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John Dearden: Critique on "MIS is a Mirage" - Research Paper Assessment Answers

August 04, 2017
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Question:Critique Research Paper

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  • Do you agree with the author’s argument? If not, why not? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the argument?
  • What other relevant things have you read? Do they agree with, or undermine the points addressed in the reading?
  • What are the key lessons for Business Intelligence or Data Warehouse practitioners from the reading?
  • If the reading doesn’t directly addressBusiness Intelligence or Data Warehouse, how is the reading relevant to either or both of these areas?You may also address your own questions as well. Submissions should be well structured (introduction, body and conclusion, with a coherent argument throughout) and properlyreferenced using APA style,and clearly identify the reading being critiqued. Howeverthis is not meant to be an essay.

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Solution: Critique on "MIS is a Mirage"


The Research paper chosen for critique is “MIS is a Mirage” and author of this research paper is John Dearden. Author has focused on the Information Systems possessed by any typical company irrespective of its size and said that every company has two kinds of information systems that are formal and informal system. A formal information system is computer – based and is used to handle huge mass of data associated with the company. According to the author, fusing components to design a super system is not possible as component natures are very different to produce an effective system.


I agree with the author’s point of view that every MIS related work does not necessarily require a computer to operate the information system and thus, there exists various management – information that is not computer – based. Author clearly defined MIS to be an organized method that provide information about past, present and future and thus provide detailed information about internal operations and external intelligence. Hence, MIS provide support to plan, control and operate organizational functions by providing relevant information in accurate time – frame so as to assist the decision maker or user.

Strengths of argument are:

  • Author has successfully covered real – time aspects of Management Information System by providing an in – depth analysis on various topics such as the Approach used in MIS, development of MIS, advantages of Management Information System and misconceptions considered by a designer or decision maker in MIS.
  • Author’s experience and expertise is mapped with the research paper topic associated with Management Information Systems. This help readers’ to analyze the real – time issues and hurdles faced in the Management Information System and its related technology
  • Argument covers important aspects related to MIS is been covered in the article such as MIS concept, the advantages and practical remedies to correct non functional MIS

Weakness of argument is:

  • Assumptions stated in the research articles focuses more on theoretical aspects of MIS rather than focusing on its practical implications

Other relevant things that I read and understood from the research paper are the increased use of computers and dependency of information systems on computers, interface conditions such as requirement of sophisticated cost – accounting information in logistics systems etc. Other aspects studied from the research article include rapid changes in the company structure and operations which require maintaining an up – to – date information system. Also, high – level challenges faced by the management is also studied.


The research paper titled “MIS is a Mirage” is a very useful article in which author has written his own real – time experience of managing and working with one of the important topics which is management information systems (MIS). This article is very useful for data warehouse designer as article clearly suggest the instructions to be followed for a designer to effectively design and maintain the data warehouse. Instructions include keeping up – to – date Management Information System, effectively design to meet current demands of the company, manage operations effectively etc. article can also be applied to Business Intelligence (BI) as MIS is also a part of any kind of Business Intelligence (BI) in an organization.

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