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March 06, 2018
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question: Management Information System

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Management Information System Assignment

Assignment Task

Task: 1

Adapted from Chapter 1: Analyze and Decide

Visit and search for two videos: one on Michael Porter’s strategic model and one on his competitive forces model. For each video, report what you learned.

(Specify the complete URL, video title, who uploaded the video and the date, video length, and number of views).

Do you think these models are important tools in today’s business environment? Explain with appropriate supporting arguments and references.


Adapted from Chapter 3: Analyze and Decide Question 2 (p107)

Visit the Microsoft SQL Server website at Microsoft/com/SQLserver

Click the Cloud Platform tab and search for customer stories.

  1. Filter the stories by selecting Business intelligence and Data Discovery.
  2. Choose five different companies and summarise each company’s business problems or challenges and why it selected a particular solution.
  3. What were the benefits of the BI solution?
  4. Provide a brief summary of another company that could offer the same type of solutions.

(Note: make sure to include company names and appropriate references).

Task: 3

Adapted from Chapter 5: Analyze and Decide Questions 1 & 2 (p 176)

Is the investment in cybersecurity a strategic or compliance issue?

  1. When are a company’s security measures sufficient to comply with its obligations?
  2. Is it necessary for an organisation to encrypt all of its electronic records
  3. Explain - supporting your answer with relevant research and evidence.

Task 4

Adapted from Chapter 6: Critical Thinking question 12 (p215) and Explore question 5 (p216)

  1. The ultimate goal of Google, Bing, and other consumer search engines is to provide users with search listings that contain useful information on the topic of their search. What recommendations would you make to a website owner with regard to website content that will improve its rank on search result listings over time?
  2. Pretend you are an SEO consultant for a local business or not-for-profit organization. Visit the organization’s website to familiarize yourself with the brand, mission, products, services, and so on.

  • Prepare a brief summary of the organization (include company name, URL and date visited).
  • Next, make a list of keywords or phrases that you think should be used to optimize the site for search engines. Rank-order the list based on how frequently you think the words are used in searches.
  • Finally, go to and enter your keywords or phrases, creating a graph that illustrates how often they have been used in search queries. Based on what you learn, what keywords or phrases would you recommend the organization use to optimize its site?
  • Can SEO be used in “unethical” ways?

Task 5

Case 7.2: Business Case: Social Customer Service (p259-261)

Read Case 7.2 from the text book and answer the questions on page 261.

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Business Intelligence



  1. Maidenform. It is a women's undergarment manufacturer based in Bayonne, New Jersey, USA. For a long time Maidenware was not able to provide targeted information at the right place and at the right time to facilitate decision making. The company chose the solution in order to enable delivery of actionable information that would facilitate decision making to increase the value of their processes.
  2. Just Eat. This UK-based online food ordering company had a challenge in using off-the-shelf tastes in their business operations. They had been relying on the custom tests to run their online business. They chose a cloud solution to avoid the need for building custom toolsets to run their business and the CIO reported that he was delighted with the performance of the cloud solution.
  3. Bravissimo. This is another UK-based undergarment manufacturer that used BI solutions to drive sales. Initially, they had the problem of predicting consumer patterns as they relied on traditional methods of analysis and pattern projection. Bravissimo chose to use business intelligence in order to predict consumption patterns based on weather changes.
  4. Connotate. This data collection company wished to focus more on building a profitable business and saving time, but they were not able to satisfactorily achieve that. They used dashboards, a business intelligence tool, for collaboration that led to huge savings on time and increased customer satisfaction.
  5. ANZ. This Australian company had noted a problem of time wastage in generating company reports. They chose business intelligence to perform analyses that would lead to improve their business processes and increase profitability.

Benefits of the BI solutions

All these stories have one common outcome – improved business processes. BI has been shown to reduce wastage of time, as in generating and analysing reports, to produce reliable consumer pattern projections and to facilitate business-to-business collaboration; all of which increase profitability and increase customer satisfaction (Chen, Chiang & Storey, 2012).


IBM (through IBM Cognos) provides a range of BI solutions for both small companies and large corporate companies. It is an online-based and offers over thirty different products including dashboards, analytics, reporting and data integration among others. Perhaps the only problem with IBM Cognos is that it can only be used online and by experienced persons.



