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Leadership Assignment - Challenges & Problems For Leader - Assessment Answers

November 23, 2017
Author : Charles Hill

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Question: Leadership Assignment

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Leadership Assignment


Analysis the problem(employees attempt suicides) in FOXCONN COMPANY and What are the challenges of Leader if you are a Leader of Foxconn company. what problems face Leader and what should Leader do???

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There is always an argument that leaders are born and not made. To some extent that is true. However, irrespective of what type of a leader one becomes challenges at work place cannot be avoided. Transitioning into a leader and accepting the change is one of the most difficult things and mostly the process is bared with a lot of resistance. It is not possible to avoid the challenges, but how the leader manages the challenges define the future of the leader. According to the case study provided above one of the employees has contemplated suicide. As a leader that is likely to raise so many questions. You may begin asking yourself as to whether you are the cause of the incidence. At that point the leader also questions their leadership styles. Could the leader be too harsh or too firm? Is the leader friendly enough to the rest of the employees? Is the leader accommodative enough to the employees such that they can share their challenges with them? Such are some of the few questions the leader is likely to come across when they hear that one of their colleagues has contemplated suicide.

Upon hearing such news as a leader at Foxconn Company the first thing is to be proactive. No matter how much the situation is the leader must always show some input. That will show the affected employee about the willingness of the leader to help. In addition, the situation will allow the employee to open up and communicate the reasons behind their attempted murder. That may help avoid future occurrences of such behavior. The rest of the employees will also show some interest in helping their colleague probably because they have seen your actions and concern as a leader. On the other hand, it is very important to analyze the cause of the attempted murder of the employee. At this point as a leader engaging the human resource manager and the counselling team is the most appropriate first action. That will allow the employee enough time to cool down and open up. In most cases some employees are not so close to their leaders and therefore may not be in a position to open up and speak out their problems. For that reason, the leader should be in a flexible position to allow the employee communicate with their colleagues and find out the cause of the problem.

In most cases contemplated suicide cases usually arise due to family challenges or job related challenges and usually the root cause may be money. If the case is family related it will be important as a leader to consult close family members and interrogate them about the issue. If possible, close people like the wife, parents, and close friends can be invited and interrogated. That action may help sought out the issue because family members may be having a history of the individual and may give the next best option on how to handle the employee. If the case is job related it may also be necessary to bring in close colleagues and the junior leader if available. Consultations can be done and the issue can be resolved.

As a leader it is important to study some of the behaviors of the employees. Certain queer behaviors are indicators that some things are not right. Prolonged silence at work is one of the signs that things are not right. Problems shared are problems half solved. Socializing and talking is a therapy that releases stress for us humans. For that reason, if someone is not sharing and talking for a long duration of time it is necessary that such people are approached and entertained to enable them share their feelings. As the manager at Foxconn Company I would encourage my employees to always bring out their issues. I would always organize for retreat and seminars where my employees would be free to share and enjoy amongst themselves. To avoid such cases I would also ensure that my employees have enough rest and have enough time with their families. I will also reward my employees no matter how junior they are so that they feel accommodated and part of the company.

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