BSB50415 : Business Administration - Documentation Standards at Adept Owl - Assessment Answer

November 29, 2018
Author : Sara Lanning

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Question: Business Administration

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Business Administration

Case Scenario/ Task

Documentation Standards at Adept Owl

Question 1: Organisational Requirements

Question 2: Adept Owl’s present and future information technology capability to satisfy document design and production needs

Question 3: Three types of Documents used and required by the Organisation

Question 4: Procedure for the creation of an Expense Report for Adept Owl

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Solution:Business Administration

Question 1: Organisational Requirements

Adept Owl is a potentially successful organisation with the power to grow its organisational status to a market friendly level. The diversity of the organisation products gives it leeway to growth. However in order to keep track of the progress made in terms of profit margins and market growth;, the organisation needs to ensure that the information entry system is well equipped with backed up database regarding the external organisation and the internal organisation altogether. The organisational information entry system will permit each member of the organisation to function generally on their own without having to be supervised on the essential requirements towards the success of the organisation. The requirement for information entry will involve all the performance indicators that are within the company. This therefore will involve the reports regarding customer focus, productivity, employee development, the company expenses, the level of sustainability and also all the compliance reports that are required.

When it comes to the output or quality of document design and production, the organisation requires good employee performance. The performance of each employee is analysed by their level of productivity with reference to the specified workstation. (Annapureddy & Bates, 2015). The other points that are used to analyse good employee performance within the organisation are such as the productivity levels, the rate of customer focus and also employee development. By developing people-focused implementation strategies, the organisation’s manpower needs will be fulfilled through training. The organisation through this will ensure that there is a pool of competent employees who are ready to take up higher level jobs within the organisation.

Question 2: Adept Owl’s present and future information technology capability to satisfy document design and production needs

The skills gaps that exist in adept’s human resource department are mostly relative to correct training strategies. The team members within the IT department show a low performance due to limited skill despite the resources. This means that the leadership skills are not completely reliable especially with consideration to human resource (Järvenpää, Lanz & Tuokko, 2016). The specific skill gaps focus on the sectors at which the employees are not trained at all and therefore can not perform in any way. The examples used are those of three trainees namely, Pat, Sam and Kim. For pat, he lacks skills in creating and using formulae in Excel and shows partial skill in creating and using drop down lists in excel, creating and using form fields in word, creating and using mail merge features in word and also creating and using macros in word and excel. For Sam, the skills at which he is not trained involve creating and using templates and macros in word and excel and also creating and using form fields in word. For Kim, the skills gaps exist in creating and using mail merge features in word and creating and using drop down lists and formulae in excel.

These skills gaps can be closed by creating strategic plans that show relevance to the goals that the organisation looks towards achieving in terms of board games. The strategic plans are meant to be integration together with the lower level plans in order to function. Adept owl can ensure that all the principles relative are put into place. This means that the organisation will have to create a plan that positively contributes towards achieving goals. Therefore with this basic knowledge put in place, the strategic plan will be to offer training for Kim, Pat and Sam on the necessary software while giving them assignments relative to the skills they have been trained on (Ford & Peng, 2015).

The organisation’s future IT capability needs are mostly reliable on the level at which the employees or team members are able to use the basic computer programmes. In the analysis for Adept Owl, it shows that the skill that exists for Excel users is limited to only a few team members, whereby the rest need training. This is a necessary program required for training with respect to database and also marketing for the organisation. In order to have the IT capability, it is necessary that the human capabilities be present, such as hearing, touch, smell, and also an aspect of taste. This means that the employers will also be able to create at an IT level and have the capability to come up with reliable document designs based on what they perceive through the sensory abilities that are relative to the IT capabilities of the organisation. The strength of their strength in the IT capabilities can be measured using special tests relative to what the company requires to achieve.

The changes that might be required for the Adept Owl style guide in relativity to technological changes are such as the software used in the company’s IT sector. The organisation needs to come up with software that supports Microsoft office with relevance to complex document tasks. This means that they will require a fresh knowledge of coding skills in order to have the capability to create programs that favour their IT capabilities and those that can be used in Training (Campbell, 2013). The coded programs should be relevant to both the physical and human capabilities. This means that as much as they support complex documents relative to Adept, they are bound to bring out the Organisation’s creative side. The technological changes that are anticipated will require that Adept have a unique program that runs its software in accordance to what they focus on achieving. This therefore means that they will require a highly trained programming, graphics and design professional with intense knowledge on ,what they intend on producing and creating a duly relevant software that supports all aspects relative.

Question 3: Three types of Documents used and required by the Organisation

The organisation uses documents mostly to communicate and also ensure that there is uniformity in their practices. The first document identified for Adept owl is the memorandum. This document is used by the organisation with light to co-workers. They are what the organisation uses for interoffice messages (Weaver, 2014). The messages that come with this type of document are accompanied by specific files and are mostly purposefully meant for cases where privacy is required among the Adept Owl staff. The memorandum used in this case is meant to serve only critically important purposes.

The second evident document used and required by the organisation is the business letters that are used for communication with those outside the office. The letter merge process used, however, presents a huge task for the company and indicates the need to have an easier documentation strategy for the letter mail-out processes to all the Adept Clientele. The letters used within the company can either be emailed or delivered by mail. This makes it a reliable task towards conveying messages to the external environment (Ford & Peng, 2014). The third type of document that is used and required is the communication and record business reports. The business reports in Adept Owl show a conveyance of information in a format that requires more formality than all other documents used.

The reports are important since they are able to cover a variety of topics with regard to the organisation. The first issue that is covered is the safety compliance with respect to Adept Owl, along with sales figures and also financial data. The reports are therefore what give a detailed analysis of the progress presented by the organisation. The reports used by Adept owl for their software and production requirements are inclusive of statistics, charts, graphs, images and survey results. The results that are published in the Adept Owl documentations are purposefully for investors’ benefits. The documents used require templates that are used for convenience and also that enable comparison on the intervals where each document is created. The strategies emphasise the need for flexibility within the organisation’s leadership departments for different situations. The documentations are what help recognise differences among co-workers or even subordinates and provide a way through which each problem can be dealt with.

Question 4: Procedure for the creation of an Expense Report for Adept Owl

With regard to adept Owl’s software programs such as their operating system, there requires a fast and reliable way in which expense reports can be created without disrupting the procedures of the company’s daily activities. The expense report however has to give several options on which the new document can be based. The procedure required in this case

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