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January 17, 2017
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Question:Indigenous Health

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Indigenous Health Assignment

Assignment Task

Part A: Population Profile

In this section you are required to provide a brief population profile of the area in which the health service is located.

This profile should include:

The location of the Health Service – town/suburb, state and Rural, Remote and Metropolitan Areas (RRMA) classification


Identification of the local Traditional Custodians using an appropriate reference

Population statistics – how many Indigenous people live in the area and what proportion of the total population is the Indigenous population.

Apart from the Indigenous health service allocated to you, what other Indigenous-specific services are available for the local Indigenous community

What mainstream (not Indigenous specific) health services are available in the area. These may include, but not limited to, hospitals, General Practitioners, mental health services etc)

Part B: The Indigenous Health Service

In this section you are required to discuss the concept of self-determination, provide an overview of the Indigenous Health Service allocated to you and choose one program to discuss in detail

Briefly discuss the importance of self-determination to Indigenous Australians using Indigenous health services as an example

Provide an overview of the Indigenous health service allocated to you including; The vision/aspirations/guiding principles of the organisation

A brief summary of the range of services and programs provided for the local community

Choose one program provided by the service and discuss in detail how it contributes to the health and wellbeing of the local Indigenous community

Part C: Professional development

In this section you are required to discuss the importance of on-going professional development for delivering culturally safe nursing care, and detail three (3) examples of how cultural safety skills can be developed.

Discuss the importance of nurses undertaking professional development activities to increase their cultural safety skills in delivering appropriate care to Indigenous people, and explain why it is important to be aware of information relevant to the specific local Indigenous community you are working with.

Identify and discuss three (3) ways that you as an individual nurse can contribute to your own professional development in delivering culturally safe care to Indigenous peoples. (2.5 marks for each example)

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Indigenous health is one of the most important issues in Australian community as well as the issues that indigenous Australian may experience in the present healthcare system. Cultural, social and the political factors affected health care for indigenous Australians. Therefore, it is required to take some strategies to improve health care system. The study is based on hypothetical clinical placement in indigenous health service. Information and professional development activities are needed to give the culturally safe nursing care to the local community. It is vital to identify the ways in which a nurse can develop professional development is discussed in the study. In addition, a significance of culturally safe care in the beginning and during of placement on is discussed in the study.

Part A

Location of health service

Winnunga Nimmityjah AHS is one of the Aboriginal Community, which controls basic health care service. The health care service is located at 63 Boolimba Crescent Narrabundah ACT 2604 in Australia. The services is operated by Torres Strait Islander community and the Aboriginal of the ACT. Winnuga is the national leader in the accreditation. It was the first Aboriginal Community that is controlled for health care service in Boolimba, Australia. The healthcare service is located beside Southside Community Services. In addition, it can be gone through Kootara Cres.

Identification of local traditional custodians

Traditional practices of acknowledgement in the traditional custodians seek permission in order to enter the use of resources in the area. There are several hospitals as well as care home present, that provides indigenous healthcare services to the people. Local general health care agents and practitioner provide non-emergency as well as preventative care systems to people. In addition, private and public hospitals and nursing homes follow the outpatient services.

Population statistics

It is one of the most densely populated states and has a second highest population in Australia of more than 5.671 million. Most of the population is based on Narrabundah Canberra. It includes metropolitan area of the state. This is the capital of the state. In addition, the population statistics of the Boolimba is counted as one of the most congested states in Australia.

Available local health services

Dwyer et al. (2011) mentioned that there are many people in Boolimba, Australia who need indigenous health care service. In addition, it is required to have experienced the group of services that are required for development. The power of experience has the results of non-aboriginal people. Persons, families as well communities are involved in the care service. Aboriginal people access the mainstream as well as community-controlled activities that are helpful to delivery and intervention as well as prevention. It developed the aboriginal people in order to make the best choices about health. People like to access the human as well as human services that play an important role in the healthcare service. The people need to access the services for ensuring the process in aboriginal Victorians. IT helps to get the health care and activities of the location that provide care to be sought.

