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November 30, 2017
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Question: Plan & Prepare for A Meeting Case Study

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Plan & Prepare for A Meeting Case Study Assignment


For this assessment you are required to plan and prepare for a meeting to be

conducted for a simulated workplace, the Adept Owl Games Company. Note: The work completed for this assessment task provides the basis for completing Assessment Tasks 2 and 3. Ensure you keep an electronic and/or hard copy of this completed assessment for future use.

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This study aimed to conduct a meeting of Adept Owl Games Company, an Australian Developer Organization, and its planning and preparation program as well. The background of this company is to develop, publish and distribute of dice, card and board games for all ages. The Adept Owl company has planned to organize a Christmas party with its employees and with some chief guests. In this context, the Adept Owl is going to prepare meeting invitation to invite its guests (Rodriguez and Chung, 2012, p.3040). Moreover, this study also focused on the agenda of the meeting and preparation of meeting minute’s template. In this consequence, this study has tried to represent one meeting paper.

1.0 Preparation of meeting invitation


The employees of Adept Owl Games Company,

Subject: Invitation for the arrangement of the Christmas party.

Date of the meeting: 2nd august

Location: Seminar room of Adept owl games company, Australia

Time: 6 p.m.

Dear personnel,

The purpose of this meeting of that games company of Australia is to arrange a Christmas party for the personnel. In this purpose, the management has planned for a meeting to discuss about the requirements of the party. In the words of Holland et al. (2014, p.435), the management needs to set a particular date for the Christmas party. As on the particular date of Christmas, the Adept Owl Company will be off. Therefore, the company has chosen 24th December night for the occasion. This is the main discussing issue of the meeting.

In order to arrange the Christmas party by the company, their management of Adept Owl needs to plan a budget, which is based upon the previous year’s cost expenditure. Thomas et al. (2010, p.3995) mentioned, unless making of a predictable budget, the menu of the party cannot be set. Hence, budget has a major impact on the meeting of the party. Moreover, it is necessary to keep efficient money as back up or for emergency purposes.

In addition, the discussion issue of that meeting is the venue of the Christmas party. As per the Christmas party of the last previous year, the Adept Owl Company had organized in the Monarch banquet hall, whose cost was too high that the budget of the party had been exceed from the anticipated budget. Hence, this year the management of this game company has planned to arrange the party on the organization’s club premises. The environment of this place is very friendly and mind soothing (Hollins, 2015, p.78).

Lastly, the important issue of the meeting is about the discussion of the menu of that Christmas party. In this respect, primarily the management of Adept Owl has been planned to arrange multi cuisine menu for dinner. They also planned for a department of starter as well. The arrangement of wine will also be there. In addition, the company also planned for several entertainment events for the workers on that night, which will significantly enhance the essence of the party (Thomas et al. 2010, p.4000). Moreover, the decision of the workers is also very important, that is why this meeting has been planned to communicate with them.

Thanks and regards,

HR manager,

Adept owl games company, Australia.

20th July, 2016

2.0 Agenda of a meeting

Figure 1: Business simulation process against the agenda of a meeting

(Source: Carter, 2013, p.56)

In the point of Adelstein et al. (2012, p.1682), the agenda of Adept owl games company is to follow business simulation method to make the Christmas party successful. From the above table it can be clearly seen that the process of business simulation can be performed in terms of three discussed steps. In a nutshell, business simulation is used for business training to the staffs, who are assumed to be engaged with the arrangement of the party. As per the statement of Adelstein et al. (2012, p.1685), the another agenda of the company is to frame the Christmas party taking 100 workers who are giving their labor in the day as well as night shift alternatively. After the discussion about the dress code, menu of the party, theme and location, arrangement for entertainment in the meeting, the business simulation will be effective to train the 100 workers as per the objectives of the discussing party. For the training and the development purpose, initially the company needs to construct some business objectives (Eldredge et al. 2016, p.58). These agenda are such as the strategic thinking, the decision-making, financial evaluation as well as the market estimation, and lastly the teamwork and ideal leadership. This can be identified as the simulate business activities.

