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Management and Leadership - Human Service Organisation - Assessment Answer

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Question :Management

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Management Assignment

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Management and leadershipOrganization structure is a key concept in human service sector because it dictates the manner in which interrelationships within an organization link up with each other (Ozzane and Rose, 2012). Both vertical and horizontal relationships exist in an organization. The vertical structure refers to the management structure from the top executive down to the lowest ranks.

All organizations have a culture that shapes all their operations. Organization culture plays a pivotal role in shaping the functions and experiences of workers in an organization (McDonald, Craik, Hawkins, and Williams, 2011). Culture is the basic and fundamental beliefs that workers in an organization hold. For example in a hospital, there is a strict organization culture that is specific to that particular hospital. In addition, there is an organization structure that manages or runs things in that particular hospital.

Organization culture is critical to success in the human service sector such as hospitals. In a hospital therefore is an organization culture that gives that particular hospital an identity and determines the way things are done in that particular hospitals, organization culture has been used to show what has worked for that particular hospital in the past. As such, every employee or person working in that particular environment will operate based on these principles. Most of the practices encapsulated in organization culture are often accepted by everyone working in that particular organization with no leadership organization structure and culture would be impossible to implement. Managerialism and bureaucracy are some of the commonly encountered leadership methods. Although, they are different the two management approaches are commonly found in human services sectors such as hospitals

Bureaucracy is also critical in the management of any organization. This is because it dictates the order in which things are done. Managerialism has also been related to bureaucracy in management settings. Many scholars have considered managerialism as a replacement of the weaknesses presented in bureaucratic regimes. Although bureaucracy mainly focuses on the order in which things are done, managerialism on the other hand, represents a shift in orientation of pubic organizations such as hospitals. Leadership is critical in the human service sector such as in hospitals. In these settings, leadership is mainly in the forms of bureaucracy and managerialism. Bureaucracy has been linked to the inefficiency evident in the human service sector. Taking on a bureaucratic approach slows everything down and results in inefficient delivery of services to people. In the Australian context, managerialism has been used as a new approach to replace the traditional bureaucratic approach that was used in the human service sector (McDonald, Craik, Hawkins, and Williams, 2011)

Managerialism signifies a new set of reforms developed to inspire changes in the human services sector and enhance operations. The human services sector has overlooked the importance of management and leadership. The traditional leadership in the human service sector was mainly characterized by bureaucratic regimes that were not only incompetent but also inefficient in delivering services to people. Therefore, managerialism arises as a new paradigm for changes. A new worker is expected to embrace managerialism as the new method for leadership in the public sector.

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