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Leadership Issues - Leadership of Organisations

November 27, 2017
Author : Alex

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Question: Leadership Assessment

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Leadership Assessment

Case Scenario/ Task

Identify the challenge in establisting a high performing project team, the roles, required knowldge and commitement of the indiviuals, including potential confilets and how this can be handled

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There are a number of challenges associated with the establishment of high performance projects teams. A project, to be successful, always requires high level of commitment from the side of all the team members and this commitment is often referred as high performance. The meaning of high performance in organisational terms mean that all the members of the team are totally focussed on the objective that is required to be achieved and at the same time the concern of managers and leaders is more towards production side. The high performance teams are expected to increase the production in any situation. In this project there is a need to enhance productivity and this is why it is very necessary to develop high performance teams (Batenburg, Walbeek & Maur 2013).To develop high performance teas it is very crucial to understand the challenges that will be faced while doing so and how to overcome those challenges. It is very easy to say this but practically there are a number of challenges associated with high performance teams. The most significant challenge with high performance teams is team cohesiveness. All the members of the team shall be comfortable in working with one another. If any of the members of team is not comfortable then the productivity will get affected and ultimately the performance of all the team members will deteriorate. Thus, a manager shall have to look after making the team cohesiveness. It is again a very difficult task for a leader or a manager to do so. In this case the mines are already facing a tough time and in such a situation it is very important to have a team that only focuses on increasing productivity and nothing else. Another challenge to a high performance team is critical working environment. In this situation the mines are not able to perform well and due to that there is pressure upon management and this pressure can also be traced in work environment of the organisation. In such a case the teams also get pressurized and their performance gets affected. It is very necessary to have a healthy environment in the workplace to maintain high performance teams (kozlowski 2015). The high performance teams need to address the complex workplace environment and this takes huge efforts.

Practically, the high performance teams will help the mines to cope up with the fatal time that they are facing at present. But visibly, it is difficult to make high perform teams. The major challenges in making and developing high performance teams lie with leadership, membership and methods of working together. The major difficulty in developing a high performance team is lack of leadership skills. A leader shall have such skills that it can lead a team in such a way that it becomes a high performance team. Providing better guidance and proper direction is something that a leader is required to do to make the team a high performance team (Fung 2015). In the present situation the leadership skills are not very effective and due to that there will be major challenges when it comes to make a high performance team. There are various other challenges such as trust issues, team loafing, relationship issues, lack of role clarity, poorly designed performance management system, lack of effective dialog, etc. The team members are required to trust each other while working together. If there is no trust among team members then it will lead to non-cooperative behaviour. This non-cooperative behaviour will lead to non-completion of the work. The mine here also faces the same problem. The employees in teams are not willing to trust each other and due to that there are various problems and performance of the team is not high. Loafing is also prevailing in the teams. In this situation the team members think that their efforts are not counted and due to that they do not put many efforts on a task (Mach, Merce & Baruch 2015). Everyone in the team thinks like that and the team end up performing very low as compared to that of set standard. The relationship of all the members of team shall be healthy otherwise a team can never become a high performing team.

There is another significant problem and this problem is related to the clarity of roles and responsibilities. It is very necessary for a leader to clarify the roles of all the team members to avoid any duplication. This is a very crucial challenge in front of the company. The roles of team members are not clear and due to that they are not able to perform as per the set standards. Furthermore it prevents a team from becoming a high performance team. For this project the leader shall make the role clear of all the team members so as to make the team perform well. Except for this a leader is also required to have substantial amount of knowledge to develop a high performing team. The leader shall have proper knowledge about all the tasks that are required to be accomplished. Then the leader shall also know the job description of all the members of the team. The leader shall also be aware of the personality traits of the team members so as to assign them the task as per their personality and ability (Merkys et al. 2006). This is the most significant aspect of the knowledge that is expected from the part of a leader. The level of knowledge of individuals and their level of commitment also play a major role. A high performance team is made up of these two aspects. The individuals in the project team shall know about the tasks that they are required to perform and they shall also posses the specific knowledge. There are many cases in which individuals are not aware of the actual performance and they also do not possess the knowledge that is required to perform their roles and duties in the project team. This further result in decreasing the level of commitment of employees and it ultimately affects the performance of individuals in teams. Thus, a high performance team can only be made when all the individuals are aware of their level of commitment and put in their maximum efforts to perform the task.

Amidst all these, there are high chances that there can be conflicts among tea members. Conflict is defined as a situation in which two or more than two individuals have different thoughts or contradictory views about a particular aspect and they do not talk to each other. Conflict is also a major challenge in front of a leader when it comes to developing a high performance team. The member in team may have different views regarding tasks of project and due to that they might not work effectively. There are two types of conflict that are functional conflict and dysfunctional conflict. As far as the conflict in the team is functional there will not be any problem rather it will help in making the team high performing. But in case the conflict is dysfunctional then it will have adverse effects on the productivity of the team as well as the employees (Lariviere et al. 2015). This conflict will reduce the performance of the team and it will adversely affect the project. There can be a number of reasons behind conflict; these reasons may be role duplicity, irresponsible behaviour, differences in opinions, etc, the matter of concern here is not the cause of conflict but the way to resolve this conflict so as to make the team high performing. The potential conflicts in this project can be loafing, non-cooperative behaviour of team members, conflicting views, unclear roles, burden of task on a few individuals and lack of trust. It is very necessary for the leader to manage these conflicts and be proactive to deal with them. The leader shall have ability to handle these conflicts in a creative manner so as to prevent the organization from its fatal effects. There are a number of ways to deal with the conflict. For this project the leader shall first of all make it sure that all the tasks are divided equally among all the team members. The leader shall also fix a guideline that is to be followed at the time of conflict. The most significant way to deal with conflict at workplace is to adopt Thomas-Kilmann grid (Liang, Shih & Chiang 2015). It provides a proper structure to resolve the conflicts among employees. The grid suggests five styles of handling conflict. Every individual has different mind-set and due to that all of them adopt a different style to resolve the conflict. As per the grid provided by them, the five styles of resolving conflict are collaboration, compromise, compete, avoid and accommodate. There are two axes on which these five styles are based. These axes are one’s own concerns and other’s concerns. This also implies assertiveness and cooperativeness. These two factors help a leader in determining and help in solving the conflicts. For an instance if an individual is high on assertiveness and low on cooperativeness then the style with which he will deal with the conflict situation will be competing. Similarly, if an individual is high on cooperativeness and low on assertiveness then the style with which he will be dealing is accommodating. Hence, this framework will help the leader in resolving the conflict and enable the team members to perform well.

In this manner if a leader is able to control the conflicts among team members and has an ability to resolve the conflicts then it will be very helpful for developing high performance teams for the project. Except for this it is also crucial to overcome all the challenges and test the knowledge and level of commitment of the teams. The leader shall make sure that he will only enable those individuals to participate in the team that are highly committed and have knowledge about the tasks that they will have to perform during the project (Lohikoski 2016). If these three things are considered properly then it will become very easy to develop a high performance team for the project. Challenges are vital part of any project but the most significant part is to overcome those challenges. In this manner, for this particular project the leader shall select highly committed individuals with optimum knowledge and prepare a conflict management plan in advance to handle the potential conflict.

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