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December 21, 2018
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IT Assignment

Case Scenario1

You have been asked to investigate copyright issues as part of a web site development that your employer is undertaking. The employer has asked you a series of questions pertaining to copyright, and you need to provide answers to these requests below

Case Scenario2

You have been asked by your employer to develop a privacy policy for their web site. To ensure that the policy is compliant with Australian privacy law, they have asked you to use the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) as a guide to developing the policy. The employer has asked a series of questions pertaining to the APPs and privacy in general, and you need to provide answers to these questions below

Case Scenario3

Read the case study below, and list the ACS values and relevant clauses of the Code of Professional A consultant was engaged by a large private sector company to help run a tender process for some new software. The process was that tenderers would be short-listed on functional requirements, there would be a detailed evaluation of the short-listed tenders, and then the evaluation panel would look at the prices tendered.

While preparing the documents for the panel the consultant was required to remove the pricing information from the body of some of the documents. As a result he became aware that several of the vendors' prices were well above the budget set by the client. At the end of short-listing the consultant thought his manager should know about this problem so that he could deal with it early, and not waste a lot of time evaluating unaffordable tenders. He decided to make sure he was right by checking the prices of all of the tenders. He then told his manager that he had looked at the prices and the business could not afford any of the short-listed proposals. The consultant did not tell his manager or anyone else what the prices were. His manager was very angry that he had disobeyed orders and looked at the prices before the time agreed,

and he terminated the consultant's contract without notice. This upset the consultant, because he thought he had done the right thing by his employer. Fortunately another area of the company offered him a different contract soon afterwards. He told them about the issue with the tenders, and they did not think it was a problem. However, two weeks into the new contract his manager went to HR, accused the consultant of professional

misconduct and had his new contract terminated without notice. The consultant's agency will not take this issue up with the company because the manager has threatened the agency's other contractors if they did.

Case Scenario4

You have been commissioned by the local council to develop a web site to support the council’s lending library. The head librarian, and the council business manager, have given you the following requirements for the web site below:

The site must be available to use between 6AM and midnight every day

The site needs to be able to support up to 100,000 items for lending

An important business goal of the site is to be able to reduce the amount of in-library renewals of items to less than 20% of the total renewals that are done

Borrowers of books need to be able to borrow books, search the catalogue, renew loans, and reserve items

Librarians need to run reports that show all overdue items, all moneys collected in overdue fines for the day, and how many books have been borrowed each day Librarians need to be able to return books when a borrower returns an itemLibrarians need to be able to register borrowers, and record copies of two forms of identification in the system

Librarians need to be able to reissue membership cards to borrowers when the cards are lost

Assignment Task1

List three types of a web site that may be protected by intellectual property

List three things the employer should consider doing to protect their IP rights

List two ways you can let people know content is protected

The employer is contracting out the development of the web site to an external company. Theemployer believes that, because they are paying the developer to build this web site, the employer will automatically own the copyright. What advice would you give the employer about who owns copyright in this situation?

Assignment Task2

List the three APP principles that apply to the collection of personal information.The employer is planning to do some direct marketing with data collected from the site. WhichAPP would provide the most guidance about how this could be done in compliance with privacy legislation?

List two APPs that apply to the integrity of the personal information maintained by theemployer?

Give two examples of how the Internet has made it possible to collect more personal information about individual users.

Give an example of a company/business where privacy of users is traded off against othergoods, e.g. free services that would otherwise need to be paid for.

Assignment Task3

List the lthe ACS values and relevant clauses of the Code of Professional Conduct that wouldapply to the above situation.

Assignment Task4

Give one example of a business requirement for this site from the description above

Give one example of a functional requirement for this site from the description above

Give one example of a non-functional requirement for this site from the description above.

Prepare a site map for this web site (see the Information Architecture Guide in Learner Resources for more information about site maps). Make sure your site map shows pages for all the required functions listed above, and that they are grouped in a logical way.

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Part – 1 Copyright

  1. There are several kind of websites that may be secured and protected by the personal intellectual rights provision. Intellectual property help businesses and organizations to support the protection of their website from the piracy and imitation. The three types of website that might be protected using IP rights are business website, artistic works website, E-commerce websites and many more.
  2. Employer need to consider several things in mind while protecting its IP rights. First, copyrights protect their original work of authorship for example computer software or business product etc. Second, patents which grants them to protect their property rights on productions, allowing them to exclude others from using, creating or selling their own invention. The third important thing employee must consider is Trade Secrets which are the formulas, device, procedures or additional business data that organization preserve secret and confidential to provide them a benefit over their opponents.
  3. The two ways in which we help individuals to confirm that their private content is safe is through making their work or data with the copyrights such that intellectual property will be protected. Copyright is essential in all procedures of media since it delivers legal proprietorship above the work somebody yields. Secondly, we help them to assure about their content is offering them their content with patent that lead to IP rights protection(Stanford University Libraries, 2016).
  4. In the situation where an employer is contracting out for development of website to other company, the copyright is not of the company itself being paid the money for website development. So it is highly advised that company giving contract must gain the patent of the site by its name. It is recommended that to preserve the copyrights for the site, employer need to prepare the copyright patents for the site in its designation as its private property such that external company will not secure the patent and copyrights of the site(austlii, 2016).

Part 2- Privacy

  1. Australian Privacy Principles (APP) that are applied to the collection of personal information from the site are:
  2. Principle of collection of solicited (requested) personal information.
  3. Principle of use or revelation of personal information.
  4. Principle of managing with the petitioned personal information(Stanford University Libraries, 2016).

