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May 24, 2018
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Question: Business Foundations Assignment

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Question: Report Writing Assignment

Business Foundations Assignment

“The purpose of this assessment is to enable and actively engage students to lead their own action. Along with applying the knowledge and skills gained from learning about local, national and global issues, students will besupported in the development of the necessary skills of problem/opportunity identification and actionplanning, necessary to be pro-active in making a positive difference in the world. This is also designed to provide an opportunity for students to work collaboratively and respectfully with a range of students fromdiverse backgrounds.Each group will have ONE socially-based problem or opportunity which could be a local, national or globalissue/opportunity relevant to some aspect of diversity, equity, social inclusion and engagement, which requires a proposal for a solution or offers an opportunity for development that will involve an aspect of social

advancement.As a small group, you must be able to define the scope of the issue/opportunity through inquiry/research,critically analyse the issue and arguments regarding the nature/importance of the issue; and offer solutions to the issue or a means of realising the opportunity.”

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We have now become so immune to hearing about usage of drugs in the society that it no longer seems to phase us, especially about the rate of increase in drug usage amount the youth. It has become a trend among the teenagers and the young adults to make use of drugs so much so that it has now become an intrinsic part of the parties that the youth attends and throws for friends. However this issue of drug abuse is now going out of the hands of the parents of the abuser and the friends and family members around them as well. This rate of drug abuse has certainly escalated in the past few years and more and more young adults are now looking at drugs as a form of recreation. There was a survey conducted by the National Drug research Institute in the United States of America that found that were more than 21,789 arrest made on the issue of drug abuse in the year 2013 and 2104 alone which had most of people to be in the age groups of 16-21 years (, 2016). Drugs seem to have a great impact on the users and it affects the physical and the mental status of the individual who has been consuming them. It has also been found that children who are aged 15 have said that they have tried drugs at least once in their lives and these alarming rates can impose significant danger to the society that we live in. it not only effects the individual but the society as well and if no steps were taken to prevent this issue from escalating further, drug abuse would become as common as smoking in the world (, 2016).


The main objective of this social action plan is mentioned below:

  1. To reduce the amount of drug abuse instances that take place in teenagers
  2. To reduce the harmful impacts that drug abuse can have on its users
  3. To make the youth become more aware of the harmful impacts of using drugs and how it could have a bad impact on their friends and loved ones as well.
  4. To make the users understand that there is help available in the form of community support groups and rehabilitation centers where they can seek help.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

While devising this action plan, we sat down and interviewed a few imperative people that included a physiatrist, a counselor, a general physician and the family members of the individuals who make use of drugs, these people helped us to get an inside view on how drug abuse can change the lives of so many people and the person who makes use of them as well.

The councilor will be able to provide us with the help that is needed to understand the actions that need to be taken in such cases, while the general physician will help us to devise a time frame that will be needed to undertake such a program without any instances of a relapse. The psychologist is the most important person in this group as he will be able to explain us the various methods from the philosophical point of view that can be taken to deal with this issue of drug abuse and find a suitable solution to deal with it.

Key risks while implementing the plan

During the implementation of any action plan one needs to be aware of the considerate risks that could be involved while implemented it, some of the risks for reducing the rising numbers of drug abuse have been mentioned below:

  1. Some of the youth have become so used to the concept and idea of making use of drugs that they choose to ignore that warning signs and the harmful impacts that it could have on their lives thus the entire social action plan could be a complete waste if the main issue is not addressed (EGGERT and HERTING, 1991).
  2. The comprehensive knowledge that the social action plan provides could equip the students and the youth to try out drugs just for fun since they will know how these drugs act on the system.
  3. While implementing the plan a lot of people who come from broken families may further take to drug abuse since they will have the information that usage of drugs can ruin relationships as well and since they themselves do not have a strong family support system they may have the urge to take to drug abuse.

Evaluation Methods to be followed:

1. How to reduce the impact of drug usage in the youth

Education plays a pivotal role in reducing the cases of drug abuse, hence the government needs to come up with programs that can help an individual to understand about the harmful effects drug abuse can have. Also educating the students in schools about the ill effects of drug abuse must be undertaken so that they can be taught at a young age so that they can have all the knowledge that is needed to raise their awareness.

2. make the usage of drugs an offence where the individual is forced to seek rehabilitation for a certain time period:

Undergoing rehabilitation for the drug abuse should become mandatory for those who are drug offenders and care should be taken that they are monitored by the community support groups from time to time so that they do not fall back into the trap.

