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Human Resource Management - Selection of Recruits - ME Bank - Assessment Answer

February 26, 2018
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question:Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management Assignment

Assignment Task

The TAS (Talent Acquisition Specialist) team has been established to help people managers through the attraction stage of the lifecycle of ME Bank employees. Our key objectives are:

  1. Create a consistent and robust recruitment process to provide a 1st class experience to external talent and ME Bankmanagers.
  2. Directly source talent from the market and work in partnership with our preferred recruitment panel partners.
  3. Provide the business with current recruitment market trends and consult on the most appropriate recruitment strategy.

The recruitment process can take up to 6 weeks to complete. People managers need to provide sufficient time to the TAS team in order to ensure a complete and seamless on boarding process for new starters.

All recruitment must be raised with the Talent Acquisition team and will require a completed Employment Approval Form. This involves all permanent, maximum term, contingency labour and internal transfers.

Key things for the Hiring Manager to consider:

  • All newly created roles need to be evaluated and graded by the HR Business Partner team.
  • A complete and approved Employment Approval Form must be sent to for recruitment to commence.
  • All roles must be advertised internally unless it is a direct appointment.
  • Interviews must be conducted by 2 appropriate ME bank employees (which would include the hiring manager). A Behavioural based interview guide should be used in this process.
  • An Identity Manager Request (ITIM) must be completed by the hiring manager for a letter of offer to be generated and for all systems access to be created and background checks administered.
  • All background checks will be administered by RISQ group. Hiring managers will ensure that their new employee have fully completed these.
  • Please note that background checks will be administered by RISQ group.
  • Hiring managers will ensure that their new employee have fully completed these.
  • Interviews must be conducted by two appropriate ME Bank employees (which would include the hiring manager)
  • A Behavioural based interview guide should be used in this process.

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Selection of RecruitsSelection of recruits can be a very tiring job for any management running a business establishment. The criteria used in selecting these recruits can bring about numerous shortcomings if the management does not heed to the recruits’ skills. ME bank is one of the few banks that runs without any branches around the country and for it to run successfully the personnel recruited into the establishment must be efficient in carrying out their tasks. The management must therefore look for qualities that will ensure the recruits are efficient in their daily tasks (Miskelly, 2008, pg12). The National Customer Contact Centre (NCCC) is a part of Service Excellence, which is one of eight key business areas.Most customers seek for great customer service in order to remain loyal to the related company or business establishment. Most customers will migrate to a company’s competitors due to poor customer service assistance or inability of a company’s customer care department to solve problems that they might encounter. The recruiters must therefore ensure that the recruits are aware of the working environment that they may encounter in the field. The speed and efficiency of a customer care service may also greatly determine customer confidence. For example, not all companies offering online customer care assistance have the ability to immediately listen and analyze a consumer grievance. Many factors determine the speed and efficiency by which a recruit can adapt to different working environments and ensure efficiency in their work (Elsdon, 2003,pg24). The recruiters must therefore ensure that the recruits to be selected are prepared to undergo any kind of pressure encountered in the work field. The NCCC there has to put the recruits under situations that will enable them to deal with different types of people since customers are of different characters and may present varying challenges to the customer service department. The main aim of ME bank is to ensure that the customers are always satisfied with their services and therefore they have to ensure that the customers complaints and grievances are dealt with as soon as possible. The criteria in selecting the recruits therefore ensures that the candidates selected are committed to their work and are always open in presenting different ideas that will promote the business establishment.

Qualities of Recruits Required

Selected into the contact center have to be very patient individuals who are able to easily interact with people of varying personalities (Falcone, 2002). This is because customers may have different grievances or problems, which may require different approaches to be solved. The selected recruits must therefore be able to easily communicate with the customers to assure the customer that the problem being encountered will soon be solved. For the bank to ensure that the customer base steadily increases over time, the recruits must be able to convince easily non-customers of the services offered by the bank. This ensures that the public is aware of the quality services that they will be offered at the bank and therefore improve consumer confidence.

The recruits must also be able to broad-minded and be able to share their ideas on some of the key points that may help in ensuring services are fully satisfactory. This creates a sense of confidence by the customers and therefore the bank will improve revenue collection. The NCCC must therefore ensure that there is utmost professionalism in selecting the recruits since the performance of the bank compared to its competitors depends on the quality of customer assistance. For ME bank to ensure that it maintains its customer base, it must ensure that the recruits selected represent the bank as a whole in catering for customer requests and grievances and marketing the quality services offered by the bank.


