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January 10, 2017
Author : Ashley Simons

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Infosys Company


Aggregation is one of the tenets of Ghemawat’s ‘AAA’ strategic model. Aggregation entails the economies of scale of the company. In this regard, Infosys Company is taking part in acquisition deals. The acquisition of the companies is aimed at enhancing the expansion of operation capacity for the company. Infosys firm acquired Paraya and Skavacompanies, which have improved automation systems. The company targets the most innovative and emerging Blue-chip companies. According to Appolloni, MavisuandTarangapade(2013), the company also targets companies specializing in artificial intelligence. Automation field is also an area of interest for Infosys Company. The company’s target is to achieve productivity improvement through the inclusion of various parties that have embraced technology in their operations. Additionally, Infosys has undertaken a revamp of its processes including the human resource, finance and travel to streamline its operations towards the achievement of economies of scale. The move enhances a reduction in the costs because the overhaul of the various company functions reveals underperforming areas.


Adaptation entails the company’s local responsiveness. Infosys has experienced a good local responsiveness. The company has introduced Blockchain to the local banks as one of the strategies of extending the local influences in India. Banks like the Reserve Bank of India have are the customers of Infosys. The blockchain technology is highly-valued by most of the Indian-based banks. The technology involves the use of a distributed ledger technology. According to Guptaand Dzharova(2014), the Indian locals are positively responding to the company’s Edge Verve Systems. The subsidiary is enhancing the delivery of technological services to the financial sector in India. Edge Verve Systems enhances close customer contact, which leads to the identification of the trend of customer needs and preferences. The initiative also serves as the local market research to collect adequate information on the responsiveness of the customers to the company’s technology-based products and services. The banks are capitalizing on the new technology to obtain private ledgers.


Arbitrate also forms part of Ghemawat’s ‘AAA’ strategic model tenets. Arbitrage underscores the absolute economies of the company. Infosys has made strides in the information technology industry. For instance, the company uses on coding for installation of solar capacity. The initiative is serving to reduce its overall costs and enhance efficiency in service delivery. JainandKhurana(2013) assert that Infosys Company’s use of codes for a solar installation is boosting profit making for the company. Additionally, the company is taking advantage of the minimal regulations in the production of solar energy in India. The company also revitalizes employee morale with the aim of improving productivity. The company leverages on its strategies like massive-scale design thinking and training. Additionally, the company practices crowd-sourcing of ideas especially through murmuration. The company has also created Infosys information platform and automation platform with an aim of replacement of edge products. The focus on the revitalization of the Infosys brand is a strategic move to improve productivity. The management of the company emphasizes on innovation and technological improvement in products and service delivery. The shift in the engagement of customers enhances the company’s competitiveness in the global IT sector.



The element of aggregation of the ‘AAA’ framework is manifest in the company’s partnership with Infosys to achieve economies of scale. The company’s partnership with Infosys is aimed at boosting the core banking solution for financial institutions. The partnership is corporate and technical in nature because the application constitutes of Infosys’s Infy ‘Finacle’ and Wipro’s system integration facility. The software application is dependent on both companies. In fact, the partnership has already supplied the software application to Vijaya bank, Union Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Commerce. The software application, Infosys ‘Finacle’ is currently used by more than 90 banks in more than 25 countries across the world (Appolloni, MavisuandTarangapade, 2013). The company is also taking part in a risk diversification initiative to reduce the negative impacts of economic condition changes. The diversification of its product portfolio also serves to widen the customer choice, which is a competitive strategy for the IT Company. The acquisition of innovative and creative small and medium-sized enterprises is also enhancing the company’s economies of scale prospects.


The local responsiveness to Wipro’s products and services is high. The product positioning of the company enhances local responsiveness and makes the products appealing to the local customers. The strong influence of the company in Benelux market is an attestation of the company’s local market influence. According to Guptaand Dzharova(2014),Wipro employs local teams to enhance company-customer engagement. The local communities are positively responding to the company’s products and service offers because of lack of language barrier and quality of the software products and services. The company also appoints locals in its leadership hierarchies to articulate the needs of the local customers. The Indian market is large and unexplored the participation of locals in the company’s leadership network is strategic. India is a technology hub. For this reason, the company optimizes the business models and technological innovations to achieve success. Moreover, the local market is advantaged in easy access to the services and the company’s bid for reduction of time-to-market.


Arbitrage is one of Ghemawat’s ‘AAA’ strategic models. Arbitrate entails the absolute economies the company enjoys. Wipro embraces change in its operations hence it offers quality products and services. The development of disruptive business models enhances continuous improvement in sync with the dynamic nature of the IT sectors. The Wipro company employs more than 150,000, which is a manifestation of excellent human resource management (Manning, 2013). Expert, qualified and motivated employees are a determination of success of any company. The company also capitalizes on product proposition which boosts its software application sales. The initiative also serves to expand its markets. The application of a result-oriented approach in its operations underscores value creation. Moreover, Wipro offers end-to-end support for its clientele. The company’s ethical compliance is an inherent success. Ethics is critical in the attraction of potential clients. The company’s global presence enhances its productivity and performance. The exploration of foreign markets is enhancing the demand for its software application. The company leverages in provision of state-of-the-art offers in smart manufacturing, analytics and testing.

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