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Human Rights - Human Needs - Duty of Care - Breach of Human Rights Assessment Answer

November 24, 2018
Author : Andy Johnson

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Question: Human Rights, Human Needs, Duty of Care

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Human Rights Assignment Help

Assignment Task

Question1. Describe in your own words your understanding of the relationship between human rights and human needs?

Question2. Describe one human rights framework approach?

Question3. Research the meanings of 'mandatory reporting' and 'Duty of Care'. Describe your understanding of these terms and how are they different?

Question4. Explain the process of 'Empowerment' and why it’s important for individuals and communities to use it?

Question5. Give one example of a 'breach of human rights'. Describe how you would respond to this within an organisation you are working in?

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“Human rights and Human needs”, the common factor between the two is that both are equally essential for leading a quality human life. Human rights are entitled to every human being irrespective of one’s identity without any discrimination. Human needs are to be earned weather its one’s basic needs (daily wages, food, clothing, etc), social requirements pertaining to one’s standard of living, and many of the same kind all of them are to be earned. There is a clear relation between the two as the arousal of rights comes from the basic needs of human, for instance right to safety, comes from the need of having safe vicinity abided by law and order.

A2. A Human Rights Approach to Ageing and Health (2012, Australian Human Rights Commission) is reflection of right of every individual to acquire minimum higher standard of physical and mental health, catering to the needs and requirement of the aged section of the society. The right incorporates certain health monitoring indicators to provide essential customized quality health services to the old. Promoting advanced training program to bridge the gap between acute care and aged sector health workers in order to promote respect for the end- of -life decision of older Australians. Development of a national program in order to promote health literacy among aged Australians and also provide basic internet facilities ensuring the age old are competent enough to use the same.(2012, Australian Human Rights Commission,

A3. “Mandatory Reporting” as the term states is the compulsory reporting which is to be done by certain authority to its respective higher authority regarding a particular condition which has affected a selected group of human and also reports which group of human is at risk to the same condition. “Duty of Care” are legally denoted rules and regulations which is to be performed by an authority or an authorized organization to be executed in order to avoid or omit any such actions (that can be logically identified) which may harm the interest of others. Therefore, Mandatory reporting helps to identify the risk group being affected and Duty of care ensures regularization to avoid loop holes of human rights.(

A4. “Empowerment” helps people to become competent enough to handle their problems and be adequate decision-makers, therefore liberating their thought process and initiating new ways of handling situations in a better manner. Empowerment gives individuals to explore their common sense or the ability to understand situations in a better manner, it also creates the sense of responsibility in them regarding making decision and therefore developing their personal skills, emotional maturity and stability to adhere the requirements of the situation. In a community, empowerment plays a key role for building trust and effective communication system between individuals, creating mutual respect with diverse point of view to develop idealistic and realistic solutions to their societal needs. (

A5. Australian Government was found guilty by the United Nations (UN) body, to breach 143 human rights acts, by detaining 46 refugees for a long period of four years, on the basis of ASIO’s. The committee’s decision has confirmed what we have known all along, that the indefinite detention of refugees in Australia is not only inhumane, but highly ill-legal (Graeme McGregor 2013, Amnesty Australian Spokesperson). The policy has not only led to ill-legal detention or inhumane behavior but also has restricted the refugees the right for seeking effective judiciary help or legal support. In order to overcome the situation, it would be better to provide legal opportunity to the refugees to avail basic human rights.(

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