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January 16, 2017
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Management Assignment

Assignment Task

  1. Discuss the kinds of communication problems your managers might face in the host-country working environment? How should they prepare for and deal with them?
  2. Identify the concerns of the host-country and the local community regarding your operation there. What plans do you have to deal with their concerns and to ensure a long term cooperative relationship.

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In order for an organization to achieve its set targets in its operations, it requires an efficient management structure that ensures the coordination of all activities is conducted in a smooth manner. However, the environment within which the business operates may at times be adverse towards management’s efforts. This happens especially when the business operates in a foreign nation or a subsidiary different from where it was incorporated. One of the issues that may adversely affect a business operating within a foreign country is that of communication. This is a critical factor in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization.With regards to communication, some of the problems faced include the presence of a language barrier in the host country hindering transactions between the business and customers. As a result, customers may discriminate against the business by virtue of the fact that they feel sidelined due to lack of understandability. Communication may also affect the business’ ability to interpret local laws and regulations as they may be drafted in the local dialect (Lisa, 2013). This proves to be an impediment in the implementation of company policies by management. The communication problem also affects the relationship amongst staff employed in the subsidiary company. This is because the subsidiary employs both expatriates and individuals from the host country who communicate by use of different languages.

Management should adopt policies that prepare the company in anticipation for various communication difficulties that may affect the business while in operation in another country. This includes acquisition of some knowledge and fluency on the local language so as to establish a good rapport with the host country. Management may also engage all the staff to be deployed to the subsidiary company to a seminar to enable them to learn and understand the customs of the host country to avoid conflict (Kozenkow, 2015).

On establishment of the business enterprise within a foreign nation, the locals hold various perceptions of the business that may become apparent depending on their relations with the business (Kozenkow, 2015). This includes holding the notion that a foreigner has invaded their space and taken over their way of life. Some members of the host nation also believe that the business will benefit directly from their incomes thus may shun away from making purchases within the business. Some members of the local community may also raise concerns as to whether the business enterprise is mindful of the surrounding environment in terms of waste disposing measures. The local community also perceives the business as failing to offer them employment opportunities since a large percentage of employees are expatriates.

In a bid to mitigate such concerns, management should implement a number of strategies aimed at creating a long term relationship between the organization and the local community. This includes engagement of local leaders in consultative meetings on the operations of the company within the area. Management should also participate in community activities such as cleaning up and offer to build amenities such as schools and dispensaries in the area. This would enhance the level of cooperation between the community and the company.

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