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HC1082: Marketing And Entrepreneurship - Online Discussion - Report Writing Assessment Answer

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Question: Marketing And Entrepreneurship

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Marketing & Entrepreneurship Assignment

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A company that is interested in estimating the distribution in the New Zealand’s northern land shall first of all study the demographic trends of that region. There are a number of significant factors that affect the demography of this region. The reports suggest that population growth rate is very slow in this region. There will be more people of the age 65 years and more. These trends will affect the distribution policies of the company. After knowing all the demographic patterns of the region the distribution policies of the company shall be decided (Chang & Tsai, 2013). After knowing the demographic patterns of this region it is then important to ascertain the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats lying in those regions. This will help the company in knowing its internal strengths of the company and the weaknesses of the company. After its internal analysis the company will also be able to know about the external environment. This can be done by knowing the opportunities of the region. There are many opportunities lying in the market and thus it is very important to know those opportunities. The opportunities can be technological advancement, new machinery, new product lines, etc. The company shall utilise all the opportunities to grow and expand. Then there are many threats persisting in the external environment that have huge impact on the policies of the company. The threats can be from competitors, governmental policies, legal systems, etc. Thus all the company shall know all the threats so that they will not affect the company negatively.

Once the company has done SWOT analysis it is also important to undertake PESTEL analysis and then competition analysis. The competitor’s analysis shall be done using Michal Porter’s five forces analysis. These tools will help the company to know about external factors that may have a dominant effect on the distribution policies of the company. It is also important for the company to estimate the cost of distribution to ensure that it will be a cost effective project (Hakansson & Gadde, 2011). After all this the company will be required to establish collaboration for distribution. Thus the next step is to find out the mode that the company will be adopting to establish its distribution channel in that territory. This is the final step that the company will have to take to establish its distribution channel in the New Zealand’s northern land.

Activity 5

The worldwide demographic trends are affecting opportunities for international marketing. It shall be noted that urbanisation has increased to a very great extent. Urbanisation is both an economic as well as a cultural trend. There are three related concepts to this. These concepts are urban boom, urban might and urban culture. This has also given rise to the mid-sized cities in the world. Due to that the companies will have to change their policies accordingly. It also suggests that the middle class people are expanding and this further implies that the policies of a company shall be in accordance with the middle class people. The urban centres acts as increasing concentration of population and innovation and this is how it can affect international marketing. Another factor is mobility. Mobile phones have hit the critical mass. People are now aware about all the trends because of their phones. Due to increasing mobile phone usage the prevalence of m-commerce has also increased among people. There is another factor that is proliferation of choice that has potential to affect the opportunities in international marketing (Ali, 2013). Ageing baby boomers also have potential to affect the international marketing opportunities to a very great extent. This is a very significant factor in international marketing opportunities. Due to a number of choices the customers are in inertia. In this way all these factors affect the international marketing opportunities in different regions of the world.

There are a number of industries that are all set to get benefits from ageing baby boomers. The industries that will be benefitted from ageing baby boomers are Property industry, healthcare industry, travel industry, aged-care facilities industry and financial planning industry. The property industry will be on boom because of ageing baby boomers because a survey suggests that home ownership is higher among baby boomers as compared to any other segment. It is also noticeable that in many countries family home is not counted as assets at the time of claiming of pension (Haung & Sarigollu, 2012). This is why owing a home is dream of every baby boomer. Heath care industry will also have huge benefits because the individuals are ageing and they suffer from a number of diseases. Thus the spending on health care increases. Ageing baby boomers also like to travel in cruise ships and caravan parks after their retirement. This is why the travel industry will also get benefitted.

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