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December 24, 2017
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question:Business Communication

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Business Communication Assignment

Assignment Task

Choose an organisation (a real one)

  • Digital Communication Platforms (DCP) o Social Network Platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn).
  • Yammer (internal)
  • Content Publishing Platforms (e.g., YouTube, Blogs)
  • Websites
  • Search tools (e.g., Google)
  • Email Lists and e-newsletters
  • Analytics tools (e.g., Seismic, Hootsuite, salesforce)
  • Mobile
  • The purpose /aim of the digital communication platform for the organisation
  • How will this DCP help the organisation ?
  • Who is the target audience ?
  • What are the key tools and platforms are you going to use (see above)
  • What approach are you going to take to leverage these platforms to get the results you are seeking to get (e.g., share and like on Facebook; invite your target audience to a group on LinkedIn, retweet Twitter updates).
  • What changes need to be made to the organisational design, and allocation of resources to implement and maintain this DCP? Staffing requirements.
  • Prepare internal guidelines for staff on how to use this DCP (e.g., to handle customer complaints, negative and positive feedback, PR successes and disasters).
  • Consider the content –the selection of topics to be communicated.
  • Timings for the project. Development of the project and launch. Outline key project milestones with dates

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Digital Communication Platforms

The world has turned up to be a small world thanks to social media and internet connectivity. Irrespective of that the internet has been cursed and blessed at the same time. The internet has been accused of causing laziness while others thank the internet for improving communication and business in the world. Starbucks Parramatta is a coffee house chain of business located in Australia. The company has some few branches located in some other parts of the world. The coffee houses are also best known for their Wi-Fi connectivity. The company introduced e-commerce to enable consumers to order for their roasting bites and coffee through the internet or online. However, under certain circumstances consumers may require refund or may want to share their queries. That requires the help of digital communication platform that will easily locate the customer’s feedback and queries and act on them. Social network platforms are the best forums to share such information because of the large population of people found on them. A Facebook page and a Twitter handle therefore becomes the social network platforms that would be applicable in this case.

The target audience will be the frustrated customers who cannot handle or find the respective menu they are looking for. In addition, frustrated customers who require refunds because they were charged excess or they were not satisfied with the services offered by the company can also share their frustrations through these platforms. The digital platforms will give Starbucks Company the advantage of finding feedback from the consumers at a faster rate. It will also be easy for Starbucks to rate their services as well as locating the missing meals and providing them immediately.

Consumers will be expected to share their frustrations on the Facebook page or Tweet their frustrations through the Company’s Twitter handle. Their queries will be then located and handled individually by the staff. In order to sustain the numerous amount of queries that would be coming up the company requires to upgrade its customer care services. That will be including employing more labor force and serving them with the latest computers with the best internet connectivity. In addition, the Company will also have to ensure that the services are offered 24/7 in order to satisfy the consumers all over the world. A good database would also be required and an upgrade of the data system is also required in order to improve customer care services for the company.

The staff will have to be trained on how to handle customer’s queries. Departmental sections will have to be created through the platforms so that specific queries are handled with the specified professionals. The staff would also be educated on the language used to communicate with consumers in order to maintain a good customer relation. Launching the project would not take longer since almost all the consumers possess Facebook and Twitter software on their phones or computers. One week would be all that is required to train different employees under different departments and the launch of the digital communication platforms.

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