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December 05, 2017
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Question: Software Engineering Case Study

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Software Engineering Case Study Assignment

Case Scenario

You have been employed as an analyst for a software development company specialising in web-based application development. Your colleague has visited a potential client for a briefing on a new project. Details are unclear at this stage, however you have been asked to prepare an initial scope document as a starting point. Your boss intends to develop a budget based on the information in your document and then show the scope document to the client at the next meeting. You haven’t got time to wait for more details, so you have been asked to make assumptions where necessary. These can be explored with the client at the next meeting.

Your colleague met with the operation manager for a local public library who wants to develop a web- based library management system and gathered the following information:

The public library offers a wide range of services to the local community. It provides learning materials such as books, newspapers, magazines and audio-visual materials such as CDs and DVDs. The library also organises regular community events such as reading clubs, meeting with authors, cultural programs etc. There are 15 desktop computers with internet connection in the library that anyone can use. There is a free wi-fi in the library for patrons to use internet in their devices such as laptops, ipads, tablets or smart phones. The library also has a big auditorium hall that can accommodate about 150 people with a projector and sound system that can be used by local community to organise community or private events.

Any one residing in the suburb can become a member of the library by submitting a membership application form with a copy of their photo ID and proof of their residential address. Every registered member will be issued a membership card with a membership number, photo of the member and a barcode. There is no application fee for the membership but members are required to renew their membership in every two years with a latest proof of their address.

A registered member can borrow at most 5 books, 2 magazines and 3 CDs/DVDs at a time. S/he is not allowed to borrow materials from the library if the maximum limit has been reached unless they return the borrowed item(s). Patrons can keep books for 3 weeks, magazines for 1 week and CDs/DVDs for two weeks. Books, CDs and DVDs can be renewed for at most twice given that there is no reservation request for the item by any other patron. Magazines cannot be renewed. The library charges a latereturn fee of AUD 1.00 per day per item. A patron is not allowed to borrow any item from the library if s/he has overdue item(s) unless s/he returns the overdue item(s). If any borrowed item is lost or damaged, the borrower has to pay the full price of the item. Members cannot borrow ‘reference only’ materials such as daily newspapers, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, state and federal laws, acts, regulations and policies, etc. These materials are not on loan, they can be used only in the library premises.

A registered member can request to hold item(s) currently on loan. If the item on loan is requested, the borrower of the item is not allowed to renew it and it must be returned by the due date. Once, the item is returned, the library holds the item and inform the member who has requested the item via email. The hold item has to be collected within 2 days otherwise it will be placed on loan again.

If a registered member cannot find an item that s/he is interested in the library catalogue (i.e., the item is not available in the library), s/he can make a special request for the item. The library will organise the requested item either from other libraries through inter-library lending or by purchasing the item.

Any unregistered patron can use library facilities within the library premises. They are not allowed to borrow anything from the library. Both registered and unregistered patrons can participate in events organised by the library but they are required to register for the event. Only a registered member can book the library auditorium hall to organise an event and the library charges a nominal rent of AUD 100 per day.

The library is also involved in charity work by raising fund for Salvation Army through cash donation in the donation box located in the main entrance or sponsorship of their community event by local businesses.

In the existing system, a patron has to go to the library and use a computer there to search the library catalogue. Similarly, patron has to go to the customer service desk for activities such as to apply or renew their membership, renew borrowed items, register to participate in library events, book the auditorium hall, pay charges incurred due to late return or damage of the borrowed items, request items to borrow, etc. None of these services are available online through their website.

The main purpose of the new web-based library management system is to offer the above mentioned library services online through their website as much as possible. Patrons should be able to interact with the library online for most of the services through remote login. They only need to visit the library to collect or return items. It is expected that patrons will receive reminders on emails if any item that they have borrowed is due to return in the next two days, the item(s) that they have requested is available in the library for collection, their membership is due for renewal or any overdue payment. The operation manager expects to receive weekly reports on overdue items, outstanding payment and fine/donation collected for the week on every Friday evening automatically on his email.

