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Organisational Behaviour - Sustaining Innovations - Assessment Answer

February 25, 2018
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question:Organisational Behaviour

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Organisational Behaviour Assignment

Assignment Task

Week 5 Activity Perception

Choose a film that you have seen recently, and which you particularly enjoyed. Now find a friend or colleague who has seen the same film, and who hated it.

Discuss your views of that particular film. What factors (age, sex, background, education, interest, values and beliefs, political views, past experience) can you identify that explain the differences in perception between you and your friend or colleague?

Week 6 - Motivation take a look at the UK’s 50 best places to work, as well as the 100 best workplaces in Europe.

Find out what these companies do to motivate their staff.

Week 7 Activity (GroupBehaviourand Team at Work)

Please read the following case study from your prescribed textbook and answer the 3 questions at the end:

Case Study: "Why don’t teams work like they’re supposed to?" p.263

Week 8 Activity (Leadership)


Watch the following video: Leadership Theories in 5 minutes)


Answer the following questions:

1. What is the difference between trait andbehaviourtheories of leadership? are the theories valid?

2.How can organisations select and develop effective leaders? provide 1 example.

Week 9 (Power & Politics)

Please read the following case study from your prescribed textbook and answer the 4 questions at the end:

Case Study: Delegate power or keep it close?" p.360

Week 10 (Conflict & Negotiations)

Please read the following case study from your prescribed textbook and answer the 3 questions at the end:

Case study: "Choosing your battles?"p.391

Week 11 (OrganisationalChange)

Answers the following questions:

1. Identify three to five sustaining innovations that have affected you over the past year.

2. Identify three to five disruptive innovations that have affected you. Did you welcome these innovations because they were Beneficial’s, or did you have cause to complain?

Week 12 (Cultures)

Based on your studies ofOrganisationalBehaviourin the past 11 weeks, explain whether interpersonal skills, motivation, groupbehaviour, leadership style, conflict management, structure, predominant leadership style, training and HRM practices are all culturally relative.

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Activity-1Week 6 – Motivation:

The best workplaces of UK and Europe have their own unique ways of motivating their staff. Following are some of the common ways of motivation:-

  • These workplaces provide a strong company culture for the employees to grow with trust & recognition.
  • They ensure greater engagement through a clear & compelling vision that excites the employees.
  • Rather than traditional directional or command approach, they provide opportunities to the staff to contribute and collaborate.
  • The best workplaces provide a flexible working environment ensuring better work-life balance for the employees.
  • They practice a total reward approach with great significance on intrinsic rewards.

Activity 2

Week 8 Activity (Leadership)


  • According to the trait theory, the emphasis is on some innate qualities of the good leaders. It is believed that the leaders are born with certain qualities such as superior communication, integrity and decision making skills etc. On the other hand, behavior theory rejects the notion of born leaders. According to this theory, the leaders can be developed with effective environment and excellent training.

  • Organizations can select and develop leadership by proper alignment with their business objectives. For example, an Oracle Whitepaper of June, 2012 named “Seven Steps for Effective Leadership Development” emphasizes on determining the best leadership style of the organization in the first step.


Activity 3:

Week 5 Activity Perception

Recently, I watched the movie named “Suicide Squad” with one of my colleagues. I really liked the film in contrast to my colleague who didn’t like it.

The film was a classic antihero film based on DC Comics. As I have been a great fan of DC Comics, so the factors of “interest” and “past experience” can be considered as key reasons of my admiration. But, my colleague was not well aware of the characters of the film and as an admirer of Drama & Biographical movies, he did not enjoy it. Moreover, his values and background were not in proper synchronization with the content of the film.

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