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May 07, 2017
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Question: Management Essay Assignment

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Essay Writing Assignment

Individual essay (1500 words)


This assessment item is a formative task designed to introduce you to, and enhance, your understanding of a chosen topic in some depth, while developing your skills in information literacy, research ability, focused inquiry and critical thinking. You are required to examine, and comment on, the body of knowledge surrounding three areas

you have examined in weeks 6 through 10 of your tutorials and lectures:

Information is critical to decision making. Identify three industrial cases where impure or inadequate information led to disaster. In the light of these cases discuss in detail the relationship for managers between organisation, information, decision making, command and control. Your paper should reference at least two (2) key theorists considered in this subject and four (4) key academic papers in this area.


Organisation, predictability and trust are critical elements of the managemen subordinate relationship. Define organisation, predictability and trust. Explain the relationship between consistent and fair managerial practices and worker trust. Explain the relationship between managerial practices, worker trust and motivation. Your paper

should reference at least two (2) key theorists considered in this subject and four (4) key academic papers in this area.

The review of the body of knowledge involves choosing one of the topics from the above and selecting two key theorists and four (4) or more academic journal articles relevant to the chosen topic. This can be achieved through undertaking research that is relevant to the topic via searching electronic databases through the La Trobe University Library website:

  • Students must draw only on academic sources (research books and scholarly journal articles) to inform their review.
  • Students must identify key academic studies relevant to the chosen topic and summarise the key findings in the literature to illuminate the question.

Note: not all studies will produce similar findings. So, you must identify and summarise the main threads in the literature by grouping studies together that have similar findings. This will demonstrate your ability to analyse and synthesise large amounts of complex information. Students must explain their findings and establish consistent definitions for key terms, as different researchers may use different terminology. You should clearly outline the reasons for your definitions in your literature review.

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The connectionbetweenworkers and supervisors is critical to the achievement of any association, as, without faith between both sides, workers are not willing to deliver their best performance and administrators are not prone to give chances to the worker to flourish. Before having the capacity to clarify why the connection between a supervisor and a worker is vital to the accomplishment of an association, consistency and faith should be characterized. As to human instinct, consistency can be characterized as a reliable reiteration of conduct, with not very many deviations. Faith can be characterized as a condition of certainty between two teams. Consistency and faith are dependent upon one another, as consistency may not be sure without faith in how one will respond in any given circumstance (Cofer and Appley, 1964). This paper will discuss to create a reasonable work scenario that a supervisor must analyze before creating a reliableconnection. Then they took after and kept up a reliable connection with the workers and then they should propel the workers.

Before developing associations with their workers, a supervisor should first characterize an approach to do as such that is equivalent to all workers. It is because of the consequences for human instinct when there is a lopsidedness of "Equity Theory by John Stacy Adams." It clarifies that any disparity between workers, for example, pay or rewards, advances inspiration in the workers, which prompts the workers taking adverse or favorable activities until the parity is restored (ADAMS, 1963). The trial teamwas started to believe that they are under-met all requirements for the employment. The control team was created to think as they are over-met all requirements for the employment. The aftereffect of this test was that the exploratory team directed, by and large, more meetings then the control bunch in generally the same time span.

From this study, the test team was made to blame the payment level they were accepting, they expanded their work efficiency to grab the higher rate of payment. The outcomes demonstrated that discord may not happen in an overpaid worker. So, every individual has an alternate view of disparity. At the point when a supervisor is settling on base compensation, pay increments or rewards for their workers, that an individual's information ought to be analyzed close to the normal pay of workers to refute the impact of any subjective discord that might happen and to

expand their consistency of the moves workers will make.


Once a technique for making and managing correspondence with the workers is conceived, a supervisor can start to develop reliable associations with their workers. For a reliable connection to be made and kept up, a supervisor must use the aggregate hypotheses of "Abraham Maslow, Frederik Herzberg, and Elton Mayo", and after that relate them to every worker (Mayo, 1945). Hierarchy of Needs Theory by Maslow says that each human rises through the five phases of human necessities. The five phases of human necessities as estimated by Maslow are physiological. The necessities connected with every phase of the chain of command can be found in this article (Francis, 2013). A man can just climb to the following phase once they have satisfactorily fulfilled the necessities for their present phase.

