access to people wherever they are on earth. The Internet can be accessed from numerous parts of the world.

Digital branding has now become a common term within the business and economic sector of the world. Digital branding will create an image for a company’s product that will be visible on the various social media platforms (Bird & LaBelle, 2010). This image will be a symbol that consumers and social media users will use to identify the company. Therefore, the product will be remembered whenever a consumer comes across the image during their normal use. This represents one of the most effective forms of marketing. However, there is more to digital branding and what it is capable of achieving for a company.

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