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February 15, 2019
Author : Andy Johnson

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Question: Information Technology Project Management

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Assignment Task

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on your experiences as part of a project team and to identify and analyse your learning. To do this you should use appropriate concepts and models relevant to your chosen area of focus [e.g. project management concepts; client relationship; team composition and process] plus insights from your student workbook.

Your work should be of a high academic standard and tell a persuasive, academically and example supported, story. Your analysis should be presented in the table provided and uploaded electronically to Blackboard by the due date. You are expected to follow relevant parts of the required style guide, and includes the use of Swinburne University Harvard Style referencing.

Your reflective paper is to be typewritten, in English, and printed out on A4 pages. The paper should be written in clear, plain language, so that non-expert users can easily understand it. The paper should be clearly structured with the Executive Summary, Table of Contents, and referenced as appropriate; note however this is a paper not a report and should be treated accordingly. The reflective paper must contain ALL the relevant material for the project. The report can only be submitted electronically through the Blackboard content management system. 2000 words approximately. You are expected to follow the required style guide which is available on Blackboard,

The reflective paper must be [one individual [1]] submitted electronically through the Blackboard content management system by the due date. The paper should be presented as an individual report on the learning within this unit of study. Please complete the following table with your insights. This is also provided in the learning materials.

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The aim of this project is to create a reflexive paper on my experience during my studies regarding the unit IT and project management. I completed this project individually, and this reflexive paper is going to make an analysis of how much I learned from this work and what are the basic and major activities I carried out throughout the project. Here, this unit will provide students with an opportunity to explore various approaches to planning and managing information technology projects (Anantatmula, 2008). Students will consider issues relating to the development and implementation of technology based on various lifecycle models, frameworks and methodologies. The main emphasis will relate to the use of the methods, tools, techniques, and processes for planning and manage IT projects from start to finish (Morris, 2013).

Project management concepts

This project as information technology project management is basically aimed at providing a clear picture of the developing meaning full IT system within a perfect framework. This unit is also concentrated on the study of project management body of knowledge. Within the background of this, the study is expanded over the recent developments in relation with the human IT project management, like stakeholder and human resource management and it also deals with what are the major roles of the project manager and how he can manage his responsibilities with regards to his role (Anantatmula, Project manager leadership role in improving project performance, 2010). As a student, from this lesson, I can get an opportunity to examine the relationship between information technology and its organisational context. By using this information I am sure that I can reach the various approaches to the planning and managing information technology-based projects. As a result of it, I already completed a project regarding the topic information technology (Munns & Bjeirmi, 1996).

After completing this lesson I am able to become a professional communicator. And also I learned how to use management software to plan and manage information technology projects. This unit is completely providing information about project management, even though I faced some difficulties when I was used the management software. This was the only difficulty I faced in completing my project. Because this is the practical side of the theory I learned from the chapter.

Team member dynamics

Actually, this is an individual work I completed it alone. Using my knowledge after studied my lesson regarding information technology and project management. To complete my project, before staring it I go through the lesson twice and made a rough draft of the information I needed. AS doing my work individual, there is no one to help me if I were on a wrong path. To avoid this factor, before starting my project, I made a complete plan after making a rough sketch, which includes initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and concluding. I strictly followed this pattern. The important knowledge I used from this chapter is the 10 elements of the PMBOK.

AS mentioned above, this is an individual work. So that I must be alert and have extra consciousness when dealing with my project. I used my skills of analysis, problem-solving, communication skill to make my work as best as possible. I can definitely say that I am very conscious in dealing with communication process and analysis skill.

Team composition and process

Preparing a dissertation had been taken thirteen weeks to complete. This long period suggests that this work needs high concentration and should be included a number of activities. These thirteen weeks are very important as the project. There should be a complete coherence between these steps are needed. The success of each step depends on the success of previous one. That means every weekly activity is important. I am sure that I have a good stepping stone, after that, I am sure that I used my full potential during the eight weeks, that is I was dealing with the project risk management, assignment three. I effectively used the semester break to make perfection to my project work.