One of the most important aspects of online banking is customer service efficiency especially where there are technical activities are being involved in the transaction (Jean & Phillips, 2013, pg 13). The method through which the management uses to select the recruits greatly determines the efficiency by which the establishment carries out its operations. The criteria used in selecting the recruits must therefore be very specific to enable the recruits to understand the responsibilities that they will have once they are accepted into the establishment. ME bank is one of the most innovative entrepreneurial ideas since it offers banking services without any physical branches around the country. This means that the bank has to be in constant contact with its customers to enable the customers to have close interaction with the customer service and follow up on certain issues.

There are many ways in which the NCCC can ensure that the recruits to be accepted into the firm are of high work efficiency. One of the ways this can be done easily is to hire their workers from recognized recruiting agencies. Recruiting agencies ensure that the potential employees in their data base are well equipped with the necessary skills to execute the roles and responsibilities that are assigned to them.

NCCC should be very keen when it comes to the new advanced criteria that effectively stimulate to perfect impact on creation of customer loyalty. Before the worker are been employed they should go through the learning process which help them acclimatize to the new world of online banking. This is a form of internship in which the potential employees are placed under a supervisor to keenly observe their execution of the assigned duties. They should concentrate more in inducing the worker with the ideal skills required for customer services. Before the bank receives the new works recruited by the NCCC organization, qualified workers should have undergone an internship for at least three months (Gary, 2010, pg54). Through this process, the workers will gain the exposure and the required skills to perform their activities. In developed countries where there is no rooms for mistakes, the exposure of the worker come in to eradicate some irritating mistakes which could have caused the downfall of ME online banking company.

The standards of the workers should be checked, this involves the academic performance of the candidates of recruits. Through this, the NCCC organization will gauge the knowledge of each recruits and will come up with the right training that keeps all the workers equally informed. This enables the workers to effectually perform their online marketing, which brings up a grander impact.

Another way the NCCC can ensure that the recruits selected are of high efficiency is by ensuring that they have good listening and communication skills. This is because one of the core requirements of any customer care agent is the ability to communicate with the customer. Most of the customer calls are usually to do with enquiries and complaints and therefore it is, mandatory for the customer care assistance to have very good listening skills. Good listening skills will enable the customer care assistant to easily interact with the customer and hence give positive feedback. This will enable the company to improve its consumer platform since customer confidence towards the services offered by the bank will be of optimal efficiency.

Customers are one of the key reasons why entrepreneurs come up with business ideas in the first place. Where there is a need for a certain good or service, the entrepreneur must ensure that the customers are offered with the best services to give them a reason to enjoy the services again. This creates a customer base that will constantly require services offered by the given business establishment. Where customers are not satisfied by the services offered by the firm, the firm may suffer losses in revenue collection. This is because the customers may tend to shift towards rival industries or other brands in the same industrial sector.

NCCC should also ensure that the recruits chosen have the capability of exercising good workplace behavior. This increases efficiency more so among staffs and good rapport both in workplace and exercising accountability when the need of the clients is at stake. Deviancy and violation of performance contract should be cupped by ensuring every chosen candidate has a concrete knowledge of the corporation by laws and moral obligation.

Recruits considered should also be multi lingual to serve the large customer base. This takes into consideration the global front of the customers by ensuring fluency of services especially to non-English speaking states. This can be achieved easily especially where the bank wants to expand on a global scale. The customer care base will therefore be able to increase since people with other nationalities will be able to have equal services as the locals.

It has been evident over recent times that the NCCC has strived to achieve maximum scrutiny when selecting recruits who will work for ME bank to help it achieve its objective. This has been seen through several internship programs that have helped the recruits gain exposure in carrying out their activities in the bank. This has helped the bank to increase its capacity especially when dealing with customer care. It has therefore been easier for the bank to reduce the traffic brought about by a large bulk of customers requiring services at the same time.

With the recent developments in innovative entrepreneurial ideas, more firms have come up with ways of carrying out transactions without the concerned parties having to be physically present. This has therefore made it difficult for these firms to interact closely with their customers concerning the services they require (Agarwal, 2007). The need for highly skilled personnel to carry out such a task therefore arises and the core objective of the NCCC is to ensure that the recruits selected to perform these tasks are highly efficient. This will therefore enable ME banks to boost consumer confidence and improve its general objectives.

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