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EDU10010: A self Evaluation of My Learning Development - Reflective Report Writing Assessment Answers

November 15, 2017
Author : Julia Miles

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Reflective Report Writing Assignment Help

Assessment 3: Reflective writing - Reflective Report and Learning Plan (45%)

This final assignment is a written account of your learning experience during this session. It is based on your learning plan which was submitted as part of your first assessment. This assessment consists of two key elements:

1. Reflective Report (25%):

Write a reflective report based your final learning plan consisting of a minimum of four (4) academic references from themyReadingslist. You are required to cite these sources bothintextand at the end in your reference list using APA 6thed. It is essential that you use the appropriate reflective style of writing with a report format for this assignment using headings and sub-headings (submission is viaPlagiarismwith an Assignment Cover Sheet). To be more specific, your reflective report should include the following information:

A self-evaluation of your learning development and learning experiences in this unit. Provide examples, taken from your learning plan, of personal learning goals, and an evaluation of outcomes (e.g. what was learned; how goals were achieved; what goals were not achieved and why; what you will do differently in the future).Identify barriers and constraints to learning as well as enablers and supports.Identify learning strategies you will adopt in future learning situations.Discuss the qualities of an effective oral presentation and the strategies you will need to employ to give a successful academic presentation. Reflect on your own experiences of giving an oral presentation. Include a reflection on your oral presentation skills.Your understanding and the relevance of the academic skills required for your discipline.Recommendations:Discussstrategies to improve your learning skills for your future studies and/or professionalcareer.Appendix: Your learning plan presented in a table format.

2. Final Learning Plan (20%)

This is an update of your original learning plan, which you submitted in Assessment 1, incorporating an evaluation and reflection of your progress this session. The development, review, reflection, and modification of your learning plan is required to be evident throughout the session. Your final learning plan is made up of your modifications based on your ongoing reflections as well as feedback received on your initial version submitted in Week 3 (Assessment 1). The feedback you receive on your first version will assist you with completing your final learning plan. Your final learning plan is marked based on a demonstration of your ongoing review, reflection, and modification.

Both your final Learning Plan and Reflective Report are due at the same time. They are submitted as one assessment (with an electronic cover page)

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Solution:Reflective Report- a self evaluation of my Learning Development


To reflect means to review past events and analyze their impacts towards an individual. The analysis is done based on what the purpose of the event was and if there were any achievements that came with the same. A reflective report is a broken down analysis of the results of a given occasion based on the goals of the individual. It gives details on the impacts and results depending on what was intended to act as a learning experience for those involved. In most cases, reflective reports are based on practical events and those that are purposefully meant to grow an individual for a given course (Blank, 2013). For this report, the main goal is to become a mature scholar and a good business person while growing several skills both interpersonal and personal. The report will analyze how the skills are achieved based on a learning plan created for the main purpose of maturing as a scholar with diverse skills. It is mostly inclined towards marketing and market growth along with interaction with different people and in different circumstances that are relative to business.

Activity 1- Knowledge in Essay Writing

The first activity is inclined towards enhancing my knowledge in essay writing. The first activity had to involve a very keen eye, ear and also a set of questions to ensure that each bit is covered satisfactorily and appropriately. The main goal in this case was to read journal articles and literary books on a daily basis and grow my interest for the same. The main purpose for growing interest is the ability to learn from the scholars whose articles and literary work I read on a daily basis. Making it a habit would eventually turn into a full blown interest which would make me much better at what I do than currently. The strategies to achieve this goal would be listening to relative materials form either the internet or the lecturers. The main action was taking test essays on a daily basis and getting feedback from the lecturer

Activity 1 Feedback

The first activity offered several lessons regarding creativity and writing which is important for any business. The reason why this is a learning need was in order for me to have the capability to write my own projects and proposals in the write way and be able to present them in front of partnership or stakeholder panels without worrying about grammar. The things learnt are the great importance of being able to read and write in terms of the business language (Mckenzie & Woodruff, 2013). The goals achieved are being able to slightly improve my grammar and also learning the business language in the formal manner that is required. The things that could be done differently next time are focusing on only the required language required to run formal businesses.

Activity 2-Public Speaking

The second activity was based on the ability to learn public speaking. The goal was to speak more often with confidence without feeling intimidated by numbers or age. The strategy learnt in this case was the fact that I had to take my time before speaking in order to feel confident and comfortable. The strategy required shutting out all distractions since they did not boost courage but rather made it impossible to learn through practice. Motivation from friends and teachers is what reduced the overwhelming feeling of nervousness and anxiety. To grow this skill, I had to make a constant step towards making sure I give a speech to a random group of people from different age groups. The speeches were based on table topics chosen for me so that it could be a bit challenging and also interesting due to the suspense and exercising my level of knowledge on that p[articular topic. The result would be assessed and feedback given.

