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Strategic Management -Corporation Identification - Report Writing Assessment Asnswer

December 08, 2018
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question:Strategic Management

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Strategic Management Assignment

Assignment Task

1) Corporation Identification

  1. Identify an organisation with product or service portfolios that span multiple business units.
  2. In your discussion define, with reference to scholarly articles, the term “corporation”. ii. In your discussion define, with reference to scholarly articles, the terms “product portfolio” and “service


2) Corporate Research

  1. Business Unit Identification.
  2. Identify the separate business units within the corporation.
  3. In your discussion define, with reference to scholarly articles, the term “Business Unit”. b. Identification of Product and Service Lines.
  4. Identify the separate product and service lines of the corporation.
  5. In your discussion define, with reference to scholarly articles, the terms “product lines” and “servicelines”.

3) Corporation Revenue Centres

  1. Identification of Revenue Centres.
  2. Identify which product and service lines are creating the greatest revenues for the corporation.
  3. In your discussion define, with reference to scholarly articles, the term “revenue”.

4) External Environment Analysis

  1. Identify the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal operating environments for each businessunit.
  2. In your discussion define, with reference to scholarly articles, the terms Political, Economic, Social, Technological,
  3. Environmental and Legal.
  4. Provide a definition of the term “operating environment”.

5) Source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  1. Identify the source of sustainable competitive advantage for each business unit.
  2. In your discussion define, with reference to scholarly articles, the four factors of sustainable competitive


6) Strategic Direction

  1. Make recommendations for the future strategic direction for the organisation.
  2. In your discussion define, with reference to scholarly articles, the term “strategic direction”.

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Task 1 – Corporate Identification

An organization which is present with multiple business units that is considered for the study is Telstra. The company is a leading in the telecommunications and information services sector and offers full range of service which allows it compete in the telecommunication markets. the company provides 17.2 million mobile services, 7.0 million fixed voice services and 3.4 million retail fixed broadband services in the country which makes it Australia’s largest and fastest national mobile network (Telstra, 2016).

According to Rothaermel, Hitt & Jobe (2006) a corporation is defined as entities which meets the legal requirements in order to have a legal existence which is distinct from its owners. Corporations are owned by shareholders where the profits made by the company are shared with them. It consists of three distinct characteristics which include that it has legal existence where the firm can buy, sell or enter into a contract like a person. The second is that that the owners have a limited liability when it comes to the obligations to creditors and is limited to the resources of the firm. The third is that the firm can have a life span which is beyond that of its owner since the shares can be transferred for the same.

Hammer and Champy (2009) explains product portfolio as the range of items which are sold by the business and consist of all the products that is sold by a corporation. A product portfolio may consist of different categories of products along with different lines of products. The products can be classified on the basis of the BCG matrix which is based on the market share of the products and the growth rate which a product may enjoy. This help the product manager to as ether decision on the type of investment each product may require and the returns expected from that product.

The service portfolio consist of the all the information of all the service that is offered by an organization as outlined by Biehal & Sheinin (2007). The service portfolio allows the service provided to ensure that it is offering the right combination of services to its customers in order to meet their needs and demands.

Task 2 - Corporate research

A. Business Unit Identification

Telstra, Australia has a number of bsuiness units that is listed below

Telstra Retail – It consists of the provision of telecommunication products , services and solutions when it comes to mobiles , internet, fixed and mobile broad band, Pay TV/IPTV and telephony for consumer as well as medium sized enterprises. It also consist of call cenres that receives the incoming and outgoing calls along with the Telstra shop and the Telstra dealership network

Global Enterprise and Services - consist of the management of the government and the large business in Australia and around the globe along with the management of networks which are outside Australia. Also consist of managements of Data and Internet Protocol (IP) networks and Network Applications and Services (NAS) products. The development of the vertical solution that is based on the company’s networks and technology

Telstra Wholesale - provider of a wide range of products and services that are associated with support systems to other carriers, carriage service providers and internet service providers

Telstra Operations – It include the overall plan, design, engineering and architecture and construction of Telstra networks and information technology solution. It also consists of provision of certain networks under the revised NBN Definitive Agreements (Battistella, 2014)

According to (Maas & Matejka, 2009), a business Unit is defined as a profit making centre whose focus lies on the product offering and the market segment. The business units usually have their own marketing plan, competitive analysis and the marketing campaign though they may be part of a larger bsuienss corporation. It is a segment of the company which represent a specific business function and it has definite place on the organizational chart of a company (Kaplan & Norton, 2005)

B. Product and Service line Identification

The company has a separate product lines which is given below

Fixed - It consists of the fixed lines which are used for voice calls for all the business segments of the company which includes retail, wholesale, big businesses etc

Mobile – It consist of the of the mobile network of the company that is the voice calls which the various segments make through their cell phones

Data and IP- the data consist of the internet usage by the consumers of different business elements md the transfer of data which is used by them. It also consist of other products Within Data and IP, like other data and calling products, which include wholesale internet and data, inbound calling products and other global products and solutions

NAS – Strong area of growth for the company which is the advances in technology in the cloud computing area and increasing storage space for its consumers

Media - It includes the provision Telstra Media of content related experiences in order to differentiate and add value to their core access products. The bards within this are Media ‘In the Home’ includes Foxtel from Telstra, Telstra TV device sales, Foxtel on T-Box, Big Pond Movies, Presto and relationships with all free to air providers (Telstra, 2016)

The service lines of the company consist of retail business, whole sale business, global business and the operational aspect of the business which service different groups of people according to their needs (McKay et al., 2011).

Product lines can be defined as the group of related products under a single brand name which is sold by the same organization. Companies have many products under the various brands that they have as explained by Hartmann & Maas (2010). The expansion of product lines allows the company to broaden their consumer base since consumer tends to buy more products from brand that they are familiar with. Song and Parry (2009) explains that the service lines of a corporation are the grouping of all the products and services which are related a particular division of the business. The service line allows companies to allocate their resources according such that the organization can derive maximum benefits from it.

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