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HLT51612: Diploma of Nursing - Culture in Health - Migration Assessment Answers

December 07, 2017
Author : Charles Hill

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Question: Nursing & Culture in Health Assignment

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Nursing & Culture in Health Assignment Writing


You will conduct research; then answer the following questions about migration to Australia; the differing needs in relation to health; the importance of identifying culturally sensitive and appropriate nursing care / practices; and the available resources for the particular culture you have chosen.

  1. Migration experience: Give a brief summary of the history of this culture’s experience inmigrating to Australia, including the approximate current population.

  1. Health care practices / Beliefs / Hospital practices: Describe one (1) example for Healthpractices / Beliefs / Hospital practices, e.g. traditional; or religious; or folk healing; or western medicine; or family’s role in hospital care; or birth; or disability; or aged care; or death.

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Migration Experience

Nurses are currently in very high demand in Australia. Due to continuously aging population, there are excellent career opportunities in Australia. For working in Australia, it is important to have a certain level of education and must have good health. The first Indians to arrive in Australia were at the North West region of Pilbara. Between the years 1860 to 1901, many more Indians shifted to Australia to work as hawkers, agriculturists, domestic helpers, labor and also to work in gold field. According to the reports of Australian Population 2016, current Indian population in Australia is 2.0%. The migration increased in 1940’s and 1950’s. In order to work in Australia, it is very important to understand the culture, values, and social norms.

Health care practices / Beliefs / Hospital practices

India is a country that has diverse range of culture, traditions, ethnicity, languages and religions. It is somehow same like Australia, which also homes population from different cultures, traditions and religions. Cultural diversity in the country provides richness and strength to India (Worthington, & Gogne, 2011). However, sometimes it may pose challenges to provide healthcare management. The healthcare practices in India involve social, environmental and psychological factors that underline the issues related patient. This practice is very relevant in Australia as well, as due to diverse population Australia also requires healthcare professional, who can work with diverse population, keeping in mind the beliefs, culture and values of diverse patients.

Communication Factor

India is a country that believes in good communication within their community. Communication is the most important part of providing quality healthcare. Indians are considered as very emotional people and believe in empathy and compassion. For them is it very important to have compassion for others. The most common form of communication between them is compassionate behavior. Healthcare practitioners in India display compassionate behavior towards their patients, in order to relieve their pain and suffering (Balarajan, Selvaraj, & Subramanian, 2011). Physical touch is not considered as acceptable from strangers. With increased healthcare literacy and effective communication, patient health outcomes can be effectively improved. Healthy and positive communication also increases the trust of patients towards healthcare professionals and their treatment.

Disease/ Health Issue

The life expectancy of Indian Australians is 65 years. The major health issues found in Indian people in Australia are mainly chronic diseases like cancer and Type 2 diabetes etc (Fernandez, & Frost, 2013). This is because of the psychological, physical and social problems. These people require Palliative care, so that their quality of life could be maintained (Shanmugasundaram, 2013). Many migration issues are related with the health of Indian immigrants. Providing the care and quality healthcare to the patients is the shared responsibility of the community. The involvement of family members is very important for them in any kind of medical decision (Shanmugasundaram, & O'Connor, 2009). With cultural setting, people from Indian origin will feel more connected and comfortable. It will also help in improving their health outcomes and managing care.

Nursing Care Practice

The best Nursing Care practice to focus upon Indian Australians is to have culturally safe practice by showing respect towards people from other cultures. For Indians, it is very important to show respect and value dignity of others. As, an enrolled nurse, this kind of nursing practice is very significant culturally diverse setting (Code of ethics for nurses, 2005). Equitable care should be maintained, while dealing with people from different culture, values and beliefs. According to their culture, Indian women often prefer to be treated by the professionals from same gender. There are many different aspects related to Indian culture that should be respected, while treating these people.

Resources / Organizations

One of the best organizations in Victoria is Center for Culture, Ethnicity and Health. This unique organization provides support, information and training programs related to health and education to culturally diverse population. This organization works for people, who are not able to access proper healthcare services due to language, culture or educational barriers. Health and community service professionals are committed towards providing high quality care to the patients. Complete support is offered to people, who come from different cultures or ethnicity. The people working under this organization are completely devoted and focused towards their goal of providing quality care.

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