The investments in cyber security are undoubtedly. Many security experts agree that compliance in cyber security is an effective strategy (Von Solms & Van Niekerk, 2013). Every other global enterprise feels vulnerable to cyber attacks. According to a survey by Vormetric Inc., an industry leader in data security and cloud solutions, many organisations still handle cyber security as just a question of compliance. But according to Sadrolashrafi, (2015) compliance does not guarantee security; in fact, it offers only very basic protection.

More than half of the respondents in the survey indicated willingness to increase investment in cyber security, but they also indicated that the efforts would be mostly for compliance purposes. Participants from industries that have relatively tighter regulations on cyber security where compliance is a core element affecting a company’s operation, were inclined to the idea that compliance is the way to cyber security. Most of them as well believed in stronger defence strategies like end-to-end protection, network security and incident management.


Most organisations' security measures can be seen as partly exists solely for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations. These are the organisations that operate exclusively at the lower threshold of the minimum accepted security standards for that particular industry. However, in my view, a company's security measures can be said to comply with its obligations when they have demonstrated an effort to protect their data as well that of other parties to the best of their ability. Compliance obligations set the lowest standard beyond which a company should not go, but of what good are the lowest standards when the risks of breach of data protection are rising exponentially?


It is without doubt that encryption provides a very high level of data security and companies invest heavily to protect their information. In my opinion, the answer to the question of whether companies should protect all their electronic records is a definite yes. If a company should choose not to encrypt all its electronic records, the level to which the encryption should be done would remain an arbitrary point. This easily exposes the company’s records to the so-called hack attacks. In case of a sabotage attempt, one strategy likely to be used by hackers to penetrate a protected system is using any information they can lay hands on against the company (Collier & Lakoff, 2015). For those who choose to encrypt only part of their information, they are only inviting unauthorised intruders into their systems. It is therefore vital that a company protects all of its electronic records. After all, the costs of encrypting all of a company's information are way lower than the damages that a company risk by choosing not to encrypt all of its information which quite well agrees with one the basic principles of risk management.


Question 1

It is important that companies with an online presence (of which every company should have) have their information easily identifiable on the massive web of information there is on the Internet. In fact, it beats logic to place your website on the Internet and not optimise its presence to ensure visitors can find you even when they do not know who you are. Fortunately, all the viable options to improve a company’s visibility on the Internet is available. Some strategies have raised questions on business ethics with regard to whether they really should be used or not. I would make the following recommendations to a website owner with regard to website content to improve their rank in search results listings over time.

  • Use appropriate title, description and keyword metadata: Metadata provides information about the content of your website and it is one of the pieces of information that search engines use to populate search results. Keyword metadata is the most efficient if used properly (Van Looy, 2016). One can include a list of several phrases that their users will find information about on their pages. However, one must resist the temptation to use too many phrases as they may end up being ineffective when browsers decide to dismiss them for being “too general”.
  • Post relevant content and update regularly: When your site has great content, it will attract great traffic by some means. A website with high traffic commands a higher degree of relevance and authority on the Internet. Search engines will use a website's relevance to raise its rank when keywords do not split the difference. As such, you just have to post great content. Besides increasing traffic to your website, regularly updating your content tells search engines that you are up-to-date and that visitors will find information on your website useful – back to the idea of prioritising websites based on their relevance.
  • Create relevant in-page links: The age of directing visitors to certain content by asking them to “Click Here” are long gone. Instead of using such valueless phrases one should use actual descriptive names of the contents of the destination. Using appropriate phrases for the in-page links to improve visibility by search engines.

Question 2


Company name: The Sea Food Restaurant


Date visited: 15-04-2016

Keywords/ phrases that can be used to optimise searches for this website

Seafood restaurant


Where to dine in Scotland


The usage of the keywords “seafood restaurant” has been growing, though not at a rapid rate. It has been used in searches mostly from Southern Asia. Search queries including the keyword “calamari” have increased tremendously, especially in Italy and South Africa. From these findings, it has been learnt that there is no problem with the usage of the above keywords except that adding the location of the restaurant would raise its rankings especially for searches outside Scotland.


Search engine optimisation has obviously been misused by organisations in a manner that can be interpreted as one of the forms of Internet bullying. Some unscrupulous companies break the codes of ethics when it comes to optimisation of their websites to divert all manner of traffic to their websites. Some optimizations are so aggressive that they lead to “irrelevant” results in search listings. This can effectively damage the reputation of a serious company and must be avoided. It is an epitome of the tragedy of commons where these presents the internet as an unfriendly place to search for information. The Internet is a common resource and should be used fairly.

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