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GB601: MBA Capstone - Business Plan Assessment Answers

December 26, 2017
Author : Julia Miles

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Business Plan Assignment Help

Assessment Description

Over the last 4 quarters, you have been working to create a business plan for presentation to potential venture capitalist investors (lecturer). You are required to submit a business plan to the potential investors for review and comment.

The business plan should be up to 12 pages in length and address the areas outlined below. This information will be reviewed by the venture capitalists (lecturer) who will provide written feedback within two weeks. You will need to incorporate these suggestions into your plans going forward both in the simulation and your final report to the board.

At the end of Quarter 4 you are given $4m. This is the final capital injection.

A copy of the marking rubrics is attached.

Academic referencing standards must be adhered to in citing others work and/or applying strategic frameworks.

The Business Plan should include the following components:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Review of financial and market performance during the past year
  3. Assessment of current situation and the market
  4. PESTEL Analysis 2. Customers 3. Competition & Industry (Porters 5 Forces) 4. Company’s strengths and weaknesses (SWOT Analysis) 5. Major problems / opportunities to be dealt with in next year
  5. Overview of corporate strategy
  6. Mission / Vision 2. Culture and leadership

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Assessment Information

  1. Basis of competitive advantage 4. Corporate strategy
  2. Ethical and Social Implications
  3. Strategy for the next year in business (What will it take to get ahead or stay ahead?)
  4. Marketing Strategy 2. Sales Channel Strategy 3. Human Resource Strategy 4. Manufacturing Strategy 5. Financial Strategy (including forecast)
  5. Financial request
  6. Detail how will you spend the $4 million
  7. Actual / Forecast Pro forma cash flow, balance sheet and income statement (Quarters 1 to 6 inclusive) with explanation
  8. Actual / Forecast Tactical plan (Quarters 1 to 6 inclusive) with explanation

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Executive Summary

Techmsmart is the name of the company that wants to venture into the sales of computers and laptops. The business has been identified as one of the most lucrative businesses that has large amount of revenues. Moreover, there is huge demand for laptops and computers as the Australian community strive to conduct a lot of research and development to solve the challenges in the environment. With $4 million the company is directing its resources to the most important measures that are likely to help the company break even and acquire a huge market share in the industry. The financial breakdown has been done into 6 quarters. It is a tactical plan that will ensure that the business gets into the right path with the vision and mission.

Review of Financial Performance

The laptop and computer business has currently been picking up in Australia in the last decade. Data shows that there have been thousands of computer shops opened up in Australia and its environs. It has been argued that the increased demand for computers and laptops has been due to the increasing knowledge and awareness about technology. In addition, there have been rising cases of demand to e-knowledge within Australia especially among the young people. That has prompted the Australian citizens to venture into rapid research and development to improve on the status of the labor force and education within Australia. Australia also being an Island is also blessed with thousands of foreign students seeking further education thanks to the good quality of education offered. (Cunill, 2006). However, for that talent to be noticed and to be sustained there must be intensive research and development in terms of technological advancement. The laptop and computer industry has been reported to have around $2 billion in terms of revenue. In addition, the business is also reported to have an annual growth of 9.5%. The industry currently has employed 23,564 employees and has created 3669 other related businesses. The industry is also reported to have grown steadily within the last five years while undergoing structural changes. The increased revenue is reported to have resulted from the 24 hour system of research and development chains that have stimulated the growth of the industry. For example, Anytime computers and Jets computers are some of the stiff competitors in the industry that have experienced exceptional growth. That is because the business strategies have enabled them to attract consumers who can afford and access their services. It has also been projected that the industry is likely to experience a compound growth of 9.5% within the next five years sweeping through 2016-2021.

PESTLE Analysis


The government has helped the technology and information industry to influence the community into a more educated society with the aim of improving education levels. The government through promotions has also helped improve the industry by lowering taxes. That has helped investors to pump more money on the industry hence the increased revenue in the industry. That has also motivated investors to open more research and development centers within Australia (O'Neill, 2013). The government has also reduced taxes and has provided other incentives making the business easy to start and maintain. However, the business is also required to keep up to date with the changes in technological advancement. That is important in order to keep up with the rapid changes in technology that requires talent and innovation to solve the environmental challenges.


Economic factors like rising costs of electricity and water rates have continuously affected the industry negatively. However, there have been negotiations that the rates reduce in order to attract investors in the industry. The government has also laid a lot of taxes on leisure activities making it difficult for people also to invest in that region. Recently the inflation has also been declining indicating that the consumers will be having more resources at their disposal. That means they will be able to spare their expenditure to further their education levels hence enabling them to purchase computers and laptops. The interest rates have also been reducing in the last one year by 0.5% hence less people are saving thereby providing more opportunities for the industry (Carlon, 2012).