Detailed learning analysis

This project is an outcome of a detailed leaning of the unit information technology and project management. So under this title, it is very relevant to talk about project management as a detailed learning analysis. A project manager is essentially the application of the relevant and correct knowledge, tools and technology. There are primarily five steps regarding creating and controlling a project work, which includes project conception and initiation, project definition and planning, project launch or execution, performance and control and finally project close (Gaddis, 1959). Among these five steps, project initiation is the primary and most important step. An idea for a project will be carefully examined to determine whether or not it benefits the organization. During this phase, a decision-making team will identify if the project can realistically be completed. So it is sure that this step is the base stone of the project. The leading activities are depending on this step.

My project is completely focused on the PMBOK that is project management body of knowledge. Let's have a look at what is PMBOK. PMBOK is a document providing clear information about what are the basic elements we must keep in our mind when dealing with a project manager. Essentially there are ten basic steps. I considered this as an academic theory during my project work. So we have to make a look into it. The first and basic step is projecting integration management. By this stet means that bringing together knowledge regarding your project. The second level is much more important than the first one, which is known as project scope management. This step is mainly concentrated on the word Scope. Scope indicating that, what will be the result of your project? Collecting relevant data come under this category. The third step is project time management. This step will lead to the preparation of tome line of the project work. Project cost management is dealing with the financial activities regarding our work. This calculation is an important step. The relevant matter in this field is the preparation of the budget plan. It will make an appropriate calculation of each step is how much cost or not. If we have a budget preparation we can maintain an eye on our expenditure.

The next one is project quality management. This area is comparatively small as compared to the other sections. Under this tool, you can manage the quality of your work. This step is covering only three steps, if we are following the three areas, finally we will get a complete and quality project work. Project human resource management is created for the teamwork swell s the individual work. But this is most suitable for the teamwork. In this step, we will make a rough draft of the sources we needed for the completion of our work. After getting an idea, the resources will be divided for the team members.

Proper and relevant communication is an important thing not only in project management but also in every field. Lack of communication in most of the time resulted in wrong decision making or it will affect the proper functioning. Project communication management is concentrated on the management of communication. The planning, controlling and the management face of the project management is highly demanded the phase of communication. Seventh element project risk management is dealing with the risk management. The efficient risk management has the ability to maintain the project life circle. Project procurement management and the project stakeholder management are the last basic elements of the PMOK. This stage has the great hold on the financial tracking. The last and final knowledge area is also as important as the first knowledge area. In this phase, we are responsible to conduct a journey to meet and identifying the stakeholders. These are my basic lessons I were followed during my project work. I carefully followed each and every step, so that I can keep a balance on my work (Duncan, 1996).

After having an in-depth idea of the academic theory, it is necessary to think about the practical side of the theories. As working on the project as an individual I take the initiative alone. The teaching staffs are always supported me to take an appropriate decision. As a part of my course studies, I was allotted to submit four assignments as a part of my project work. There also allotted a particular due time for the submitting the project work. This is only possible by my careful following of the project time management tool. This shows that project tome management has the ability to lead our work ahead without any delay. This tool is helpful not only for the students but also for the evaluation panel of the teachers can use this tool as a measurement of their grading system. Financial operations are the most important part of IT project management. It is much expensive. The most effective theory of my project management is the usage of the project cost management element of the PMBOK. According to this tool, I prepared budget sheet, and I followed that sheet to make a balance in my expenditure.

Information technology is going ahead and producing so many changes in the world. This technology is capable of reducing complex things into easy and also helpful for reducing human effort. Usage of the academic theory helped me to learn new things. It is sure that all the learnings from this course and project will be helpful for the future reference. Here I learned something and already prepared a practical version of my studies. After completing our studies we will look for a new profession or career to meet our future life. I consider all these practices as training. By practising this I have gained skills in communication, problem-solving skill and so on. All these skills are helpful for me for the future life. When completed my work I made a self-assessment of it, to check that is it a failure or successful one. Self-assessment can make a person perfect. When referring a PMBOK. We need to assume our role as a project manager; this role is a high position. In shortly we can learn so many things by doing and practising IT project management (Clarke, 2010). All the lessons studied from this can be used as effective tips in our life and career.


All the words covered in this writing are strictly speaking about the information technology and project management. At the beginning, I provided the theoretical knowledge and the amount of knowledge I acquired from the unit, entitled to IT and project management. And the rest of the portion of this report is clearly telling about the practical side of the project management. And it also discussed advantages and the disadvantages as well as the difficulties and the positive side of the PMBOK.

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