3. make the society aware of the impact that drug abuse can cause on the people around the abuser:

We all are aware that when there is a drug abuser in the family it creates an impact on the people all around the abuser. The relationships in the house can get ruined if there is an abuser, the family may have to deal with constant outburst that the user can have when he or she does not get their supply of drugs, it can make them violent and pose as a threat to other members of the family (Regehr, 1993). Hence it is essential that this topic should be advertised on a prominent basis so that people can become aware that using drugs can cause relationships to be broken as well. The internet plays an intrinsic role in our lives hence taking so social media platforms can be of immense help while promoting the harmful impacts of drug usage in teenagers and the young adults in today’s time. Also conducting plays in schools can help to educate the children at school how making use of drugs can affect their careers as well, since children who are in the age group of 12-15 years are of an impressionable stage showing them movies and plays based on drug abuse can be immensely beneficial to reducing this menace.

4. Anger outburst and violence needs to be reduced

All those are ardent drug users can have emotional outburst where they resort to anger and making use of violence to express themselves thus if this needs to be reduced there is a need to have educational programs that can help to bring down the instances of violence that is caused because of usage of drugs (Sloboda and Bukoski, 2003). This could act very imperative steps because the educational program will help to monitor the users in all spheres of their behaviors and work towards reducing the impact those drugs has on their emotional and mental well being. In Australia the Corrective facilities also undertake programs where such cases can be effectively dealt with and the program can be an overall success.

5. Raise the awareness that people have in general over the usage of drugs:

Conducting campaigns and educational programs is one of the best methods that can be undertaken so that the issue of drug usage can be reduced. In each community there are support groups that can come together and help people to understand how drugs can have an impact on the individual, their families and friends as well. These community support groups have councilors and physiologist that can help families to seek help and counseling so that they do not cause further harm to themselves (Sloboda and Bukoski, 2003).

6. Counseling sessions

Psychologists have been trained professionally to provide help to drug users and their families. Hence conducting training sessions for such people can be helpful as they can be taught numerous ways on how to deal with drug abusers and minimize the usage.


1. It is essential that educational programs are conducted so that people can become aware of the harmful effects that drug usage has. It can make the people aware of how the health of the individual who is consuming drugs can be affected and the mortality rates of drug abusers.


The short term goal for this is 8 months


1.Having the services of volunteers and activists so that they can explain the cause and the money that is needed to pay them as well so that they can conduct such sessions and campaigns
2. It should be made compulsory for all drug abusers to attend rehabilitation along with counselling so that they can reduce their drug abuse. The rate of violence amongst the drug users is very high thus it can be reduced and their behavior can be monitored in the community as well.


Short time goal for this is 4 months


2. Have a group set up in the community so that drug offenders can be monitored and they can be punished for their offences
3. The impact that drug abuse has on people and their loved ones needs to be advertised in an effective manner so that more and more people can become aware of the harmful impacts that it has on the people. It can help to reduce the impact that it has on the personal and social lives of the abusers and also the impact that it has on their financial restraints.


Short term goal for this is 15 days


3. Monetary funds are needed so that the various campaigns can be carried out; advertising agencies need to be involved so that they can print posters, run advertisements on the radio on the television and even in the newspapers. Promotion of the campaign on the internet may also cost money.
4. Educational programs should be started at the school level as well so that children can be taught about drug abuse and the impacts that it has on the health of the individual as well. For example instances of HIV due to usage of unsterilized needles.


Consuming large quantities of drugs can lead to drug overdose where an individual can even lose their life hence it can reduce this number as well and make people understand that such case of overdose can take place at any given time. Understanding that usage of drugs and sharing needles can cause HIV as well which can cause AIDS and ultimately loss of life


Short term goal for this is 5 months


4. All the schools should have a special program that looks into reducing the impact of drugs at the school level and awareness is enhanced for the students by conducting quizzes and activities based on the same.


The issue of drug abuse is taking a turn for the worse in the upcoming youth of the world; they are looking towards drugs to make a social status amongst their friends and simply as a way to unwind. The main aim of the social action plan is to provide recommendations that can be made use of in an effective manner so that the problem of drug abuse can be limited. Abusing drugs not only creates an impact on the life of the abuser it devoid them of a normal lifestyle as most of their time is spent in managing their daily stash of drugs (Smith, 2009). It affects their near and dear ones as well thus it is imperative that steps are taken to reduce this impact of drug usage in the youth.

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