Australians have a culture of socialization and innovation and that can always be seen through the quality of graduates the Australian society produces. In addition, many people have also become so sensitive to their surrounding especially due to social media that depends on computers and laptops to communicate. There is also wide influence from the social media encouraging people to continue keeping up with the latest technology.


The rapid development in science and technology has also boosted the industry. It is also speculated that with introduction of new machinery and equipment the industry is expected to continue growing and rising. In addition, the equipment and advancement in technology has ensured that the users of laptops and computers can access the net faster, watch their favorite channels and listen to music anytime. In addition, the advancement in technology has also ensured that customers are able to work out other related activities within the computers. Through technology consumers have also been able to download fitness and gym instructions making it easy for them to imitate and practice.


The current world is so sensitive on the nature of gases emitted to the atmosphere. It is recommended that energy use should be reduced especially if it is dependent on fossil. There is high demand and campaign for going green. Computers and laptops require use of electricity. The electricity bills have also been on the rise lately discouraging many investors from investing in the industry. However, laptops and computers do not uses a lot of voltage hence making it easy for people to use alternative forms of energy. Environmentalists have also been keen regarding the amount of e-waste disposed in the environment annually. The truth of the matter is that e-waste is continuously rising. (Steel, 2012).


The government is currently very strict on computers and laptops due to increases cases of terrorism. That is aimed at reducing cases of insecurity and terrorism. The regulations and rule set by the information and technology must be adhered. In addition, the company should also ensure that their machines are standardized in a manner in which they are well serviced and repaired on time. Regulations set by the information and technology must qualify before the inception of the business.


As the population continues to rise so is the need for knowledge and education. In addition, business open up daily in Australia and most of these business requires laptops and computers to keep their data and for communication. The target group of laptops specifically remain for people aged 12-30 years. That is because that is the age that is actively involved in education and hence will require laptops to conduct their research and school work. Meanwhile the desktop computers attract the services of many businesses and shops that open up daily in Australia. The target group in this case are business and companies especially those that are starting up. That is because this is the group of people who are willing and able to purchase and use the computers.

Competition and Industry

As already hinted earlier the information and communication industry is one of the best performing industries in Australia. That is because the industry has some of the highest income in the economy and returns. However, the competition is far much too high and new entrants have to diversify and provide better services in order to earn some capital in the economy. Some of the most competitive laptop and computer businesses in Australia include Anytime Computers and Jetts Computers (Mintzberg, 2010). These are some of the most computers centers that have grown to impress. In addition, the centers also provide 24 hour services to its customers. It is considered that for a new entrant to march the services offered by the company there must be proper services related to the 24 hours offered by the company.

Porters Five Analysis

The bargaining power for the customers is low. That is because of increasing number of people demanding for computer and computer related services such as maintaining and services including upgrades. In addition, most of the young group of scholars have a huge demand to keep abreast with the latest technology. Due to the low customers demand power it has made it possible for the new entrants into the business to effectively survive and transform the industry into a lucrative industry churning millions of dollars annually. In addition, the business has also the advantage of choosing from the many suppliers who are available in the market.

Threats of the substitutes is also a major factor that must be considered. In this case the laptops and computers have no major substitutes. That is because there is no other alternative for the devices especially at work. On the other hand the company must also ensure that they offer better and the latest facilities to ensure that that the business is able to survive competition from the already thriving businesses like Jetts. Irrespective of that it must be noted that Smartstech Company must be able to apply some of the best services which are similar or related to the ones offered by other competitors.

The threats of new entrants in the market is medium. However, that depends on the capital invested in the market. That is because the industry depends on quality services offered. It must be noted that the services offered in the information and communication industry are related and almost the same and hence the quality of the service really matters (Carlon, 2012). While the threat of entrants is estimated to be medium there is a possibility that other stiff competitors and new entrants have the viability of exploring the market.

Due to technological advancement and rapid changes in technology the bargaining power of suppliers is low. That is because the suppliers have to adapt to the latest technology available in the market. In addition, the suppliers must also have to match the latest trends and technology in the market in order to conform to the changes in technology. On the other hand it has also been noted that the industry has many and willing suppliers to supply computers and laptops to the new firms.

SWOT Analysis


The communication and information industry is a lucrative business that continues to experience increased revenues annually. That is because of increased sensitization regarding the need to invest in education and research as a means of solving environmental challenges. Moreover, the government is also campaigning for a an educated Australian community and hence the need for people to keep investing. Such opportunities make the business viable. In addition, the business expected to be in operation is also coming in with huge capital making it easy for the company to invest in better equipment and machine and offer better quality and services to its consumers.


The major weakness is that the company has to establish itself within the community in order to maximize profits. That include hiring qualified personnel within the industry. The other weakness is that the industry is also dependent on inflation related cases. In case of inflation most of the consumers will ditch their luxuries and concentrate on the most important and basic needs. However, in case of a stable economic condition the business is likely to thrive.


