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Health Informatics - Report to Metro Hospital Executive Board On - Vision For The EMR - Assessment Answer

December 03, 2018
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question:Health Informatics

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Health Informatics Assignment

Assignment Task

Background / Overview

Suggestions for inclusion (list not exhaustive): -

  • Why is this report being written?
  • What is HIMSS level 7?
  • Why is it important to achieve HIMSS level 7 by 2025?
  • What will this status offer the hospital?
  • What will this report demonstrate?

Vision for the EMR What is your vision?

What will be EHR implemented by 2025 look like? Eg – What systems will it comprise? How will they integrate?

What will it do? What will it offer?

What are the critical success factors for the EMR?

Analysing the current situation

How will you review the current status of informatics within the MetroHospital?

What specific aspects will you review?

Aspects critical to supporting an EMR

What are the technical factors you need to consider?

What information management practices must be implemented to ensure its effectiveness? Eg - Standards

Roadmap for achieving HIMSS level 7 by 2025

Develop the specific goals and timelines for you to achieve a ‘fully digital’ status by 2025. Eg – when are you going to achieve what?

Implementation Plan

How will you implement it? What is your implementation plan?

What resources do you require to implement the project?


How will you govern your project?

Alignment to state and national eHealth programs

What specific aspects of the state and national eHealth programs will affect the implementation of the EMR?

How does your strategy integrate with national and state based plans?

How will you integrate your EMR with the broader strategic plans?

Likelihood of success and identification of risk

How confident are you that you will achieve your vision? What risks do you see?

Are there any benchmarks to what you have suggested? What does research tell you?

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Full form of HIMSS is Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. The main purpose of this report is to identify the current situation of the implementation of HIMSS EMR in the Metro Hospital and to identify the level of implementation of HIMSS EMR achieved by the Hospital. Depending on the current situation, implementation strategy will be developed accordingly to achieve the HIMSS level 7 by the end of year 2025. Report also focus on various other aspects of the implementation plan such as critical aspects that support an EMR, roadmap to achieve the above mentioned aim, alignment of the plan with various programs such as State and National eHealth programs, identification of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Risk identification. HIMSS was developed to keep a track of progress of various healthcare organizations’ in order to achieve highly efficient electronic patient records. In this system, healthcare organizations and its associated facilities are provided ranks based on the level of adoption of EMR ranging from level 0 to 7. Currently, Metro Hospital is in level – 4 of HIMSS EMR. (HIMSS Analytics, 2015)

HIMSS Level 7 is the acknowledgment of utilizing the most elevated level of electronic wellbeing implementation. HIMSS in this way rates healthcare organization centres basing on a range of 0 to 7 utilizing its Electronic Medical Records Adoption Model. The accomplishment of stage 7 or level 7 suggests that the healthcare organization facility is to a great extent paperless. It is critical for Metro Hospital to accomplish HIMSS level 7 by 2025 in light of the fact that it help the doctor's facility in keeping therapeutic records of patients in automated structures and hence not just making the records to be effortlessly recovered additionally making the route of a patient through the medicinal services framework to be more effective and much more secure. (, 2016)

Vision for EMR

Being a the Director of Informatics for the Metro Hospital, the vision is to see Metro Hospital accomplish the Adoption Model of HIMSS EMR by 2025 through having a completely electronic environment other than having the manual method for doing undertakings as it is presently. By receiving an electronic Medical Record demonstrate, the healing facility will cut expenses emerging from vocation of representatives to do manual work while in the meantime guaranteeing that errands are completed speedily and productively with the guide of electronic frameworks. So as to lead the doctor's facility to accomplish level 7 of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model by 2025, the primary assignment will be to guarantee that the doctor's facility partakes in the Annual HIMSS Analytics Study to make it get the EMRAM Score. The achievement of a full electronic environment by the healing facility by 2025 will subsequently empower it to offer its administrations productively and adequately to its clients.

