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Nursing- Essay Structure - Assessment Answer

December 29, 2018
Author : Sara Lanning

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Question: Nursing Assignment

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Nursing Assignment

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Solution:Nursing Assignment

For an individual, family is considered as the most intimate social environment. Families are the places, where the vital process of partnership, socialization and survival begins. Families teach their children all these skills, so that they could survive and thrive in the world. A healthy marriage and family is very important resource to fight the difficulties in life. Understanding the place of family within the society is not easy to understand, and for this purpose many theorists have created frameworks focused on families. The family strength framework helps to understand the fact that how families succeed in life’s intrinsic problems. The essay aims towards exploring the concept of family strength framework and its relation to healthcare.

Family Strength Framework and Healthcare

Family could be simply defined as a group of people, who live together and are connected to each other by marriages or by blood. In the current time, the role and definition of the family are being challenged and examined. According to the family ideology, family is considered as the safe and private place for every individual. The families in the contemporary world are the main source to provide socializing skills to children and stabilization to the adults. “The family is one of society’s oldest and most resilient institutions”(DeFrain, and Asay, 2007, p.1). Though the traditional concept of family has weakened and embattled, still family remains the most important social institution. In the contemporary world also families are meant to provide, happiness, liberty, prosperity and equality. There are many contemporary issues that threaten the bonding and roots of the family. Stills families are able to survive throughout the ages. The families also provide the basic social and cultural foundation. It helps the communities to grow and promote well-being of every individual.

All over the world, the concept of family is valued and celebrated. People group themselves in families; I order to find emotional, physical and collective support. By understanding the concept of family, helps to understand its place in the society. Families have inherent strengths that help each member to survive in the world. Since many decades researchers are trying to find a framework that can explain the strengths of the family. Family strength frame work is one such framework that provides world view towards families, and a grounded approach towards them. The family strength framework explains that there is remarkable diversity in human culture and thus families around the world are diverse. Every family has its own strength. Strong marriages are main source of strong families. “If you grew up in a strong family as a child, it will probably be easier for you to create a strong family of your own, as an adult” (DeFrain, and Asay, 2007, p.6). Thus, this strength based model is prepared to identify the strength of various strong families all over the globe, so that they could be used in various other fields.

The incorporation of the family strength framework in the nursing care can enhance the quality of care. The concept of the family strength framework promotes strong and healthy relationships. “Family strengths qualities are (a) commitment, (b) appreciation and affection, (c) positive communication, (d) time together, (e) a sense of spiritual well-being, and (f) the ability to cope with stress and crisis” (Sittner, Hudson, and Defrain, 2007, p. 353). This approach in the nursing care helps the families to look towards the future hopes and resolve family healthcare problems. Thus, family strength assessment could be successfully used in nursing education and care. Nursing care is practiced within culturally competent environment with complexities of various families. Families, who experience psychological issues due to chronic illness are more dependent on the nurses, so that they could assist families in managing the situation through their knowledge in “studying psychosocial issues related to family functioning, family strengths, resilience, and coping with health conditions” (Feeley & Gottlieb, 2000, p. 11). The studies have also shown that patients could be best understood among their social context such as families. Thus family strength framework is very helpful in providing strong foundation to the nursing care and nursing care plans for patients suffering from chronic diseases (Wright, and Leahey, 2012).


Family is the most important part in a life of an individual. Families are meant to provide strength, support and care. Since the existence of human being on the earth, families are considered as the most important family institution. Family strength framework is being used in the healthcare studies, to improve the healthcare practice and patient outcomes. Focusing on the strengths of the families, can help in developing new approach towards practicing better nursing care.

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