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Research Concept - Client Satisfaction - Assessment Answer

January 03, 2017
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question:Research Concept

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Research Concept Assignment

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Background Study:

The main area of this research is to understand the customer satisfaction of travellers in the hotels and find how it can be improved. Gone are the days when travellers would be happy just by “thank you” and “please” (, 2016). Now a day’s a lot of travellers look out for good customer service, food, beverages and hospitality and not just pleasing words. So it is very important for hotels to satisfy all customers. One such hotel is Shangri la. Shangri la hotel was founded in the year 1971 by Robert Kuok. The company has around 111 hotels and resorts and 38,000 rooms (, 2016).Each employee of the hotel is a bridge between customer and management (Davidson, 2003). So each staff strives to provide luxurious treatment to satisfy all customers. Therefore the main objective of this research is to understand the perception of customers regarding service quality and how important the customer satisfaction is for Shangri la hotel (markovic, 2016).

Problem statement:

The purpose of this study is to examine the level of customer satisfaction of travellers visiting Shangri la hotel.

Research objectives:

  • To determine the perception of service quality of Shangri la hotel
  • To find out the overall experience of the customers in Shangri la hotel
  • To determine if the customers will return again to the hotel

Data requirement:

The data needed will be quantitative research conducted on the customers of the Shangri la hotel. This quantitative analysis will be conducted by the hotel staff. By conducting quantitative analysis on the customers the perception of the customers can be known. This is also helpful to know overall experience of customers and the possibility to return to the hotel. Primary data is collected by taking questionnaire survey. Secondary data is collected by examining the existing records of survey.

Proposed research methods:

The proposed research method to find perception of the customers is group of people to take up the survey questions. The survey questions will consist of what customers think in terms of hospitality and service. Customers based on their experience of their stay in hotel will answer the questions of the survey. Also feedback from the customers is required to know their overall experience in the hotel. This will be a survey taken by the customers while checking out from hotel. This feedback form can be compared with older ones to know if there is any change in the service provided by hotel. To determine if the customers will return again to the hotel another survey has to be taken. This can be conducted on the customers who have already visited hotel. This survey will be usually conducted on people of age group 20-50 who travel frequently. Validating secondary data i.e. existing records with new records the hotel can find out the level of improvement in customer satisfaction.

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