As per the agendas, it has planned that the workers would get scope to represent their open opinion. In this respect, the speaker of the Christmas party would be chosen as the motivator, comedian, celebrity, and entertainer. Therefore, the business simulation would be helpful to train the workers as per the requirements. On the other hand, Holland et al. (2014, p.436) suggested that as per the agenda, business simulation would train the employees how to welcome the guests, also train them about the etiquettes to entertain the invitees. In addition, business simulation is also beneficial as it train the workers how to decorate the venue, which would be more attracted. Business simulation is also beneficial to measure the performance and whether any difficulty arises, it would try to rectify and solve it.

3.0 Preparation of meeting minutes template

In order to making of minute’s template, Peterson et al. (2013, p.1697) opined the following steps briefly:


Name Title Present
Employee 1 President Yes
Employee 2 Vice president Yes
Employee 3 Manager No
Employee 4 Treasurer Yes
Employee 5 Board member Yes
Employee 6 Membership coordinator No

Meeting location:

Building: Seminar room of Adept owl games company, Australia

Meeting start:

Meeting schedule initiate: 6 P.M

Meeting actual start: 6.15 P.M

Meeting scribe: Employee 2.


6.30 P.M: Discuss about the date for the Christmas party.

  • One employee give suggestion for the last Sunday before the Christmas Eve.
  • Other employee suggest to organize the party just the day before of Christmas Eve.

6.45 P.M: Discuss for the food menu of the party.

  • Some employees suggest regional dishes as the food items of the occasion
  • Other team give their votes for the multi cuisine dishes as there will be several kinds of guests, whose taste and preferences will be different.
  • Four members recommend to arrange continental dishes for dinner.

7.10 P.M: Discuss about the venue of the party

  • One employee will be asked to hold the party at the countryside.
  • Other employee give a proposal to organize the party to the beach side.
  • Most of the workers can agree with the decision of the management of Adept owl Games Company.

7.24 P.M: Discuss about the decoration and business simulations games of the party.

  • A group of employees have asked to decorate the place authentically.
  • The employee’s suggestions will be also taken for engagement of different business simulations games such as talent hunt, mind games, training and job quiz.

7.40 P.M: Discuss about the dress code of the party

  • The group of women employees will give the suggestion country club casual as their attire.
  • On the other hand, the group of male workers will suggest dressy casual as per the dress code.

Meeting end:

Meeting schedule end: 7.45 P.M

Meeting actual end: 8 P.M

Post meeting action items:

Action Assigned To Deadline
Invitation through email exchange Employee 10, 12 and 22 November 15, 2016
Arrangement of caterer Employee 32, 45 and 55 November 10, 2016
Arrangement of decorators Employee 44, 29 and 37 November 24, 2016

Next meeting:

Next meeting: Friday, 12th August, 6PM, Location: Organisation’s auditorium.

4.0 Preparation of one meeting paper

As stated by Carter (2013, p.674), preparation of meeting paper can be represented as per the following:

Christmas party organisation by Adept Owl Games Company


As per the every year’s tradition, there is no exception and Adept Owl has planned for a colorful and innovative Christmas party in this year. As a result, in order to arrange the program, extend hand of the personnel is necessary to make this party fruitful (Moser, 2012, p.569).


In order to make the Christmas party successful, the Adept Owl has organized this meeting to communicate and listen the employees view. The discussion is based on the different agendas, which are relevant to the Christmas party of the company.


After receive the workers opinion, it has been decided to hold the party on club premises, regional menus for dishes. These decisions have been taken based on the votes of the majority of the employees. Other queries and decision will be solved to the next meeting (Spee and Jarzabkowski, 2011, p.1218).


This study has been planned for a Christmas party of Adept Owl games Company of Australia. In this context, the company conducted a meeting to interact with their employees as well as know their opinion about the venue, food menu, dress code etc. After the meeting, the management of Adept owl has taken a decision, which will be best to make the Christmas Eve memorable and make the party successful.

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