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January 09, 2017
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question:Ethics and Financial Services

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Ethics and Financial Services Assignment

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Part I: Ethical lens inventory

After completing the Ethical Lens Inventory the results showed me some things I already knew about myself and some things I did not know. Relationship as well as rights and responsibility lens are my preferred lens. This makes sense to me because I know the kind of person that I am. I prefer to use my perceptive abilities to decide both the common directions that must pursue and the procedures which will declare equality and fairness for everyone.

My basic values are independence, fairness, and wisdom. The lens inventory told me that autonomy and equality are equally valued for me. Moreover, interdependence is the objective for me, synchronizing the privileges on persons with the welfare of the people. I rank the importance of rationality over sensibility. Moreover, I consider common rules occur that relate equally to everybody and that the finest outcomes are attained by reliable application of the general rules.

Temperance and justice are my classical values. I worth specific stability and limitation in the wish for pleasure because I try to fulfill my responsibilities. Furthermore, I also give importance to the social stability attained by faithfulness and constancy in relations between community members, particularly the people having no authority.

My explanation of ethical behavior is satisfying responsibilities properly. According to me, an ethical person accomplishes their responsibilities by applying methods that provide everybody in the community, particularly those with no authority, an opportunity to get ahead. I consider that’s why working with the homeless gave me such a feeling of fulfillment.

Reason and authority are my tools for analyzing difficulties. I have a tendency to consider issues sensibly and study preferences to find one that will permit me to achieve my responsibilities. I specially take note of the specialists on the topic, to discover the greatest explanation for an issue. My objective is to make a completely well-versed decision and to come across the requirements of the community, without damaging the slightest privileged.

Something I did not know was that my vice was becoming critical or a determined exclusive. With no self-knowledge, I can turn out to be too rigid in my prospects. When others do not accomplish their responsibilities, I will rush to evaluate them. When my personal goal suppresses my stress for fairness, I oversee misuses of authority by those in leadership spots. It will be particularly correct when the leaders are my group members, and they assert to be keeping the privileges of those who cannot defend themselves.

Additionally, my personal ethical lens will lead my academic behavior by making good sound decisions and thoroughly completing my assignments. I believe in doing things the right way in society and in my personal life, so my academic behavior will be no different. My ethical lens will apply to all phases of my life.

My ethical lens effects my critical thinking because of the way I approach life. I think critical in every part of my life. Critical thinking is a responsibility that I have taken on in order to do what is best for my family and me. I would be lost without it.

The outcomes of my Activity of Career Plan were that I am a logical thinker, follow instructions, research rapidly, and I deliver focus results. I really agree with those results because each of those I try and apply to my life both personal and professional. If I follow those steps I will be successful in whatever I choose to do in life.

I believe that my career plan effects and capabilities and my personal ethical lens will support me in the university and the office by giving me a guide to responsible and critical thinking. As long as I follow my head and my heart I should have great balance. All these things will help in my process of decision making, and I will carry out the best of my principles with sympathy and consideration for everyone.

Part II: Reflection piece drawing on ELI

The ethical lens inventory (ELI) is intended to offer an examination or failure of what we consider built on how we resolve problems. These problems are intended to present a complex state and perceive how you would react. Finally, the simulation develops an understanding of what you rely on or however what it considers you have faith in. afterward, it analyze what your solutions to problems actually indicate. The simulation offers you with a lens of how you consider, Rights/Duties, Relationship, Status, and Outcomes. It shows you what you have most valued in hard circumstances. At that time, you are specified an explanation of your fundamental values, it is intended to show you what you will pursue as an instruction while decision making process. Classical values are intended to show you how will probably respond too. The imitation also offers a personal description of ethical behavior, a different examination of the values certainly important during ethical decisions. One more section of the examination is “tools for examining difficulties” it, summaries what you will depend on when evaluating the state and evaluating results.

