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Employees - Motivation Essay Writing Assessment Answers

August 25, 2017
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Question: Motivation Essay Writing Assignment

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In present scenario, every organisation strives for retaining best employees irrespective of size and market competition. The employees are acknowledged as greatest possible asset of the organisation. In this context, it is said that business firms’ need to create strong and positive relationship with its employees for accomplishing decided goals and objectives. For accomplishing these goals and objectives, organisation needs to develop strategies for competing in highly competitive markets. It is, therefore, necessary for organisations for human capital as their main asset facilitating them to lead success, and in case, if not managed properly, result in decline. In this regard, thesis statement for underlying essay is,

Thesis Statement: “Factors affecting employee motivation and its role in organisation growth”.

Employee motivation

The organisations are having financial, economic and human resources, among which human resources are most essential having capability of endowing company with competitive edge. There are various factors affecting employee performance like performance appraisals, employee motivation, employee satisfaction, job security, organisation structure and others. Among this, employee motivation is one of the major policies affecting effectual job management in organisation (Dobre, 2013). A motivational employee is responsive of the definite goals and objectives and direct efforts towards accomplishing goals and objectives. It is said that motivation provokes employees in constantly improving work practices. Motivation enables employees for performing best even in strenuous circumstances. They can easily handle stable and greasy challenges with the help of motivation and yielding optimum results (Müller, 2011).

Employee motivation plays an important role in accelerating organisational development. The notion organisation development is concerned with the fact how effectual an organisation is in performing the defined results it aims to generate or attain. It is worth mentioning that organisation is a composition of people formulating group identity for some specific purpose and getting desired outcome. In this, motivation plays an important role in gathering all organisation resources, transforming inputs into outputs and attaining objectives without depleting resources and placing undue strain on members. It can be depicted with the help of underlying figure:

Factors affecting employees’ motivation

There are various factors affecting employees’ motivation leading them for yielding optimum performance. One such factor is salary and compensation package. This factor plays significant role in leading workers towards attaining desired results. It won’t be exaggerated to say that money and rewards has supremacy power to magnetise, maintain and motivate individuals towards higher performance. The scientific management theory propounded by Frederick Taylor described money as the most fundamental factor in encouraging industrial workers for attaining greater productivity (Bruce, 2012).

It has researched that money and reward are cause factor or satisfaction tool directly influence employees’ performance, and in turn improves organisation performance. This is the reason that every business firm whether small or large in nature and scope use pay, promotion, bonuses, and some other types of rewards for motivating and encouraging high level performance of employees. In this context, it is said that using money as a motivator, managers must pay careful attention in designing salary structures. It is necessary to assign importance to each job, payment requirements, personal or special allowances, fringe benefits, and other benefits (Bruce, 2012).

Second factor affecting employees’ motivation is leadership which is concerned with doing things in right way in the manner that people follow you, trust you and feel to be motivated. Motivation is sometimes, considered as a purely and simply a leadership behaviour. This is so because it stems from developing desire in someone for doing something which is right for personnel and as well as for the organisation. In the absence of effective leadership behaviour, people face difficulty in using their strengths and overcoming weaknesses coming in the path of goal attainment (Dobre, 2013). For this purpose, personnel want someone whom they can trust and guide them for doing things in right manner. Leadership develop trust among personnel that they consult and seek advice from leader for understanding things and its right methodology for implementation.

Third element is concerned with empowerment which builds win-win connection among organisation and employees. It is an ideal working environment or condition where both organisation and employees are benefitting in some form or the other. Under this, adequate sense of power and authority is given to employees for participating in organisation’s affairs and having stake in decision making process. It has identified that empowered employees are more focussed on their job and work-life, i.e., assign additional importance which leads to constant progress in work procedures and assignments (Müller, 2011). In simple words, personnel don’t feel like they are hired for specific purpose and are paid for it. Instead, they are developed with the belief that they are capital asset of an organisation that are integral element in overall growth and development of an organisation. The periodic performance reviews, systematic evaluation and recognition are done for motivating employees.

It is said that employees execute or accomplish task with their finest novelties along with the sense of belongingness, enthusiasm, and delight. Adding upon, they are working with high sense of responsibility and emphasis equal preference to both organisation and themselves. This happens as employees are developed with the sense of belongingness and pride which lead to work with a sense of responsibility, understanding perception of one about others, and formulating decisions on the basis of speech and behaviour (Bruce, 2012).


From the above discussion, it can be said that if an organisation wish to be a successful entity in coming, it should always strive towards preserving, ensuring and enhancing employees’ motivation. It creates intrapersonal and interpersonal impact on the employees’ relation and connection with the organisation. There is positive relationship between employees motivation and organisation growth. Through appreciating, recognising and empowering employees for their work done internally satisfies them with their job and thus enhances their enthusiasm and motivation for the accomplishment of tasks. It stimulates them for working tasks with more energy, dedication and commitment. The findings revealed that properly motivated workers relate their identity with the organisation and perform all functions with high sense of responsibility, humility and efficiency. It is therefore, necessary to regularly pamper employees’ effort and exposed them with new set of responsibility for motivating them in performing credibly well in assigned functions.

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