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Nursing - History of Healing - Natural Medicine - Julide Turker Naturopathy - Reflective Writing Assessment Answer

March 01, 2018
Author : Ashley Simons

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Nursing Assignment

Assignment Task

Identify one example of natural medicine that is practiced in your local area and find one example based solely online.

You might choose; a naturopath, a holistic vet, an iridologist, a health food/supplement store, a GP offering integrative medicine, a nutritionist, a health coach, a blogger, an energy healer or, a shaman – Get creative, as long as they provide health information, they’re a great example to discuss.

Part A

Describe the businesses and your first impressions; where are they located and, what is their web address? What do they do and, is it clear what they do?

Are you confused or bewildered?

How do they represent themselves in the community; what are their qualifications and, what qualifications do they need? How do they market and promote themselves?

If this were your business, what would you do differently?

Part B

Would you/have you been to see this practitioner or referred your loved ones to use their business? Why/why not? What types of conditions would they be able to treat? Relate your findings, reflections and opinions to the topics covered in the first 6 weeks of this course;

For example; discuss how they fit into the landscape of natural and traditional medicine today and throughout history, how has money/professionalization/green washing/the media helped or hindered the practice of their modality and business throughout history, are they upholding the philosophies and historical traditions of natural medicine based on what you have learnt in the first 6 weeks of this course?

This reflective piece is designed for you to give an honest, raw, reflection of what you see in the online arena and local area

Note 3 marks are allocated for presentation – see the marking guide.

See next page for submission and presentation advice.

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History of HealingPart A

Naturopathy is considered as an alternative of the medicinal treatment that believes that people can be healed without medicinal drugs with the use of other natural resources like control of diet, massages, acupuncture and exercise. The two best example of naturopathy medicine in Melbourne are ‘Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic’ (MNMC) and second is an online naturopathy blogger and naturopath “Julide Turker’.

Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic’ (MNMC)

This clinic that provides comprehensive naturopathy services and it is also leading natural medicine clinic of Melbourne. MNMC is a team of experienced and qualified naturopaths. They provide natural medicine services based on the current research and investigations. The infrastructure of their clinic is dedicated to holistic framework, which is dedicated to healthy lifestyle, diet, nutrients and herbal medication. The services offered by them are TGA/Practitioner approved Australian herbal, medication with all safety standards. All the practitioners working under this clinic are professional, qualified and registered. All the practitioners have degree in health science and advanced diploma and degree in Naturopathy. The qualification is quite relevant to services offered by them. They market and promote themselves through their comprehensive set of services and their website. The information offered by them is also helpful, as they offer services in wide range of fields such as Weight problems, hormonal problems, digestive and anxiety disorders, fertility and IVF support etc. The marketing and promotional strategies used by them are very limited. If it would have been my business that I would have done more online marketing and promotions through twits, blogs, facebook feeds and online advertisements.

  • Julide Turker Naturopathy

Julide Turker is a young naturopath based in Melbourne. Her online blogs and feeds on face book are highly comprehensive and based on natural medicine. Her online blog and website provides the details about her naturopathy treatment. She provides services for weight management, gynecological health and general health and well-being. From the details on her website it is quite clear that what services she provides, but not detailed information can be obtained. Julide is a Masters in Food Engineering and graduated from The University of Melbourne. She works at Doctors of Lalor Plus. They type of information offered for the viewers are not very informative. For the purpose of marketing she uses Facebook, Linkedln, Instgram and her own website. The marketing and promoting strategy used by her e quite efficient, but do not provide much information about the kind of treatment that she can offer. If it would have been my business than I would have used more online techniques, such as blogs related to types of treatment, comprehensive details about benefits of treatment, more community based health related problems. Her online blogs and information are mainly religion based.

Part B

I would refer my loved ones to Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic, because this service understands the concept of naturopathy. They display the importance of diet and massages, which is a core concept of naturopathy. They are able to treat various kinds of conditions related to health issues of men as well as of women. They also provide natural medicinal treatments for children. Due to the changing time and environmental problems can benefit children and their families to live healthy life. MNMC also covers all the aspects of naturopathy such as herbalism, homeopathy, and acupuncture. Throughout history of naturopathy, it is considered as ‘hygienic medicine’, which promotes exercise and natural diet. This natural medicinal service in Melbourne is upholding the historical traditions and philosophies of naturopathy.

The main of the naturopaths is to offer natural medication and avoid any kind of drugs, surgeries, and modern medicines. Naturopathy is considered to be non-invasive and holistic in its approach. Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic definitely offers holistic treatments for th people from any age group. Media never hindered their approach, but it could be used by them to promote their holistic services. This natural medicine clinic is working since 15 years, which has proved that their services are reliable and the team of highly qualified practitioners offers tailored approach to every individual. The word naturopathy stands for ‘natural healing’, thus through their natural healing process they heal a wide range of health problems such as, chiropractic treatment for elderly people, minerals and vitamins deficiencies, immunology, healthy ageing, mental health problems, skin problems, digestive disorders and all other problems that can hinder the way to healthy living.

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