Activity 2 Feedback

For this activity, the things learnt are mainly how to give a speech while engaging the crowd. The level at which I was able to achieve my goal is satisfactory and the aspect of eloquent speech also comes with practice. The goal that has not been fully achieved is the ability to reduce the level of anxiety and nervousness before taking up my role in public speaking (German, Boyatzis & Mckee, 2013). There is a great need to work on my level of not wanting attention. As a leader, this is a negative quality to hold on to and there is a great need to ensure that the aspect is no longer present in the future. The goals here were achieved by being consistent and not having any fear in trying out new things and meeting new groups of people.

Activity 3-Time Management

The third activity was based on being able to manage time. The goal was guided by the acronym that defines the qualities of a great organizational leader’s plans and policies. The strategies had to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. The strategy to reach this goal was through attending seminars that regard to time management and also as a way for me to train how to keep time since they are strictly based on arrival and the rate at which an individual can keep up. The motivators in this case were the electronic timetable, a diary with journals of future intentions and strategies along with pressure from my parents on punctuality.

Activity 3 Feedback

The activity required commitment and discipline and took a while to adapt to the process. It was however after a few sessions that time management became a constant and a subconscious aspect (Edwards, Sieminski & Zeldin, 2014). The way in which this goal was achieved is by ensuring that no work was postponed or pushed forward to a later date when it was supposed to be completed at a certain time.

Activity 4- marketing and Communication Skills

The fourth activity is relative to growing my marketing skills in business. Marketing, being a broad and diverse subject requires an all round skillful nature. The main goal in this case was to learn how to effectively communicate with my marketing team. This meant that I had to create strategies that allowed me to have great communication skills in every aspect. The strategies included attending educational seminars on marketing and business entrepreneurship altogether and also getting in touch with my strengths and weaknesses. This would ensure that I know how I could evaluate myself while still putting into practice what I had learnt. The exercises included having to market products as an internship for a given organization which also included leading a sales and marketing team through the same process.

Activity 4 Feedback

The above activity was the most complicated and difficult. This is because it took interaction with various people in order to learn (Argote, 2012). The goal was achieved by being polite and very warm around people in order to receive the kind of feedback I required. This is what made it easy to achieve.

Activity 5-Increasing Self Confidence

This is the last activity in the learning plan that I needed in order to fully blossom and grow as a business woman. The activity entails being able to have increased self-confidence. The amount of self confidence is important in this case since it is what determines the state of the subordinates. And to be a role model, an individual requires a great amount of self confidence in order to have those that they mentor around them have enough trust in what they do. The goal for this activity was to ensure that I become well motivated determined and ensure that I had a vision by the end of the activity. These are every organization’s requirements and are really important especially for a starter organization. the strategies for this activity seemed really simple which only included practicing a lot and learning from the mistakes I made. To be able to work perfectly through this, I had to be optimistic and kill any negative thoughts. The main aspect of practice was by creating a vision board for the business that would see to the fulfillment of the many goals that I had set at this level.

Activity 5 Feedback

For activity five, it required that I act as a leader in order to acquire self-confidence. This meant that I was to create rapport with the people around me and learn how to be influential even through simple actions (Ponciano & Jennifer, 2015). The main way these goals were achieved was by being disciplined and being a problem solver.

Barriers and Solutions to the Activities

The main barriers to these activities was lack of self motivation and an in depth knowledge of the necessary issues that would help in the growth towards becoming an excellent business woman. In order to be excellent in the future, the strategies to adopt are going to be determined by the environment (Manai & Holmlund, 2013). The environment in this case; whose characteristics have already been established. Extra focus will have to be placed on the marketing skills and more commitment towards public speaking. As a leader, I will have to create goals that affect the organization as whole.

Final Learning Plan

Learning Needs Goals Strategies and Resources Constraints and Enablers
Enhance my knowledge in essay writing

  • Show more skill in project management and writing and the presentation of proposals

  • Indulge in essay competitions and follow up on the best writers’ lives

The constraint in this case was lack of an imaginative mind

Enabler: The ability to relate to stories and entertainment in terms of drama

Improve my speaking in front of public or class (hesitation)

  • To be able to confidently air my thoughts firmly.

  • Show confidence in my opinions

  • There are no constraints in this case
  • The enablers are having thorough research on the table topic beforehand.

Managing timeframe

  • My goal is to be SMART, it means: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

  • Maintaining a disciplined schedule and being punctual and organized in every sense.

The constraints are only a negative attitude


  • The thought of using my time wisely and the strength that comes with it.

Improve my marketing skills in business

  • Effective communication, with my sales team.

  • Knowing the factors that entail marketing
  • Learning formal communication

Poor judgement of the market is a huge constraint


  • Thorough research on the market and the environment

Increase self-confidence

  • Motivation
  • Planning
  • Determination
  • Vision

  • Practice
  • Learn from my mistakes

The enablers in this case are maintaining a responsible attitude and being responsive in all aspects.


The final learning plan is modified based on the goals that have not ben achieved from the previous learning plan. It is based on the feedback that came with each activity and the ways in which each activity can be enhanced. The modifications are all inclined towards being optimistic and positive for growth in business.

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