“Your gift” is the next section, in which it is your strong points are considered. After this there comes the “blind spot” which means your weak point. Next section is “your risk” that indicates what you could turn into if you do not continue to consider all angles before making a decision. It’s important to know what could possibly happen. The next section is “your temptation”, this section outlines what you could be tempted to do if you were to lose sight of what is important. “Your Vice” is the next section and that goes in to detail of what characteristic you behold that could be considered flawed in some way. “Your crisis” is a section that warns you of what could happen if you don’t stop to smell the roses, per se. The final section is “You are seeing clearly” which outlines how you will be able to demist situations that seem confusing.

I think the Ethical Lens Inventory was a good start to what I truly believe, but it could be more comprehensive. Essentially I could have told anyone what my results would be without answering all the ethics questions. The simulation was very comprehensive in the way that it covered all the categories for decision-making, but the results analysis was very redundant. My core values are autonomy and equality, which basically proves I like equality. The redundancy is in the fact that my classical values are temperance and justice, which is another fancy way to say that I value treating everyone equally to make it fair and just. On the bright side though, the simulation gives a very accurate representation of how I make decisions and the processes I enlist to aid me. My key phrase is “I am fair and responsible” which sums me up pretty well, I will always put equality first.

My definition of ethical behavior is “Fulfilling duties fairly”; I believe whole-heartedly that everyone should pull their weight and earn their wage. As soon as someone tries to cheat the system they have become unethical in all senses of the word. The tools for analyzing problems that I use are reason and authority, which follows what has already been stated about me in the previous analyses. My gift is self-awareness and justice, I am always responsible, or at the very least try to be, and I want to be just. People appreciate these values about me and I like that I have these values as a part of my character. My blind spot is supposed to point out where I could go wrong in decision making and it points out that my weakness is “Trust that motive validates method or Bullishness in procedure”.

Essentially it points out that my belief in the system doing its job my fail me. My risk goes hand in hand with my blind spot as it is “being autocratic or authoritarian”. I understand that I like power and my love for justice can sometimes be judged as unsympathetic or lacking emotion. My temptation is also important as the results show that my temptation is “Excuses and exemption”. If I do not watch myself I could find that I make excuses for myself or exempt myself from certain activities. My vice is “Becoming judgmental or an ambitious elitist”. I need to maintain my self-awareness and maintain that I do not judge people too harshly if they cannot complete a task. My crisis will be when I have reached exhaustion, isolation and guilt. I know that the responsibilities that I put on myself can be too much, yet I continue to do it. This can wear me down and make me exhausted leading to crisis. I am seeing clearly when I listen to my heart. It is important to realize that in sticky situations it may be in everyone’s best interest for me to put fairness aside and listen to my heart.

I think that my perspective best benefits me in the classroom because I think the way a CEO should think. A CEO should only consider the best interests of the company and fairness seems to suit everyone and keep the balance in order. It is necessary that fairness and a judgmental mindset benefit the company best. I believe this because the higher ups cannot think about themselves or their fellow management. They need to think about the entirety of the company and the welfare of the employees. Though it is not completely important that the CEO only pays attention to this value. They also need to be empathetic and think of the reputation of the company when making decisions. This reflects best on the company. This class is meant to prepare us to make decisions that best prepare the company for the future and what could possibly happen due to any decisions made. This class is meant to prepare us for the world and I think that I am prepared.

One way that I can use the My Career Plan Competencies and Ethical Lens to support me in the university or in the office is reviewing it to know what my strengths are. When I do this I will be able to focus on what has to be done. Knowing my strengths is very important in trying to be successful in school or in your work because I will be more aware of what I can do and what I cannot do. It also will help me to choose my ideal job that I can use all my strengths and skills that are needed to be successful in that field. Using the My Career Plan services have been very helpful to me. I now know what my strengths are and I also know what work environment I do fit into. Using these services has opened me up to choosing different careers that I thought I would not be able to pursue.

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