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Reflective Journal - Experience Of Privilege - Assessment Answer

January 02, 2017
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question:Reflective Journal

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Reflective Journal Assignment

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There are instances where people within the society are often victims of marginalization, exclusion, privilege, and oppression. This is a disadvantage that people often go through. There are various causes that result of this treatment. In some cases, the occurrence of diseases and certain appearances, among others, may cause some people to be treated in a different manner by others who think they are normal (Neukom, 2007). Many societies often term this as a disadvantage because of the negative effects it often brings to the people.


This social act brings a negative impact on the people who are facing the discriminatory act. In Australia, pregnancy was linked to women's oppression. Men within the society were ranked to more privileged than women (Goodman, 2011). They were capable of doing more strenuous activities than women. This turned out to be expensive to the Australian society. These acts of discrimination cost more than finances to the people of Australia. They hinder economic progress from taking place and they disrupt peace and unity within the society. However, the relevant government agencies are trying their best to eradicate these practices in the hope of making Australia a better place. For example, women were considered to be weak in the society. This reduced their productivity, which would have helped in growing and developing the country because the women were not allowed to engage in some tasks. The Australian society will lose a good reputation if this goes on. This would have turned the international community away from Australia. All these collective disadvantages would have cost the country far much more than what money could offer them (Skaggs, 2008). Ultimately, the country will be ranked as one of the worst countries in the world. This is highly harmful to the Australian society and will cost them a lot.


People need one another to live happily. This is because human beings are social creatures. For this reason, they require to interact with one another and keep each other in check. This interaction brings development within the society they live. For this reason, discrimination and oppression bring about lack of unity and peace. The cost of depression can be greater than any financial value and can result in the degradation of the society as a whole.

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