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December 22, 2018
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question:Business Communication

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Business Communication Assignment

Assignment Task

Your task is to present a training session to your audience members designed to improve their communication in the workplace. For example, you could provide a training session on how to write effective business email. Your training session mustbuild upon and extendthe knowledge that the audience has and should logically argue why/how the information applies to or benefits the audience's work-related activities. Your presentation must contain information reflecting relevant industry standards and/or academic knowledge about the topic. To do this you will need to use primary source materials. The presentation should sequence information in a logical manner. It is expected that the delivery will be extemporaneous (limited notes/note cards) and will use presentation software. The presentations must be recorded and submitted during week 7.

What is the audience's current knowledge, skills-base and abilities?

What does the audience want to know?

What does the facilitator know (prior to conducting research into the topic)?

What is the goals statement?

What are the learning objectives?

Nd the outline should contain of following materials

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Business report writing is a skill that has not been widely explored by many people. That is because effective business report writing has its own principles and guides that must be followed in order to convince the audience(Johnson, 2011). There different business reports. However, in most cases the business reports are usually aimed at informing the consumers, staff or the stakeholders about the current performance of the business organization. For that reason, such reports should be able to be well articulated and show the intended purpose of communication(Perelman, Barrett, & James, 2014). This paper conducts a training session on how to come up with an effective business report (memo).


  1. Attention Getter:Let me begin by telling you this story. How will you feel one day when you report to work in the morning very happy and so jovial and what you receive is a warning letter? The warning letter is probably saying that you ignored staff meeting even after having been served with a memo and notice of the meeting. Deep in your heart you know you did not ignore the meeting. You simply did not get any information or communication regarding the meeting. Upon trying to ask, your secretary informs you that they sent you an internal memo in your email. What would you do? Who do you blame in this case?
  2. (Reveal Topic and Motivate the Audience):we spend almost three quarter of our time at work communicating. It is for this reason that we must enhance our communication skills to avoid confusion and conflicts that usually arise.

  • (Credibility Statement):Personally, I am a motivational speaker and I am also a trainer. I have conducted several trainings and workshops all over the world for top organizations. I have handled and I have received a lot of complaints from staff and consumers and even stakeholders from confusions that arise from failing to communicate effectively in our daily activities at work. My area of specialization is mostly on how we communicate within our organizations. For that reason, I believe that I am credible enough to teach you or take you through the basic principles of an effective memo writing.

  1. Preview:We are going to discuss on how to write a good or effective memorandum. Memos are useful tools of communication that help members communicate internally within the organization. In most cases memos address departments and small number of people(Doody, Follinger, & Taub, 2014). What are the important things to consider while writing a memo?
  2. Main point 1 goes here: What is the purpose of the memo?
  3. Main point 2 goes here: Why do recipients need this information?
  4. Main point 3 goes here: When, how, and what action are they supposed to take upon reception of the memo

(Transition):With the three major points I believe at the end of this we shall be the best memo writers in our departments


  1. Main point 1: What is the purpose of the memo?
  2. (Sub-Points):should be able to tell the audience why we have written the memo
  3. (Sub-sub-point):could be informing the members about a meeting or it could be a reminder of a certain meeting that had been scheduled earlier(Tebeaux & Dragga, 2014)
  4. (Sub-Point):Who are the intended audience are?
  5. (Sub-sub-point):Are they the whole staff or some section of staff like departmental leaders?

Transition: That takes us to the next important question

  1. Main point 2: Why the audience or the recipients require the information
  2. (Sub-points):In this case we need to ask ourselves what are the major facts that the recipients would be required to have(Diane Martinez, 2012).
  3. (Sub-sub-point): Will be the recipients require any contacts or addresses or url in order to take appropriate action?
  4. (Sub-point): Will the memo be accompanied by a report or a questionnaire that the members are supposed to write?
  5. (Sub-sub-point):Is there any change expected to happen(Brierley, 2002)

Transition: In order to answer these questions we must look at the third point

  • Main point 3: What action should the recipient take

  1. (Sub-point):Are the recipients supposed to acknowledge the reception of the memo either through the email or a phone call(Anderson, 2007)?
  2. (Sub-sub-point):That could be may be submitting their reports by a specified duration of time.
  3. (Sub-Point):You may also want to find out when and how and which action would be taken upon reception of the memo.
  4. (Sub-sub-point):Is the memo effective enough?

Transition: Having included all the three important major points I can assure you that your memo is effectively going to reach the intended audience and the information intended will not only be received, but you will be sure that the audience has received the information and acknowledged the receipt. That will help avoid confusion and conflict


  1. Summary Statement: We can therefore conclude that to be an effective writer we must be able to state the intended purpose of the memo, who are the audience, what specific information do they require and what is the action they are required to take.
  2. What has been learned: We have therefore learnt that effective memos must reach the intended audience and they must acknowledge the reception.

  • Memorable Closing Statement: As I finish I want you to ask yourself if you write a memo now will it be received and will it be acknowledged or it will be a cause of confusion and conflict. Thank you for listening.


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