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Management - Definition of Event - Assessment Answer

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Question: Management

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Definition of EventIntroduction

Today, the events industry is becoming a critical player in the everyday life of the society. People are coming up with various occasions that require events to be organized. However, organizing a good event requires thorough organization and proper planning. This means that one must be able to understand what an event is before planning it. The purpose of this writing therefore, is to examine the different definitions of ‘events’.

Event has been defined as a special occasion or opportunity to have leisure, social or even cultural experience that is outside the normal choices or experiences in everyday life (Getz, 1997). Based on this definition, an event is a unique festival that appears rarely in the life of an individual. The definition by Getz explains the meaning of event from the perspective of a customer or attendee. As definitions expand and become more detailed, their application in real world settings also becomes more difficult. Getz (1997) further comments that “events are transient, consist of unique blend of activities that merge the duration, setting and management of different people in attendance” (p.4)

Bladen et al (2012) defines events as temporary and purposive gathering of people. This definition is simpler than the definition by Metz (1997) and explains the definition from the perspective of events management. The definition by Bladen et al (2012) is proper when one seeks to understand the management processes involved in planning and organizing these events. According to the authors, events have a finite start and end thus explaining the fact that events are temporary. These two definitions of events mean the same thing. However, it is only explained from different angles. The definitions are similar in the fact that both agree on the temporal nature of events. Both scholars argue that events have a definite beginning and end

Other studies also define events on the context of differentiating the different types of events commonly witnessed. Getz (2008) agrees that the spatial-temporal nature of event only applies to planned events. As such, a planned event is an activity outside the normal activity range of people and has a definite beginning and end. Event has also been defined as a onetime occurring outside the normal activity range of the sponsoring body (Goldblatt, 2003). According to this definition, an event is special in nature particularly from the perspective of the guest. It is an opportunity to be happy and engage in new ventures and activities. This definition not only justifies the meaning of specialness, but also synthesizes the uniqueness and quality of events. The definition by Goldblatt is different from the first two definitions because of its focus on the special nature of events.


Despite the different meanings of events, they all serve to give focus and clarity that is critical in event planning. Understanding the meaning of events provides a basis or starting point for proper event organizing and planning. However, it is clear that most of these definitions are contentious and require care.

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