Your colleague forgot to ask whether there were different levels of system access for staff, although you expect this may be the case. It may be that staff in different roles within the library have special access to different parts of the system, following successful login. You presume roles such as library clerk, administrative staffs, operation manager and CEO of the library. There may be others. It is expected thatthere will be different level of access for registered and unregistered members. These details will emerge in future meetings with library staffs and managers.

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  • Introduction to Library, objectives and significance of new proposed system for library

The name chosen for the Public library is “The Reader’s Destination”. Logo that is being designed for the private library is as shown below:

Readers Destination

Logo designed for – The Reader’s Destination Library

Following are the objectives of The Reader’s Destination Library:

  • To provide best library services to both registered and unregistered customers
  • To enhance user’s reading experience by providing access to a wide range of books, CD’s, DVDs, magazines, newspapers etc
  • Create a comfortable environment for readers to indulge in a variety of reading and enhance their knowledge
  • Encourage youth and as well as old generation to take up reading and use all library facilities
  • To organize social activities and gatherings with library club members, authors etc to promote reading activities and enhance social networking skills

Purpose of the Reader’s Destination Library:

The main purpose of the Reader’s Destination Library is to enhance the knowledge and reading skills of the youth and as well as the old generation and understand the importance of learning in various forms such as magazines, newspapers, books, CDs and DVDs by giving easy and secure access to these resources. Also, the purpose of library is to provide reading and learning opportunities for the people who cannot afford elsewhere. Organizing social activities and events will help readers to have an interaction with well – known authors and also can enhance their networking skills by communicating with other readers in the premises. Flexibility of organizing events is even given to registered readers who wish to organize an open - event at an affordable price.

New System description to enhance processes in library:

The new system, that is, web – based library management system, will have equal benefits to users, clerks and administrative staff as most of the tasks to be carried out will be done digitally and not manually. Users’ can visit the official website of the Reader’s Destination Library and check for the books, CDs, DVDs or magazines etc. Having found the desired reading material, the user can book the material online and go to library to collect it. Library clerks will maintain and keep a track of the books that are taken by users, materials that are overdue and the respective amounts etc. Also, an e – mail will be sent to the user two days before the overdue as a reminder. Administrative staff can handle the database of registered users, user account renewal, amount paid for renewal etc. Thus, in this way, work load will be reduced to a greater extent and flexibility will be increased both on management side and as well as user side.

  • List of major stakeholders involved in the development of web – based library management system:

  • Registered and non – registered customers / users
  • Administrative Staff
  • Library Clerk
  • Operation Manager
  • Library CEO
  • Website designers
  • Testers

  • Potential users and their user profiles for the proposed system:

The potential users chosen to describe the user profiles for the proposed web – based library management system are as follows:

  • Readers / Customers

User Profile –

Readers are the ones who visit the library to search the desired reading material such as books, novels, magazines, CDs, DVDs etc. Depending on the reading material chosen, they can either rent it for a period or refer them in the library premises itself. For example, books, novels DVDs, CDs can be rented but magazines and newspapers are to be referred and read in the library. In order to rent the books, readers must possess a registered account with the library which will be renewed every two years.

Example Scenario –

    • With the help of web – based library management system, readers (both existing and new readers) have to visit the website of The Readers Destination Library and create their account
    • In order to create account, each user must provide their e – mail address, unique username and password and click on ‘Create Account’. An OTP (One Time Password) will be generated each time the user login to the website for extra security
    • Once the account is created, users need to fill other details in registration such as contact number, address, uploading photo, Identity Card etc
    • Categories will be made available to users’ using which they can search their desired book or CD or DVD with help of search option or can filter the results using various factors such as author, category, date of publishing etc
    • Once the required book is found online, users must click on the option RENT provided in the website and must visit the library within 24 hours to collect the book
    • After renting a book online, users will be sent a text message and as well as an e –mail with rent_id and book details which need to be showed in library before taking the book
    • Overdue reminders will be sent via e – mail and as well as message two days before the due date. In case of due, users must pay the due fine online through the library website.
    • Also, membership renewal will be done through website

  • Library Clerk

User Profile – Library Clerk is the one who will manage all the processing at the back – end associated with books rented, books returned, books overdue, due fine payment etc and generate a weekly report and update it to the concerned authority.