Major health service available in the area

Hill et al.(2012) mentioned that health care system in Boolimba provides support to the people in private as well as government institutions. Medicare system provided by the federal government helps to involve the activities of the universal health system. Balance provided the organisation need to involve some activities in the system. Medicare is one of the supportive systems that provide support to the healthcare members in the political polarization. The private and government organisations have a vital role in the system. In addition, services provided Winnunga Nimmityjah AHSreflects the services in health care system. They acted as an important role for indigenous health care system. National policies regarding the system are important to health care system. Moreover, healthcare structure of the government is important to the health care issues and system of Victoria. Patients are entitled in the system for having benefits of getting cross threshold performance. Government hospitals provide healthcare to the common people and arrange fere check up for the common people.

Part B

Importance of self-determination to indigenous Australians

The self-determination serves as an ‘ongoing process of choice' to ensure Indigenous communities are able to meet their social, cultural and economic needs. The self-determination signifies not about creating a separate indigenous state rather it provokes or influences people of Torres Strait Island to live according to their set of common values and beliefs. The right to self-determination also encourages people to respect other's beliefs and principles. Without possessing the right to self-determination, it is not possible for Indigenous Australians to overcome the legacy of colonization and dispossession.

Guiding principles and services provided by the organisation

The key principles that the organisation for Indigenous Australians possess is forward-looking and influential. The objectives are- sustainability, viability, effective and efficient delivery of primary health. It is related to the aboriginal community and to establish strong partnerships between governments, communities. In addition the providers need to ensure best practices governance of services. Lavoie & Dwyer (2016) commented that the principles and values also include- the commitment to personal and community development as an integral contributor to improved levels of community participation and control. Provision of services like knowledge, skills, competence, motivation and opportunity is also required for communities and organisations equally.

Discussion of the program undertaken by the organisation:

Matthews (2016) commented that Winnunga Nimmityjah AHS isInternational Indigenous Health and Wellbeing program were undertaken by Lowitja Institute in order to serve for a better health and wellbeing of the Indigenous Australians. The ideas in which they can improve their service of health and wellbeing include- celebrating indigenous knowledge in a safe and strong cultural space, building and enhancing opportunities for partnerships across research, policy, and community. The program also crafts strong views and ideas to inform action and influence national and international health and wellbeing agendas. The program also influences to connect and enrich engagement among the Indigenous Institute program participants.

Part C

Importance of current professional development

It is important to develop personal skill as professional skill in the current development process of delivering the care. It is also developed culturally safety skill in the professional plan. Culture is one of the elusive data that is required to be adopted for having several things in the care system. The belief system in healthcare inherits the membership of the society that tells about the things required to develop as a nurse. Therefore, I should take care of the things for getting involved in the risky situation. Lavoie & Dwyer (2016) stated that the unsafe cultural practices comprise types of actions in different cultural identities as well as the wellbeing of the persons by using health and educational services. In addition, I should develop the cultural shift of thinking, which is concerned as one of the most important things for serving indigenous health care system. As a nurse, I need to take control of the Midwifery Council code that can recognise the requirements of the user and help to provide necessary changes in the system. Moreover, it is important for me to identify the notion of culture as well diversity that can act as an important role for managing people. The progress of identifying the things also helps to access health and social care services.

Identification of contribution area in professional development as a nurse

It is important to improve the service of nursing in a continuous process. At first, it is required to develop and enhance my skills on the dependency of patients. It is also required to provide care according to the demand of the patients. In addition, it is important to improve my clinical leadership skill that allows me to manage the staffs and other people. As nurses are managed by the doctors, it is important to my listening and following skill according to the demand. In addition, I need to improve my skill and gain technical knowledge. As present health care equipment are technology based, it is very vital to have technical knowledge regarding that equipment. In addition,it is also important to adjust with the robust work environment. Overall, I need to enhance my personal skill, professional skill and technical skill in order to serve people in a better way.


It is important to serve people in the better way that helps to provide care to the staffs. In addition, the geographic area of providing indigenous care is important based on geographic location. Winnunga Nimmityjah AHS is the institute in Boolimba that provides support to the indigenous health care system. As nursing needs continuous development efforts that require improvement, it is vital to gain strategies to provide care services to the patients. Personal development plan is discussed in the study that will be helpful to gain and improve nursing skill in order to provide the best quality care system to people. In addition, self-determination and guiding principles are discussed in the study that will be helpful for maintaining the standard of indigenous healthcare.

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