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HRM Chapter 10: Understanding Labour Relations & Collective Bargaining - Human Resource Management Assessment Answers

November 15, 2017
Author : Julia Miles

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Question:Understanding Labour Relations & Collective Bargaining

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Human Resource Management Assignment Help

DIRECTIONS: There are no face-to-face classes during the weeks that online modules are scheduled

i.e. no labs; no lectures in the face-to-face classroom setting. These modules are learned, mastered, and evaluated ONLINE. Chapter content is learned through student self-initiative and time management mastery. Student priority and goal setting skills are put to the test! Online lab work must be completed and assignment(s) submitted by Wednesday 4pm p.m. of this week.

Please read the entire instructional page BEFORE starting this online module!

In order to receive full marks you will be required to submit ONE word.doc or PDF file through the moodle C10

portal that includes all your answers to A, B and C (requirements for each are outlined below). Ensure your full (and preferred) name and set are on your submission! Before you start your assignment:

  1. Review Chapter Ten Learning Outcomes
  2. Read Chapter Ten in your textbook: Essentials of Managing Human Resources

Assignment for submission:

A, Google the websites for:

  • CAW (Canadian Auto Workers)
  • Unite Here Local 40
  • BC Labour Board

Explain FOUR things that you learned from researching the websites that you did not know before about each of the following:

  • what unions offers,
  • employee rights,
  • collective bargaining process

  1. Reflect on advantages and disadvantages of being a union member in the hospitality industry. List FIVE

advantages and FIVE disadvantages. Explain your answers. Which environment would you prefer to work in – a union or a non union company? Explain your answer.

  1. Describe the impact on supervisors and managers of employees becoming unionized.

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Canadian Auto Worker is country’s largest private sector union. It works in different industrial sector to ensure human rights and development aspects.

Unite Here Local 40

The union fights for the rights and safety of employees from hospitality sectors including hotels, food service, and airport industry and gaming industry. It has more than 270000 workers associated.

BC Labour Board

It is an independent tribunal which focuses on employee relations issues. It governs collective bargaining aspects to provide employee rights and safety.

What union offer

  • The union provides rights for the workers from different sectors and industries to ensure their safety and job issues by providing services such as table bargaining on the ralted issues of the employees.
  • Ensures to save the workers from the adverse impact of economic, political and social issues. Both financial and non financial aspects of jobs are analyzed and revised in the process thus creating a significant impact on labor welfare.
  • Online guidance and safety aspects are reviewed and regulated by the union to create an effective impact on employee performance in sectors such as hospitality, automobile, food services, manufacturing, education etc. Training and education is also offered to ensure employee rights, job safety and awareness about different issues related with the subject.
  • Both national and migrant employees are managed and associated with the union to ensure effective guidance for job safety.

Employee rights

  • The union promotes effective culture to promote employee rights and ethics in the organization. It ensures employee safety and motivation in the organization thus creating effective measures for both employees and the companies associated.
  • It develops policies to promote human rights for employees associated with different jobs. It coordinates workplace for anti harassment initiates, complaint investigation and provides training for employee rights.
  • Provide effective guidance and assistance towards employee rights issues faced by the employees. Online lessons and education programs are managed and regulated to ensure employee rights.
  • Legal framework is developed and is implemented to manage and maintain employee safety and development aspects.

Collective bargaining process

  • The union focuses on educating people for collective bargaining by evaluating significance of contract language and leadership aspects.
  • The union focuses on developing skills of collective bargaining within employees. The bargaining agents represent both public and private sector organizations in order to enure employee rights and safety in the organizations.
  • The bargaining process of the committee includes electing committee, analyzing priorities, effective communication process, wages negotiation, analyzing working conditions and developing agreements.
  • The Collective Agreement Arbitration Bureau provides officers, arbitrators or mediators to resolve employee employer grievances in the companies. The written agreement is developed and processed by the employees to create a significant impact on employee performance.


Advantages and disadvantages of being a union member

The advantages of being union members are:

  1. Benefits in terms of higher wages, job security and family safety aspects.
  2. Aspects of retirements and long growth and development is ensures and safe.
  3. Labor union strengthen employees by providing them protection
  4. Enhance negotiation capacity of the employees thus creating employee growth aspects.
  5. Hospitality sector is service sector thus aspects of collective bargaining ensures employee growth and safety aspects for long term.

The disadvantages associated with the related issue are:

  1. Fees associated with union collaboration in hospitality sector are costly in hospitality sector.
  2. High demand or strike issues at times create an insignificant impact on labor involved who cannot afford to miss wages.
  3. It is not effective for every employee to work against the boss
  4. The legal requirements in the union process demand high legal understanding and cost as well.
  5. Individual decisions and freedom is lost in labor union process

A union company

I would prefer to work in a union company because it will provide me significant aspect to grow and develop in the company. It will help me in ensuring my freedom to grow and maintain my creativity in the industry. Associating with labor union will help me in ensuring my job safety and rights for long term job management in the organization.

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