These above mentioned principles of Australian Privacy law smears on the case that help employer to check the process of using the site’s personal data when requested.

  1. As the employer is arranging to implement the promotion directly along with data collected from the website of the company, the “APP (Australian Privacy Principle) of direct marketing” offers the best guidance to implement this direct marketing from the accessing the site’s personal data collected from site as in accordance with the privacy law. If an employer holds personal information concerning an individual, the employer shouldn’t utilize or reveal the info for the determination of direct marketing.
  2. Two Australian Privacy principles that are concerned with the integrity of the one’s personal information maintained by the employer are “Principle of security of personal information” and “Principle of use or disclosure of personal information”. It maintain the integrity and confidentiality by offering the access to the authorized employer users only such that personal information used by employer remain consistent or integrity is maintained by these principles.
  3. Yes, Internet has marked it conceivable to gather additional personal information concerning the individual users. For example, Social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter offers us to connect with the different people with whom we are sharing information online with the help of internet medium. Bloggers on the internet also acts as a medium on the internet from which we get personal information about any specific person easily.
  4. Business like music industry is the place where privacy of users or clients is traded-off against other services or goods like free facilities are provided which are otherwise need to be paid for. Much similarly any additional business, the Music Industry necessitates data to mark specific followers. After altogether, music deprived of people enthusiastic to pay attention to it has no marketplace worth. Though, the Internet’s probable raises problems of privacy as well as information security.Like music industry offers free music to every user deprived of anyone’s music production(Hong, 2011).

Part – 3 Ethics

The situation here describes that consultant accused of professional misconduct by the manager and HR of the company by putting wrong allegations on him to loss his new contract with the other part of the company. The consultant of his agency didn’t perform and taken any steps as the manager threatened the other consultants to help him out. Therefore, it is very important ACS Values and relevant clauses of the Code of the Professional Conduct HR manager necessary for the above discussed situation. These both are defined as given below:

The proposed “Code of Professional Conduct” (the Code) recognizes six essential moral values and the related necessities for Professional Conduct. As an ACS associate you need to support and progress the honor, effectiveness and dignity of being a perfect professional. This involves, in adding to being a worthy citizen and substitute inside the regulation, your conformance to the following ACS (Australian Computer Society) values are:

  • The Predominance of the Public Interest
  • The Development of Quality of Life
  • Competence
  • Honesty
  • Professional Development
  • Professionalism

Professional Code of Conduct

In a condition of battle amid the Primacy the values of the Public Interest receipts precedence above the supplementary values. This code of Professional Conduct is targeted predominantly at the manager as a separate consultant. The subsequent list of necessities is not comprehensive and must not be read as a whole meaning of satisfactory professional conduct in such practical business situation. The importance of the Code of Conduct and Ethics is to demonstrate what organizes professional conduct. The ACS can aid you resolution of such ethical dilemma in a hurry. For example, Code of Conduct is chosen as:

Professionalism (Code of Professional Conduct)

It is basic that individuals from the Society keep up proficient models that enhance and improve the industry's picture, particularly in the work environment. All individuals have a privilege to be treated with poise and regard. Discrimination and bad behavior on basis of caste, color or region etc. is amateurish conduct, just like any type of provocation. Individuals ought to know that the ACS can offer assistance them resolve moral problems. It can likewise give backing to making suitable move, including shriek blowing, on the off chance that you find an ACS part captivating in deceptive conduct;

As per this ACS value or worth you will:

a) Take a quiet, objective, educated and learned position on your expert work, supplementing your eagerness and engagement in it;

b) Make suitable move against individuals who take part in practices in spite of this Code(Australian Computer Society, 2014).


Scenario:Developing a Website for council’s lending library

Example of Business Requirement from the scenario

As per the business scenario of designing and developing the library website, we have analyzed the case and find that lending council library business require the website that its main business objective and requirement should be reduce the in-library renewals. The website for the business should competent enough to decrease the in-library renewals of books or items to less than about 20% of the whole renewals that are completed each day through the routine follow-up(Kendall & Kendall, 2012).

Example of Functional Requirement from the scenario

The functional requirement of the newly developed website for the council library to manage the item renewal or issuing of the book items involve the new website system to perform the required operation or function for example, borrower should be able to login with unique ID and password such that he will be able to borrow books from the library using the website system. He or she should be capable to search out the catalogue, reserve the books and renew the loans(Kendall & Kendall, 2012).

Example of Non-functional requirement from the scenario

`For the non-functional requirement of the website system, we consider the performance requirement of the website. For example, the site must work fast and in accurate manner and should able to manage the large amount of information or data of the book lenders. Thus, it must accommodate large number of books and consumers deprived of any system errors that hinders the performance of the system effectively. It should handle the unexpected and expected faults in approaches that avoid loss in data and large downtime period(Kendall & Kendall, 2012).

Site Map for the Council Library Website to be designed

The site map provides the architecture of the website for the council library. It shows that site functions will be displayed on the appropriate webpage of the newly developed site. The figure given below shows the graphical layout of the site map prepared by us. The site has home page where login is required recognized as login page. The administration or admin page, issuer page, borrower member page are the sub webpages of the site where different functions are performed to borrow book items. The search book webpage provide the catalogue to find the required item. Transaction page offers the different renewals, issuing, loans related activities on the site respectively(Kendall & Kendall, 2012).


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