Due to the rising demand for computers and laptop and other computer related services Australian community the company has many opportunities. In addition, the industry is also not flooded due to the high capital demand required to invest in the industry. For that reason, Smartstech centers has many opportunities.


Since the business is one of the most lucrative business industry within Australia it is threatened by many new entrants. In addition, there is also stiff competition from the already established businesses within the industry. Moreover, high capital investments are required. In this case any business that is willing to invest slightly over $4 million is likely to topple threaten this company


The business has a vision that is nationwide. The vision is to have an educated Australian community that is constantly researching and innovating. The mission is to have an Australian community that is educated and always finding means of solving environmental challenges and to have a qualified and better fit economy.

Culture and Leadership

The leadership is going to be centralized according to the Australian community and cultural values. The aim is to make the business lucrative and offer the customers’ needs and values whenever needed with the cheapest price possible.

Competitive Advantage

The main competitive advantage for the company is the ability to come in the business with a huge capital base that is likely to venture into the latest technology and offer the consumers the best services they require within the 24 hour economy.

Corporate Strategy

The strategy is to have a business that adheres to the standards of the consumers and the Australian community. In addition, the aim is also to establish a good rapport with the community while ensuring that the company adheres to the 2020 vision of ensuring green society is established with sustainable development.


The business is going to market itself through the media and other social sites like Facebook and Twitter. The company will also produce brochures and distribute them all over schools and opening business. Through the internet the company will also advertise for computer related services such as programming, maintenance and upgrading. The company will embrace e-commerce as way of sensitizing consumers about its products. Besides opening up stores the company will also conduct business through the internet. The company will import most of spares and assemble them locally to reduce cost of taxation and lower the production costs.

The following figures illustrates how the $4 million will be used.

Tactical Plan
Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Quarter 5 Quarter 6
Segments Targeted Workhorse









None None
Number of New Brands 2 0 2 2 0 0
Names of New Brands Hope

mini Hope

mini H2




Brands for Sale & Price Hope (3500)

mini Hope (3000)

mini H2 (3000)

Hope2 (3500)

mini H2 (3650)

Hope2 (3950)

H3 (4250)

mh3 (3750)

Average Selling Price 0 3,306 3,423 3,979 0 0
Brand Feature R&D Projects None None None Touch screen

Long-life (laptop)

None None
Brand Feature R&D Expense 0 0 0 378,383 0 0
Advertising Budget 0 141,206 95,724 209,697 0 0
Web Marketing Budget 0 0 33,000 126,000 0 0
Sales Offices Opened Shanghai-APAC Chicago-NORAM None Paris-EMEA None None
Sales Office Expense 260,000 380,000 220,000 600,000 0 0
Web Centers Opened Chicago-NORAM None None None None None
Web Center Expense 200,000 160,000 160,000 160,000 0 0
Number of Office Sales People 0 6 8 8 0 0
Unit Demand per Office Sales Person 0 5 19 50 0 0
Number of Web Sales People 0 2 3 3 0 0
Unit Demand per Web Sales Person 0 3 10 50 0 0
Projected Demand 0 36 183 550 0 0
Revenue from Unwanted Inventory 0 0 44,370 0 0 0
Projected Revenue 0 119,000 670,870 1,388,671 0 0
Cost of Goods Sold 0 69,184 468,587 432,147 0 0
Factory Worker Compensation 0 33,138 33,138 22,066 0 0
Average Sales Person Compensation 0 46,394 36,777 25,870 0 0
Sales Force Salaries 0 92,788 101,137 71,143 0 0
Cost to Hire and Lay Off Sales People 0 60,415 19,315 0 69,904 0
Total Sales Force Expense 0 153,203 120,452 71,143 69,904 0
Addition to Fixed Capacity 25 25 0 0 0 0
Investment in Fixed Capacity 600,000 600,000 0 0 0 0
Available Fixed Capacity 0 1,625 3,250 3,250 3,250 3,250
Starting Inventory 0 0 75 73 0 0
Unwanted Inventory 0 0 65 0 0 0
Production Volume 0 111 246 276 0 0
Available Inventory 0 111 256 349 0 0
Ending Inventory 0 75 73 0 0 0
Lost Sales 0 0 0 201 0 0
Average Unit Production Cost 0 1,911 1,884 1,066 0 0
Total Production Cost 0 212,104 463,573 294,216 0 0
% Lost Capacity Due to Employee Morale 30 15 17 17 0 0
Operating Capacity to Satisfy Production Volume 0 131 298 333 0 0
Total R&D Cost 120,000 0 120,000 498,383 0 0
Conventional Bank Loans 0 0 0 0 0 0
Emergency Loan 0 162,240 193,722 0 0 0
Total Debt Level 0 162,240 193,722 0 0 0
Equity Investment 2,000,000 3,000,000 4,000,000 8,000,000 0 0
Total Assets 1,420,000 1,317,921 1,262,907 3,734,713 0 0

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