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March 13, 2018
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Question:Group Process

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Group Process Assignment

Assignment Task:

  1. Student support group
  2. Existential Therapy Group
  3. Work Place Group

Individually prepare a short process report about this group.

The report should describe the group and overview its purpose, the stage it is at, the dynamics between participants, the role, tasks and strategies of the leader and your view of the groups effectiveness.

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Purpose of Group:

The effective meeting as viewed in the video is to drive the team towards a shared opinion on a certain topic or to ensure the participating teams have a common decision. One of the aims of the meeting is to make the participants use their time wisely. Considering the time most people spend in a meeting, they owe it to themselves and it is their mandate to streamline the meeting as much as possible. Another aim, according to my views regarding the video is that it was aimed at satisfying the participants that there was a sensible process followed in the entire task they had on the desk. This assumption has been reached after considering that they already had an agenda that was circulated to them and their feedback and input was required. In this case, the team members had to add anything they thought relevant to their case and the other members had the free will to oppose or support their colleagues.

Type of Group:

The group is a task group as viewed in the video. The members are tasked to organize an event and they have to follow all the minutes to select the venue, date and other elements that are involved in their task. While watching, it is noted that they all participate in selecting the venue, date and time of their event. They are all tasked to ensure that the event will be successful and everything goes on as planned. They all have various responsibilities in the task that will ensure that all their plans are as desired. In any effective meeting, there has to be specific details to the point that everyone has to be conversant with. In the task team, the members are obligated to ensure that they have joint efforts to take their task to the end successfully (Streibel, 2003).

Description of Group

The group is entailed of six members, two male individuals and four female members. Their ages seem to be evenly distributed across different generations. While keen at observing, the ages are ranging from young to old generation. There are young individuals who might fall under their early adult age. There are also middle aged persons, or rather adults in the forum and there are old individuals in the team. The location of the team seems to be in a room, sort of a board room or a lecture hall. This is after observing that there are tables and chairs that might be found either in a board room or a lecture hall.

Length of Observed Group Interaction

The video is running for seven minutes and thirty seconds. While watching it, I had to be keen and watch the entire session so I could have a grasp of everything that was going on in the meeting. I actually had to watch the whole session three times so I could have all the points noted and observe the character of every person in the video. It took me almost an hour to make sure I had gotten all the sense of the video and make accurate report regarding the same.

General Description

The video begins by people acknowledging their presence in the meeting. A lady, who seems to be the chair of the meeting is then seen to be the one issuing directives on what should happen at what time. After people have settled, the lady issues a directive that the agenda of the meeting, which is in writing be passed to everyone. They then start going through the agenda one by one giving opinions at each point until there is a mutual agreement at one stage. Then they move to the second agenda and repeat the same and the process goes on until the end of the session. After the tackle on all the agenda in the meeting, the all adjourn but key to note is that everyone leaves the session satisfied as all points are reached upon a mutual understanding. Everyone makes a contribution to the meeting and they all move to the next point after they know the fate of the current. No point is left hanging and this makes the meeting quite effective.

Estimated stage of group

The proceedings of the meeting are a proof that the meeting is in its middle stage towards the end. When the meeting begins, after everyone is settled down, they are given the agenda. This is a sign that there had been other meetings where they discussed what they want to address and they noted down the agenda for the following meeting. The people are then given time to contribute to the agenda point after point. This is a sign that the proceedings have been through a long process and it was now time for everyone to contribute and be given a chance to add or oppose the motion before the final task is initiated. From this meeting, it is possible that the task for planning the event will continue and it will be the last bits of the meeting. Probability is high that after this meeting, the next one will be addressing on how to go about the final process. In most cases, when an event is being planned, after everyone is tasked to give an opinion, the next thing to happen is the event itself. This is my take that after this, there will only be the event which will be the last stage of the group (Parker, 2009).

Group Dynamics

Each member of the group is tasked to contribute to the entire motion. They are all given a chance to talk and their voices are heard. They all appear to be keen to make a shared decision with each other and thus everyone contributes and they get along well. The leadership types seen in the video are impressive. One, there is a team leadership seen in the meeting. The lady chairing the meeting is seen to be well familiar with the team and gets along well with all the members. The members are also seen to be getting along well with their team leader and with each other. Everyone in the group is showing a great team leadership and they all have a sense of leadership in them. There is also a facilitative leadership style seen in the video. The chair of the meeting is also seen to be participative in the process and not just waiting for the members to give their opinion. She also voices out her views and makes a good sign of leadership. She thus facilitates the group by being a contributor rather than a leader in the entire process.

Strategies and Techniques

One factor about the leader is that she is keen on team work. Every time they move to a new agenda, everyone is given a chance to voice out their opinions. At the end of the meeting, no one has to blame the other for making any conclusions. They leave the meeting with one voice and agreement as everyone agrees on a motion before it is passed or concluded. The team closes their meeting as a team and no one will come out pointing figures at their colleagues. Two, the leader appears to be a good problem solver. One recommended way of dealing with a problem is to always avoid the things that will cause that problem. With this in mind, the leader is keen to ensure that everyone leaves the venue satisfied and no issues will arise after. She kills all the chances of any problems arising and no doubt that she has the qualities of a leader (Killen, 2007).

Your assessment of the group’s effectiveness

From my point of view, the meeting is very effective as all points are open and every member gives an opinion on the same. Anytime a new point is aired, everyone’s voice is heard and they all reach a shared opinion. Even though they may have different opinions, they all reach one point that has been given by one of their team members and agrees to stand by it. The meeting has been a good example of time management group meeting. They are all keen on important points and they do not dwell much on arguments on what point should or should not be considered. They work keenly to choose the best option that will best suit all of them. In some meetings, people will waste a lot of time arguing and dwelling on issues not important to the meeting. This is as exception as they focus on important points and they have no side discussions after the meeting (Knight, 2009).

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