“Frederick Herzberg’s Dual-Factor Theory” collaborations with every phase of Hierarchy of Needs Theory by Maslow, the first element, cleanliness, is connected with phases five through three of Hierarchy of Needs Theory by Maslow, while the second component, inspirations, is connected with phases two and one of Hierarchy of Needs Theory by Maslow (Gawel, 1997). To make a reliable connection a supervisor ought to analyze the components of each of Herzberg's variables and how they apply to every phase of Hierarchy of Needs Theory by Maslow. The conclusion demonstrates that any change, adverse or favorable, in the workplace prompts profitability increments. It is because of any change to the general scenario prompts a more grounded team climate. Positive meeting so as to gather air is made and kept up the third phase of Hierarchy of Needs Theory by Maslow. Usage and execution of the hypotheses put forward by "Maslow, Herzberg and Mayo" prompts a domain where all workers and administrators have a connection established on faith and prompts aleading state of consistency and collaboration in the working scenario.


To build the faith between a director and a worker, the administrator must give a domain where the worker can rise from the physiological needs phase of Hierarchy of Needs Theory by Maslow to the social phase. To make and keep up a domain to give this climb through Hierarchy of Needs Theory by Maslow, an administrator ought to analyze "Herzberg's Dual-Factor Theory" while analyzing the uniformity element of John Stacy Adams (Smith, 1979) Physiological needs level in Maslow's theory is analyzed as the essential of human necessities. For a worker to address these issues and have the capacity to advance on to the wellbeing phase. It is speculated that an administrator ought to give a decent remuneration and working atmosphere. Once these needs are adhered a basic step of understanding betweenworker and supervisor is framed, and by advancing through the levels of Hierarchy of Needs Theory by Maslow, this faith is reinforced.

The prerequisites of the wellbeing need phase of the chain of importance are met when a director makes a domain where every worker feels safe from threat and feels that their occupation is secure. The third phase of the theory is the final of the five phases that are related to making and keeping up faith between and worker and a supervisor.

In Hierarchy of Needs Theory by Maslow, the connection between the director and the worker achieves a leading state, and the center of social needs level is to keep up that leading state of faith. The prerequisites of thislevel are met by giving a situation where workers are neighborly and have uplifting mentalities towards one another and the organization by and large (Salado and Nilchiani, 2013). This phase can be proficient by using the result on while keeping up a level of balance all through the workforce through the use of Adams' theory. A dynamic domain made a more grounded teamscenario, which makes more grounded cultural obligations between the workers. Equity theory of Adams’ should be connected to the whole workforce to keep up a positive environment in social factors, by offering steady and reasonable remuneration and rewards based on the individual's work level. This dominance from the physiological phase to consummation of the social phase of theory by Maslow makes a solid reliableconnection between the administrator and the worker.


Once a reliable association between an administrator and a worker has been developed, a director ought to start to give opportunities and inspiration to the worker to flourish. At the point when an administrator is developing open doors for a worker to flourish, the supervisor must use the Vroomtheory in connection with "Adams' Equity Theory." "Vroom's Expectancy Theory" expresses that the worker's inspiration to embrace and succeed at errands critical to the association is fixing to three elements (Burak, 2014). The primary component is characterized as the worker's conviction that inputting aleading state of work will bring about an ideal level of execution being accomplished. The second variable is characterized as the worker's conviction that elevated amounts of exertion will be compensated fittingly. The third component is characterized as the quality that a worker partners with the conceivable remunerations and results of diligent work. Vroom hypothesized that a worker won't be inspired toward working tougher if any of the accompanying situations occur. The workers feel that they may not accomplish the needful execution level (Snead, 1988). The workers do to have the certainty level that requiresthe harder level of work, or if the worker has put limited esteem upon the thought of tougherjob if the remuneration is not satisfactory.


This theory demonstrated that positive results bring about roused conduct because of workers trusting.They are certain about their capacity to finish the assignment.The remunerations for finishing the errand are alluring and that finishing the required undertaking will bring about the result. In a study on Vroom's theory which is reasoned that remunerates expected for diligent work on difference subject to the nationality of the worker. From this decision an administrator ought to analyze the nationality of his workers before offering remuneration to make ideal inspiration. Adams' theory is connected to the last condition to guarantee that any boost in compensation or reward utilized as a help must not disturb the social scenario or bring about distress between the workers (Guest, 1965). By analyzing these hypotheses and executing them in a positive way, a supervisor can give opportunities that advance inspiration in the worker.

As a conclusion,this is important for administrator to utilize several theories to improve the organizational scenario.Fruitful usage and accomplishment of these speculations permit the director to make and keep up an anticipated, reasonable and predictable scenario in which reliable connections can be framed between the administrator and all workers (Ross, 2008).It also gives inspiration to workers to flourish while to keep up a balance between all workers.

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