In depth analysis of current situation

To have the capacity to survey the present Status of informatics inside the Metro Hospital, I should be educated how the healthcare organization completes its operations when serving its customers and general doctor's facility operations. As of now, Metro Hospital is relied upon to give an abnormal state of innovative apparatuses and scholarly requests through procurement of data administration answers for upgrade the nature of social insurance that is given to its customers, something that is lost from the present environment of the healing facility. To have the capacity to accomplish this, another vital electronic data administration and innovation is a noteworthy empowering influence to help Metro Hospital in the accomplishment of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model by 2025. The healthcare organization is overburdened by a wasteful planning environment which makes it hard for it to appropriately serve the high number of patients. Conveyance of social insurance administrations at Metro Hospital is exclusively taking into account the utilization of paper graphs and along these lines the presentation of Electronic Medical records for the doctor's facility is one of the pivotal perspectives that must be investigated to guarantee that clinical data is effortlessly shared through electronic exchanges. The doctor's facility as of current, is not completely using its usefulness in the procurement of proficient, sheltered and viable human services for its patients on account of the inadequate methods for doing its operations physically. (McCarthy, Eastman and Garets, 2010)

To have the capacity to audit the contemporary status of Informatics in Metro Hospital, it is crucial for me to assess and figure out whether the expense of meeting the Electronic Health Records framework is justified regardless of the expense of meeting it and the costs that Metro Hospital will bring about as a consequence of embracing electronic Medical records. For example, I ought to have the capacity to figure out if the necessities in Stage one will surpass the estimation of motivating force check and learn the costs that will must be caused in meeting all the stages even after they have passed evaluating. I ought to likewise survey if the Electronic restorative Records meet their significant utilize and discover the time spans. (McCarthy, Eastman and Garets, 2010)

To be in a decent position to assess or audit the present status of Informatics in Metro Hospital, I ought to have the capacity to survey the present status of the healing facility's part organization, comprehend the corporate objectives of the doctor's facility and have the capacity to value the clinic's fleeting needs. As of now, the doctor's facility has got great connections with the Division of General Practitioners in the neighbourhood they are not electronically connected. A standout amongst the most imperative perspectives that I will survey in Metro Hospital is ensuring that an electronic wellbeing record is set up to interface these doctors and professionals with the Hospital's electronic records. The postponement showed when serving patients due to the utilization of manual procedures ought to in this way be audited to guarantee that the manual method for hunting down records is supplanted by the Electronic Health records to spare the time and assets spent on such assignments. Another particular viewpoint that I will audit is the measures of time spend when taking care of patients at Metro Hospital. This will help me to find out whether the presentation of an electronic wellbeing record framework will be advantageous for Metro hospital facility. (McCarthy, Eastman and Garets, 2010)

Aspects critical to supporting an EMR

All together for the Electronic Health Record to become a big success, then key specialized components ought to be considered. This will along these lines incorporate the arranging, usage and administration of the wellbeing records office from a wasteful and overburdened environment towards an electronic computerized environment. Work procedures, advancements and staff ought to accordingly be very much adjusted in the procurement of constant quality data notwithstanding being tested by rare capital assets and expanded desires. A portion of the basic and specialized variables that will be should be considered when assembling an Electronic Health Record for Metro doctor's facility incorporates realigning of procedures, advancement of staff limit, remodel of the physical environment and execution of new frameworks that backing the key arrangement of Metro Hospital. (Development and Implementation of an Information Management and Information Technology Strategy for Improving Healthcare Services: A Case Study, 2001)

Advancement of staff limit is vital in light of the fact that it will help Metro Hospital to deal with the social changes that will rise and meet the future needs of divisions by procurement of instruction and different open doors went for vocation improvement. Working of staff limit is likewise vital on the grounds that it helps in the estimation of client and staff fulfilment. Te improvement of a qualified advertisement conferred group for Metro Hospital is in this way a basic achievement figure that is pivotal for the planning of the Electronic Health Record. Realignment of procedures for Metro Hospital is key since it helps the doctor's facility to arrange and execute proficiently the feasible procedures changes and process change approachs. The realigning procedure is likewise basic since it helps in measuring changes of the Electronic Health Records. Process upgrading or arrangement is additionally key since it guarantees that every single departmental work process and redesigns are adjusted for best practice forms. Redesign of the physical environment through decommissioning of the satellite territory and renovating of the physical environment keeping in mind the end goal to have an ideal work process is critical in light of the fact that it will prompt diminished time in filling outlines and recovering them. There must be satisfactory space that can have the capacity to oblige the filling of dynamic outlines precisely and rapidly. The security of patient data is essential particularly when doctors, healing facility workers and other outsiders are conceded access to such data and this ought to subsequently be an integral part of the remodel procedure. So as to accomplish ideal accumulation and general of data for Metro Hospital, the ownership of fruitful applications that require effective procedures is basic achievement figure that ought to be considered by Metro Hospital ought to be considered in the usage of the new Electronic Health Records.

