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Project Management - Project Charter - Case Study Assessment Answer

November 21, 2018
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question:Project Management Case Study

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Project Management Case Study Assignment

Assignment Task1

The project can be:

One that you are presently involved in or project happening in the future in which you will be involved – either business or social project.

A hypothetical but relevant project

Produce a PROJECT CHARTER, using the template herein

  • Problem / Opportunity Statement
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Benefits , KPIs
  • Deliverables , High-level Requirement(s) , Exclusions
  • Cost, Timeframe, Risks, (no marks - just provides experience of completing a full charter)

Produce a REQUIRMENTS TRACEABILITY MATRIXusing the template herein, list 4 requirements then trace to features in the final deliverables

Create a Work Break Down Structureusing the template herein:(list format, not chart format). (Note: the WBS must contain at least 15 work packages. If you have a large project, provide the top-level elements, and decompose 1,2 or 3 of these elements so that at least 15 work packages are created).

Describe a possible SCOPE CHANGErequested by the sponsor. Fully evaluatethe requested change. Produce and explain the revised sections of WBS, assuming that the change is accepted

Assignment Task2

In answering the case study, make any necessary but reasonable assumptions. Support any answers wil direct reference to the text in the case study

What are the :

  • Deliverable(s )
  • benefits .And suggest one suitable KPI for one of the benefits
  • strategic alignment

Describe one specificproject planning problem encountered in this project, and how it may have been avoided or better managed. (8 marks) (200-300 words)

Describe one specificexample ofgood project planning in the project.

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1.1The Project deliverables

The table below outlines the requirementsthat the project processes must fulfill so that he project objectives might be achieved.

The project deliverables

project deliverables

project deliverables

1.2High-level Requirement

High-level Requirement


1.3Purpose of employee recognition Project Charter

The employee recognition Project Charter documents will help in improving the ability of the government in the process of attracting and recruiting high-quality candidates. The candidates employed will provide a competing advantage to the private sectors and the other levels of governments. It will also provide a coordinated response to tackle and improve the employee engagement (Soderlund & Müller, 2014). It also enhances the perceptions that are usually relayed through the surveys that are performed on the government employees.

1.4Strategic Alignment

The project charter will form the fundamental element used by the corporate human resource in planning. It also helps in improving and making the workplace healthier and conducive. It provides a complementing role that it basis is established upon the existing departmental process of activity recognition. The human resource value will also be complemented by the project charter (Soderlund & Müller, 2014). It is used by co-operating organizations as the element that guides the management in the evaluation of performance and output.


The proposition of the project is intended to provide a fundamental compendium of the employee recognition by the governments. The project will include the process of recognizing activities and performances that are performed by all the departments that are found in government departments. It also helps in addressing to components of recognitions. These recognitions include both the departmental component and the corporate component (Jugdev, 2016). The project will involve the designing of guidelines that will help in governing the both the department and the corporate components. The project framework, summary of the research, tools and guidelines need to be developed and implementation processes undertaken.


However, the project will be exclusive of the mandatory components.



1.8 Risks



1.9 Project charter approval

The below undersigned acknowledge that they have thoroughly reviewed the Recognition Framework for EmployeesProject Charterand provide authorization and funding.

roject charter approval


Question one

  1. Deliverables in François Lacasse project management

In project management, deliverables are products and services that are the client receives. Deliverables are characteristically described by their due date; they are tangible specific and are measurable. They can be given to both the internal and the external customer and meet the expectations stated in a milestone that is created in the project plan. It can be a document designed, training program, software product or other assets that are needed to the project plan (Jugdev, 2016). For example, the software products in project management could be a software program that requires to be written by a specific timeline. When the clients are being given software products that are customized, they are referred to as deliverables and are numbered as they are being released.

Benefits in project management

The benefits are derived from project management provide satisfaction to all those who are involved in the project processes. Those who are involved include the manager, the stakeholders, the customers, and the project team (Rose, 2013). Some of the common examples of the benefits include the following:

  1. One of the common benefits of project management is the improvement in the efficiency of service delivery. Through project management, a roadmap that is easy to follow is designed. The designed roadmap considers the best available approach to accomplishing the objectives that the project is out to achieve. Thus, resulting in greater productivity.
  2. It also leads to improved customer satisfaction. Proper project management leads to the completion of the project in time and thus, the customer become happy.
  3. It also improves the efficiency of delivering services by using the successful project strategies in future projects.
  4. Better project management improves the flexibility by providing an opportunity that enables one to outlines the strategies that can be helpful in completing the project.
  5. Another benefit is the improvement of quality. It enhances effectiveness, and thus considerably increasing the quality if the project output.

iii)Strategic alignment

It is very important for the project management to ensure that the project operations are aligned with the overall strategic vision and objectives of the project. The project manager should have the professionals and significant knowledge that be used in ensuring that the activities and actions of the project team are focused on achieving the project objectives (Mir & Pinnington, 2014).

Question 2

During project planning, teams often show their dissatisfaction that they accurate or updated information in regards to their resources. Many project teams show more demands for participation in projects than they have the number of members that will provide the requisite efforts to execute the project requirements. In the project, this challenge was solved through the process of combining meetings. For example, team meetings are scheduled to be done weekly. It helps in outlining the roles and responsibilities that members will be handling. It worked initially. However, it is greatly affected by the by the pace of the working environment (Hwang & Tan, 2012). For example, in an interactive agency that has fast moving paces of work and many daily changes to working schedules loses many hours that would otherwise be used in productivity as role assignment to members are done once per week.

The project teams that do not use the centralized projects management’s software often consider the use of Excel spreadsheet in managing the workloads. However, many still comment that it is tedious because it is very cumbersome practice. In the project, the management also benefitted from the process of leveling a single project that is in Microsoft Project. Contrarily, project managers who use desktop software usually experience challenging moments when they are trying to understand the amount of work and the corresponding allocated resources.

Question 3

While the process of using project management skills is critical for project managers, it is important that the choice of tools that are used become helpful to everybody that is involved in the project. For example, it is not necessary for an activity to be referred as the 'project' so that the project methods to become useful. All the tasks in the project (including the small task) can benefit from an exquisite decision-making tool. It is imperative to consider the entire projects task during planning. It is the best management tool that can be used in consideration of the project activities (Hwang & Ng, 2013).

For any of the projects task to be successfully carried out, it requires better preparation through the utilization of the few project management methods that are incorporated into the management process. The project management methods are very helpful during the planning and management processes of all the tasks in the project. It is very useful, especially when handling a complex set of activities. Therefore, the central tool in project management is planning. Project planning tool is for more useful and very important that the way people assume (Müller, 2014). Thus, project planning tools are useful for project task and can yield different outcomes.

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