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What are the Political and Social Implication of Wearable Technology - Essay Writing Assessment Answers

November 29, 2017
Author : Julia Miles

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What are the political and social implication of wearable technology?

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Wearable technologies refer to those devices that can easily be worn by individuals for different purposes. It includes glasses, watches, clothes, calculator, bracelets, shoes, ties, etc. All these devices work in a different manner and they all have different impacts. Wearable technologies have various social as well as political impacts. Like all the other inventions the impact of wearable technologies is also positive as well as negative. This essay intends to ascertain the social as well as political implications of wearable technology.

The social implication

The devices that have been invented in line with wearable technology have a number of implications to the society. There have been many examples in the past that suggests that wearable technology has been proved to be very beneficial to the society. The hidden cameras and spy cameras can easily track malicious activities going around and then it becomes very easy to prevent these kinds of activities and protect society from this. These devices are now become a part of security and due to these devices people now feel safe. Wearable technologies have also helped in reducing the crime to a very great extent (Kanis & Winters, 2005).This is because of the fact that these days a number of people wear some king of technology and in that the incidents get tracked and recorded very easily. This enables the police and individual to easily find out the persons who have committed the crime and this further helps in preventing the crime rates. This is the biggest implication of wearable technology on the society. At the present the implication of wearable technology is neutral on the citizens and the society but in coming time this impact will get enhanced and the crime rates will get reduced massively. Other devices that have changed the society and have benefitted the society are health devices. These devices are very trending these days and they have been able to make people healthy by keeping a track on their calorie intake, workout, etc. (Ali & Green, 2012).The implications of wearable technology are that the society is now becoming healthy and fit. The consciousness to stay fit has increased in the society and this is only because of the wearable devices. The wearable technology has also reduced the lying. There are various devices that have prevented lying and due to that the society has benefitted massively. There are various other aspects such as Google Latitude that helps in geotagging and there are many other features of it that are beneficial for the society.

A survey also suggested that wearable technologies have helped a number of individuals in career development. It shall be noted that wearable technologies are helpful in many occupations and business and due to that a number of individuals are able to advance their career and achieve success. In US and UK majority of individuals support the fact that they are able to keep a proper track on their lives with the help of wearable technology and control it (Kortuem & Segall, 2008). These devices have also helped individuals to stay in touch with their friends and relatives and enhance their social networks by being creative. This is also because of the fact that their efficiency and productivity have been increased because of wearable devices and thus they get in touch with their relatives and friends. There has been a research called “The human cloud: Wearable technology from novelty to productivity”, has found out that much funfare from Americans and British user surrounding these devices (Davenport, 2013). Eighty tow percent of wearable technology users in America and seventy one percent in Britain are of the opinion that these cloud-powered devices are enhancing their lives. This is something that is the implication of wearable technology on the society. There are various other devices such as heating systems, smart fridges, baby monitors, etc that are also supposed to provide massive benefits to the society.

With a number of benefits and positive social implications of wearable devices, there are a number of negative implications as well. Some researchers are of the opinion that these devices will leave a fatal effect on the society in next few years. They suggested that a few devices are in progress and these devices are such that they will trap every moment of an individual. So if another individual wants to have a look on the life of some other individual he/she can do that and in this way there will be no privacy in the society and this will also result in increase in the conflicts among the members of the society (Dunne, 2008). There have been events when these devices have not been able to produce proper results because of improper data management and this is when their implication is almost neglected. These devices are also said to be fatal for the privacy of the society because they have tendency to track everything and this is also a negative implication of the wearable devices.

The political implication

The political impact of wearable device is also massive and they can’t be ignored. Again the wearable technology is beneficial as well as fatal for politics. It is both ways, the politics is also affected by wearable technology and wearable technology is also affected by the politics. There are many countries in the world where the government has banned some of the wearable technology including Google Glasses. It is predicted that optical head-mounted displays and smartwatches are going mainstream in a little amount of time. This is a matter of debate in political lobbies because some suggests that it will help in boosting up the lives of the individuals while some other suggests that it will erode privacy and harm politics. While there are researchers who have proved that wearable technologies will be very helpful in the growth of the countries and because of that a number of politicians from different countries are supporting these devices. The politicians are able to use these devices for campaigning purposes and tracking the response of the citizens and then acting as per the response (McAtamney & Parker, 2010). Not only is this, it also helps in reminding the politicians about what their citizens expect out of them and what course of action they shall adopt to fulfil this. With this there are various other benefits of wearable devices to the politics and this also implies that the implication of politics on wearable technology is also positive. This is clear with the fact that many politicians are backing up wearable devices by investing in these ventures. Many researchers claim that wearable technology is a hyped-up investment and due to that its implication somehow becomes negative. The political implication of this new technology is also that the private and public companies can work together to develop the economy of the country and with this the politicians will also be able to able to make contributions into development. The wearable technology also give easy access of internet to the political parties and due to that they can easily make their future agendas and get in touch with the public of their areas and resolve their problem (Ye et al., 2014). This has made problem solving very easy in the localities where political parties govern and due to that they are also able to leave a perpetual effect on the citizens. Not only is this, these wearable devices also help in calculating the budget on-the –go and this further helps the politicians to assign resources for the purpose of development and this implies that the entire process has become flawless and speedy In this manner the wearable technology is very positive for the politicians as far as their objective achievement is concerned. Along with this a number of other aspects are prevailing that have made these devices unsuccessful. There are various conservative countries around the world and the political leaders belonging to those countries have strictly prohibited these devices to be used in their countries.

As a matter of fact these devices can be used for the purpose of spying in other countries and this can lead to political disruptions. There have been a few matters in the past when spies have used hidden cameras to record the conversations and these conversations have been further used to exploit the politicians. This has also destroyed the diplomatic relations of a few countries and it also resulted in war situations in some countries. The political situations have also been affected to a very great extent. In this manner wearable technologies have both positive as well as negative implications.


Wearable technology is one such invention that is beneficial for mankind but it has numerous disadvantages. As the analysis suggests that wearable technology has positive implication on society and politics. There are numerous advantages that make wearable technology a must have these days and because of the investment in this technology has also increased. At the same time the fatal effects of this technology is making it difficult for various individuals whether to adopt this or not. The society is very secure and safe because of wearable technology but its fatal impact such as eroding privacy is making it tough for people to adopt this technology. Similarly, the politicians are getting numerous advantages of wearable technology such as intense development, timely achievement of goals, etc. but at the same time other fatal implications like spying is something that is preventing the use of wearable devices. In this manner it depends upon the society and politician about how they use this wearable technology to make most of it.

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