Roadmap for achieving HIMSS level 7 by 2025

With a specific end goal to lead Metro Hospital into accomplishing level 7 of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model by 2025, I expect to complete an appropriate examination and arranging of the entire model by being educated of all the stages the doctor's facility needs to experience so as to accomplish the Final level 7. At first, Metro Hospital has not executed radiology, research facility and drug store subordinate division frameworks in spite of the way that a portion of the clinical mechanization is available. The principal technique to set out on towards the accomplishment of Level 7 status by Metro Hospital will along these lines be to introduce all the principle three subordinate frameworks in the doctor's facility which will incorporate the radiology, research center and drug store office frameworks. The second stage is to guarantee that all the major subordinate clinical frameworks store information into a CDR (Clinical Data Repository) which permits the doctors to recover and see results.

The Clinical Data Repository will in this manner include clinical choice backing or administers and a controlled medicinal vocabulary which gives space for checking of any simple clash. Amid this second stage, data got from record imaging frameworks can have the capacity to be connected to the Clinical information Repository. Amid the third phase of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model, the Metro Hospital's clinical documentation like stream sheets, fundamental signs e.t.c will be required while the eMAR (electronic Medication Administration Record), care arrangement diagramming and nursing notes are scored with additional focuses and are incorporated and executed with the Clinical information Repository for one of the administrations in the healing facility. Clinical choice backing is actualized amid the principal level to keeping in mind the end goal to check for blunders with the request passage in the drug store like for occurrence drug/lab, drug/nourishment, drug/sedate that are normal in the drug store. At stage three, there must be some level of correspondence framework which can permit doctors of Metro Hospital to obtain entrance through the doctor's facility's intranet or other secure systems that are accessible outside the limitations the branch of radiology. (Hersh and Wright, n.d.)

Stages in HIMMS EHR

Amid the fourth stage, CPOE (Computerized Physician/Practitioner Order Entry) to be utilized by any Metro Hospital clinician will be added to the Clinical information storehouse and nursing environment together with the capacities of the clinical choice backing that are identified with the prescription based confirmation conventions. The fruition of the past stages will imply the accomplishment of stage four. Stage five will now incorporate the execution of the shut circle organization in one of the patient consideration administration situations usage and coordination of the bar coding, eMAR and different innovations utilized as a part of auto distinguishing proof like the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) so as to boost wellbeing of the purpose of consideration procedures utilized as a part of the organization of pharmaceutical. Stage six will include the aggregate documentation of Metro clinic's doctor graphing/documentation for no less than one of the zones in the patient consideration administration. All the clinician exercises are guided through level three of the clinical choice backing which is identified with conventions and results in type of consistence and fluctuation cautions. All the film based pictures are uprooted by PACS radiology frameworks which give doctors restorative pictures through an intranet (Hillestad et al., 2005)

The last stage known as level 7 or stage seven will guarantee that Metro Hospital has accomplished an electronic or paperless EMR environment in which clinical data will effectively be shared through electronic exchanges and all substances of the healing facility will have the capacity to trade electronic records inside a local system. Case in point, the Division of General Practitioners in Metro's neighbourhood, surroundings, walking facilities, patients, patients, bosses and different clinics will have the capacity to share fundamental wellbeing data. As imagined in the level 7 of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model, it is this phase will guarantee that genuine electronic wellbeing records are upheld by HCO. (Boonstra and Broekhuis, 2010)

