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Reflective Journal - Cultural Humility - Assessment Answer

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Question: Reflective Journal

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Reflective Journal Assignment

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reflective journal

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Cultural Humility

Understanding a certain group of people is the key to success in organisation. Benefits of utilising culture humility approach to engage with people are many. Culture humility helps people understand the strengths of different cultures. These cultures when understood will help to increase our knowledge about diversity and also helps to bond with people more closely (, 2016). People are more comfortable when they are familiar with other person’s culture (Medium, 2016). In working environment it is necessary to have respect, so for respectful partnership it is important to acknowledge and challenge the power imbalance inbuilt in client dynamics (The Social Work Practitioner, 2013). Cultural competency is the first step that is initiated which helps people to have care and concern about different race, ethnicity, nationality, colour, religion towards other people in the organisation even with clients. Cultural humility is basically accepting the limitations within our self. It is not being weak or submissive but it should be understood that one’s knowledge is limited about what a different culture is. People who practice cultural humility work to increase their self awareness and how to learn from clients (, 2016).

According to me the personal challenges that will be faced while practising cultural humility with people who are from different culture is to understand and learn about different culture and what attitude and values they have. As cultural competency is the limitation within our self, we have to get knowledge about different cultures and approach the clients humbly to learn about it. People will not be as excited as you so it is important to stay patient and learn things (Medium, 2016). Best communication skills have to be used to interact with clients. Best listening skills and open minded questions have to asked to know about different cultures in depth. These skills have to developed gradually which will help to gain knowledge. This is not just about gaining knowledge but it also has to be practiced in real life. The knowledge gained has to be put into action in life and interact with people of other culture to succeed.

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