Example Scenario –

  • Clerk will his own account with the library and must be logged in during his working hours. Account creation process is same as explained above
  • Once the clerk is logged in, he can click on books rented and check the status; users who do not collect books within 24 hours after renting it online will be cancelled. Also, he can check overdue status and ensure that an automated e- mail is sent to user
  • Also, overdue payment collection will be monitored by Clerk and update in the database and send a weekly report to the higher authority.

  • Scope and constraints of the project:

  • Project Scope:

  • Web portal to register for library services
  • Web portal for clerk to upload customer verification details and card issue
  • Web portal for Users to check, search and book material online anytime and also add items to wish list for books or materials that are currently not available
  • Ensure security of web portal by generating OTP for each user login and thus avoiding password theft

  • Project Constraint:

  • High dependence on technology (high speed internet, computer etc)
  • No feature of availability of electronic books and publications
  • Users must visit the library in order to collect and return rented books and materials; home delivery and tracking feature not available.

  • As a part of this project user training is not included, since it is assumed that customers have basic knowledge about computer usage and internet.

  • Detailed list of functional requirements and non – functional requirements:

Functional Requirements

ID Requirement description Priority

As a Customer Relationship Manager, I want Registration feature in website so that more customers provide their details who can be followed up and registered High

As a Customer Relationship Manager, I want Account creation feature in website so that the clerk can collect user details and create account High

As a Customer Relationship Manager, I want feature for searching, filtering option for books and CDs so that customers can easily check availability of required book Medium

As an Administrative Staff, I want a feature to issue books and CDs according to the eligibility of the customer (number of books that can be borrowed at once) High

As an administrative staff, I want a feature to return books, so that the clerk can enter the book return information High

As a Customer Relationship Manager, I want feature to view currently borrowed books and number of books that customer is eligible to borrow so that customer is aware of how many books are borrowed Medium

As a Finance Manager, I want a feature to view payment and overdue related information of customers so that they can be followed up and recover money High

As an Administrative Staff, I want feature to send automated e – mail reminder feature in which overdue reminder mails will be sent to customers so that customer returns book on time Medium

As a Customer Relationship Manager, I want feature to add books to wish list so that customer can get the book of his interest when it is available in library Low

As a CEO, I want feature to generate analysis report so that I can keep a track of revenue generated and turnover High


Non – Functional Requirements:

ID Requirement Description Priority

As a web security expert, I want password reset and OTP generation feature so that website can be made secure and convenient for customers High

As a user interface designer, I want interface to be consistent and user friendly High

As a Performance Testing Engineer, I want the website to be robust enough to handle 1,000 users at a time at a time High


  • High – level draft of user – interface:

  1. Registration Page:

Five text boxes for customer data input and two buttons for submit and reset. Validation includes checking for compulsory fields, email, phone number validation, availability of username and password complexity

  1. Login Page:

Login page will contain two text boxes for username and password input, one hyperlink for forgot password and two buttons for submit and reset

  1. Search Book Page:

Search book page will consists of search by category, search by author, date of publication dropdown, search text box and two buttons for submit and reset.

  1. Current Book Status Page:

This page consists of read only text boxes that will display the status of books rented, availability, number of books that can be rented and return date.

  1. Overdue online payment Page:

This page will contain 5 read only text boxes for book name, return date, days overdue, amount overdue and total overdue; also a submit button for making overdue payment

Registration Page:

Registration Page

Overdue Payment Page:

Payment Page

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