Implementation Plan

My execution arrangement will possess a reason, framework outline, administration review which will incorporate the portrayal of usage, the purposes of contact, the real assignments, the usage plan , security and protection, framework security elements and security set up amid the procedure of execution. Aside from that, the usage arrangement will comprise of the product, equipment, materials and offices, documentation and staff. Under work force, it will include of the preparation for the usage staff and staffing prerequisites. The execution arrangement will comprise of the execution checking, usage effect and design administration interface. In conclusion, the usage arrangement will comprise of the execution prerequisites by site necessity points of interest. (Garets and Davis, 2006)


Governance is an imperative part in the usage of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model by 2025 for Metro Hospital in light of the fact that having vague administration arrangements may act like a major danger to the healthcare center in the execution of different perspectives. The administration for Metro Hospital will be under the obligation of two panels which will supervise the usage of the HIMSS. The two boards of trustees will be the IT Committee and the other one that speaks to the operational and clinical divisions that are influenced by EMR-EHR.

Alignment to State and National eHealth Programs

Usage of a HIMSS level 7 by 2025 for Metro Hospital is not one single venture yet rather, it is a progression of activities which speak to a trip more than a destination. The execution procedure will along these lines comprise of difficulties, arrangements and the effects that will have on the clinical procedure. A portion of the basic objectives towards the accomplishment of a full computerized status for Metro Hospital will in this manner incorporate arranging of the Electronic Health records and the securing of the mobile Electronic Health Records. From that point, the procedure of admission and appraisal will trail which the prescription procedure will be obviously assessed. Clinical backing and documentation will be completed the procurement of E-correspondence understanding suppliers and gateways. The phase of at long last executing the walking of the Electronic Health Records will make the electronic framework for Metro Hospital to be its legitimate wellbeing records by the year 2025. Albeit at first Metro Hospital had no arrangements of turning into a computerized healing center, it has dependably been my objective to accomplish this electronic status. There is requirement for us to utilize computerization and Information innovation keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the consideration given to patients. (HIMSS Position Statement on Transforming Nursing Practice through Technology & Informatics, 2011)

Likelihood of Success and Risks

There is a high probability that a portion of the experts connected with the Metro Hospital from the region will find it difficult to meet a portion of the proposed rules for quality reporting necessities went for genuinely utilizing wellbeing data innovation. A portion of the dangers that might be confronted with Metro doctor's facility upon finish and last usage of the Electronic Health Record will incorporate fragmented or powerless and absence of enough strategy mindfulness and noxious abuse by insiders. The Metro Hospital's Electronic Health Records may likewise be presented to outer assaults through either social designing, ruination of the site, electronic mail phishing or through social building telephone calls which might be negative to the doctor's facility on the grounds that imperative data might be lost. Metro Hospital ought to likewise be worried about feeble occurrence reaction recuperation approaches and ineffective disaster recuperation plans. (Miller and Sim, 2004)

Recommendations and Conclusion

With a specific end goal to make the selection of level 7 of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model by 2025 for Metro Hospital to be a win, it is essential for me to continuously monitor at the advantages, limitations and associated risks. There is a noteworthy relationship between the advantages and boundaries of implementing EHR frameworks by Metro Hospitals. The move by Metro Hospital from manual operations to electronic therapeutic records is a huge change in the restorative practice towards clinical procedures. The capacity of Metro Hospital to change its medicinal records into electronic structure will make further open doors for the doctor's facility to begin clinical practice changes at individual levels as well as at populace levels. The achievement of the EMR-EHR for Metro Hospital will along these lines to a great extent rely on upon the info that will be gotten from every one of the branches of the doctor's facility what will utilize the framework in enhancing the nature of consideration given to patients and expanding efficiency. Advisory groups managing administration in the usage of the undertaking ought to never be thought little of in light of the fact that it is through them that different partners can give feedback, thoughts, guidance and recommendations. Pertinent methodologies ought to dependably be drawn closer with a specific end goal to guarantee that the EMR-EHR framework is legitimately actualized to guarantee that enhanced social insurance and administrative practices are maintained.

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